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  1. TwoWheelsForever

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Keep it up, looks neat.
  2. TwoWheelsForever

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Good luck with this, man.
  3. TwoWheelsForever


    Lock & Archive, Good afternoon, we're going to be cutting this bad boy loose today, and archiving this faction. When this faction first launched up, man was it on fire. We were developing at a fast rate of speed. We one great event, we had a lot of massive rides, and we did something that hasn't been done on the server in the past. We had three clubs in Montgomery. Soon enough it was 2 clubs, but it was something unique. Our rides were massive, and they kept growing. However, soon enough every faction runs into an issue, and that happened. Once that happened, we couldn't recover from it. My members lost there bikes and properties due to inactivity, therefore it just frustrated us. We got inactive, it was a hassle to get in game. This was going to be revamped, and with a big comeback but literally due to me being busy, people being bored of going in game, majority of our members leaving Owl we were unable to do this. Thank you for all of your support, and have a great day! Lastly, I would like to thank everyone once again for supporting the faction, also to all the members. Sincerely, Psychos & Deranged & Devils
  4. TwoWheelsForever


    Update, We're gonna continue the faction, and come back stronger hopefully. I've been going through a lot health-wise, and I managed to recover. We're just working on the new updated skins, and various other things such as getting the clubhouse and all of that. And I'm still trying to get out of prison as we speak as I've been there for over a month. We're gonna work very hard on this project, and I don't want to give up on it. The start of this faction we were growing in large numbers, we had good rides, and we did a proper event. We had good times, and we developed the faction. We're gonna work on recovering this faction, and pushng forward on it. Bare with us, please. Sincerely, Upper-Management, Deranged M.C
  5. TwoWheelsForever

    [STATE] The People v. Charles Butcher

  6. TwoWheelsForever

    [STATE] The People v. Charles Butcher

    *Charles Butcher enters the courtroom in shackles being followed by police officers to his seat.* (( Sorry for the late response, I've been suffering from a lung infection, I just came from the hospital a few days ago. ))
  7. TwoWheelsForever


    Afternoon, I'll be honest right now with you, I'm tired. Just got in game, and all of the properties (the new clubhouses) are all deleted from the inactivity timer. I was at the hospital for hours upon hours, sometimes things like this happen, it's not my fault. Yet all those places are deleted, 3 properties to be exact. Inside the hospital, I'm not going to go on my phone opening up the UCP buying game coins to buy inactivity timers. I don't know guys, I'm really frustrated and tired. I'll speak to other members to see if they want to continue this, I had enough, too much energy was spent, too much hours, and too much of my real dollars to have it taken away like that. Cheers.
  8. TwoWheelsForever


    Good Afternoon, So, I'm slowly recovering, I'm feeling better. Managed to do some more work on the faction, we should be ready and active in a few more days. The thread is fixed, you should be able to read it now. Our new clubhouse is coming out soon too, everything else. We're going to be fresh. Sincerely, Deranged MC
  9. TwoWheelsForever


    Afternoon, So, right now we're making a lot of changes, improvements. One of them is the new thread, the thread size is the same as the old one, the width should be big, For some reason it isn't, so I'm going to be working on seeing how to fix it, in further news... we're still working on a lot more things, we'll start getting active in a few days or so. Revamping this is going to take a lot of time. The club is now known as the Deranged Motorcycle Club also, our new patches everything is done, we're just developing the faction, we're not making a new MC, this is just developing it, putting all clubs together. We're now one chapter rather than three. Again, sorry the thread isn't readable right now, I'm working on finding a way to fix it, I think it's a bug. Sincerely, Head Management Of Deranged Motorcycle Club
  10. TwoWheelsForever


    Afternoon, Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We aren't going to archive this faction. Although this faction is inactive, we're going to bring it back up stronger than before. We've had a long conversation, a conversation full of enthusiasm. Everyone viewing this needs to understand that running a motorcycle club is extremely difficult. The main issue with running these factions is that at a certain point it hits a stump. The faction goes inactive, then the faction archives. It's up to management if the faction climbs back up and overcomes the stump. We're going to do our best to overcome this stump. This hasn't been easy by a long shot. We've had a lot of problems going on with the faction. One of them being that my character Charles Butcher has been locked up in prison for about two weeks now, and I'm waiting on the court system which has gone inactive. There is a lot of issues that's going on, everyone supported us from the start. I'll tell you what's been going on. Money has been rough, we managed to earn a bulk of money from IC means working with another faction. However, the entire sum of money went into buying a new clubhouse for the revamp of the faction. We can't afford cars, we don't have guns, we don't have anything really. We can't open up businesses, everything like that. Currently, I'm trying my best to make the money somehow, but since I'm new to the virtual market system I'm trying my best to learn it. You see, all my experience in running factions comes from SA-MP. Over there you grind jobs out to make your money. However over here illegal stuff does make you money. Our shake and bake meth production we attempted to do to start selling drugs to earn money has not been going good. We produced twelve grams of methylamine which took about a few days to get the materials, roleplay making it, that nets us only a few thousand. This is why I'm relying on jobs like RS-Haul to fund the faction right now. And I'm finding it hard to do because I can't sit down trucking for hours upon hours a day. We're working very hard to see what we could do. I'm doing my best to learn about this virtual market system more. Money hasn't been the only issue in why the faction hasn't been developing like I planned. Timezones is one thing, and on another side my character has been in prison for ages now. We've spoken to each other, and we came to the conclusion that we need to make major changes to this faction for the better. Changes include relocation, a new patch, merging all the chapters together forming one club. This isn't going to be a new club, this is just developing on this club. We're making changes, we're going to try. But this has been rough, and we're working on this each day. Don't give up on us yet. Sincerely, Head Management Of Psychos / Deranged / Devils
  11. TwoWheelsForever

    [STATE] The People v. Charles Butcher

    (( Yes. ))
  12. TwoWheelsForever


    Good Afternoon you beautiful people, We're going to be updating our thread soon! Keep an eye out, thank you for supporting us we really appreciate it. Sincerely, Head Management Of Psychos / Deranged / Devils
  13. TwoWheelsForever


    I decided to blur out all the text in this screenshot because I don't want to teach you guys how to cook meth. I decided to give you some music instead.
  14. TwoWheelsForever

    The Reapers MC

    You guys should be very proud of yourselves for being around so long. Motorcycle club factions are the hardest factions to run on any server, even if the server has 5000 players. You should be proud of yourselves, keep it up I'm sure you'll go far. Sincerely, TwoWheelsForever
  15. TwoWheelsForever


    Dear Community, So there might be a few people here thinking that we're inactive, that isn't the case. We haven't been posting much screenshots on the thread because we've been busy in game. I don't enjoy making screenshots showcasing the faction because I feel that's something you should experience in-game rather than looking at a screenshot. However, we will try and be more consistent with screenshots. Also, if you're confused that you don't see us often in-game, I'll answer that one. We don't like roleplaying in Los Santos, or any other place but our own area. We prefer not going to the pizza stacks to roleplay or anything, we mainly ride around Red County, we don't like going to Los Santos. So that might answer some questions too. Thank you for the support, it has been tremendous. Sincerely, Head Management of Psychos/Deranged/Devils

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