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    Dear Community, So there might be a few people here thinking that we're inactive, that isn't the case. We haven't been posting much screenshots on the thread because we've been busy in game. I don't enjoy making screenshots showcasing the faction because I feel that's something you should experience in-game rather than looking at a screenshot. However, we will try and be more consistent with screenshots. Also, if you're confused that you don't see us often in-game, I'll answer that one. We don't like roleplaying in Los Santos, or any other place but our own area. We prefer not going to the pizza stacks to roleplay or anything, we mainly ride around Red County, we don't like going to Los Santos. So that might answer some questions too. Thank you for the support, it has been tremendous. Sincerely, Head Management of Psychos/Deranged/Devils

    Dear Community, I figured that I would explain what exactly this faction aims to do, and what exactly our future plans are with this faction. This message should also clear up some misunderstandings some might have on what exactly this is. Because "are we a normal motorcycle club?" no we're not. And everything shall be explained better in this message. And to players having concerns that this large blob of text is about a lock and archive, it is not, so no need to read the entire thing. You could if you wanted to which I'll encourage. Enough with the introduction, I'll get right into things. Before this faction started myself and Sadisticwolfiod were having a conversation on discord. Our topic was about motorcycle clubs, and how there never been a lasting, proper motorcycle club for a long period of time. Got us thinking of the amount of potential there could be for motorcycle clubs on a platform such as multi-theft-auto. How IF both minds connected we could bring something proper to the server, and make it something that will last. A large conversation broke out, an hour each day just talking about it until we came to the conclusion that we should make a motorcycle club on the server. Now Owl Gaming the script is wonderful, furthermore the script favors motorcycle clubs. You run into a lot of issues with inactivity on a platform such as san andreas multiplayer with motorcycle clubs. Due to the fact that there aren't many things for motorcycle clubs to do other then roleplay the same stuff and ride. On Multi-Theft-Auto there are a lot of things you can do, you can dive into a lot of things. Hence we decided to bring this project to life. Before launching this faction we had a lot of thoughts running around in our minds. One of them being one of the biggest motorcycle club factions on the history of any roleplay server that's text-based whilst holding quality. We vision this club to keep growing in the future and to eventually branch out into other towns when the time feels right. And branching out into other chapters hasn't been done since 2010 on san andreas multiplayer. Our platform is so good here, the script doesn't have limits, the script is literally meant for motorcycle club factions. What we want to do here is bring a proper motorcycle club to the server that's here to stay. There is a lot of things behind the scenes that you're not aware of. A lot of conversations for the future of the faction, a lot of work. We want this motorcycle club to be recognized from other communities and be a staple in how a M.C should be. Day by day myself, and other management on this faction are working incredibly hard to bring you this M.C, an M.C you'll see now, and a M.C you'll still be seeing in the near future. Let me tell you something, it hasn't been easy, nor has it been too hard. We are seeing a lot of growth in the faction not in numbers, rather in development. We're aiming to do multiple events each month, encourage people to create there own roleplay, encourage people to get into this sort of roleplay, and lastly for you the community to keep encouraging motorcycle club factions. Go show your support to the Reapers, go show your support to any other motorcycle club faction that comes to the server in the future. Motorcycle Club factions "ARE" the hardest factions to run on any roleplay server. We have already covered what our plans are with this faction, how we want this faction to stay, how we want this faction to expand into other areas, what we haven't covered is what this faction really is about. And the simple two answers to this is to bring a realistic faction that emulates a real motorcycle club to the best of its abilities. And to bring a safe environment on an out of character level. Out of character-wise, I pride our faction on having high levels of respect to each other. It's like a virtual family, we play this game have fun playing it with your friends. You know, this faction has only been around say two weeks? Yet the amount of support, the amount of warm comments is astronomical. And I will promise you that we aren't your one-month faction (not disrespecting any factions in previous times who were only around for a month, I know it's hard) we plan on staying, and we plan on growing. IF you were crazy enough to read threw this blob of text I know this is fictional, and it's a roleplay server, but from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for supporting this. After all, this faction is here for people looking to dive into motorcycle club roleplay, and for people to join the family we have out of character. We love your support, we thank you, we will keep developing this faction with an iron fist and we wait to see you in the future. I hope this message cleared up what we're about, what we plan on doing, and everything else. Thank you, and have a good night! Sincerely, Head Management Of Psychos/Deranged/Devils

    I am very, very proud of all of my members tonight, I know that a lot of them couldn't make it due to personal reasons. We sold about 8 support shirts. We would like to thank you for all of your support.

    *Posters would be found online.* ( (We have decided to post the event on here. ) )

    Thank you, we really appreciate it.

    Dear BeDo99, JuKoB, and the rest of the Reapers, I would first like to thank you for your comments, however. In the future, I would appreciate if they were sent via private message. And I would sincerely like to congratulate you on how long you've been on this server. I know motorcycle club factions are the hardest factions to run on any roleplay server. A lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of everything goes into them /EVEN/ if they're fictional. Now, I have addressed your comment BeDo99 to your lovely president on discord. Which I shall copy and paste what I wrote down below so you could get a better understanding! I didn't mean this message to be an insult towards yourself, and your members, your faction. Due to the fact that your the only other motorcycle club faction on the server, I just wrote "Reapers", I will edit that to "motorcycle clubs" instead. I can see how you can you could think that was a direct insult. %99 percent of the time in any roleplay server hang arounds just go to the clubhouse and start roleplaying with the members and work there way up the ladder. Due to the fact that I never seen somebody set up a website and post events on it for hang arounds to go to I figured we were the only ones going by this recruitment process. Which is tedious, hence I wrote "if you don't like the way we are recruiting, join the reapers because this faction isn't for you.". - This wasn't supposed to be a negative message, rather a positive. I know that since our recruitment process takes a long time, since we have to make posters, and events could be every week or two, hang arounds might get inpatient to I told them to join the Reapers. Secondly giving a further response towards BeDo99's second statement. Regarding "At least i don't PM people to join my MC and i don't call people over discord to make them join my MC Good luck with your mix MC boys." so I'll add some backstory towards this! This was on 08/20/2017 at this time period I was playing on SA-MP and wanted to transfer over onto Multi-Theif-Auto. At that time period, I did want to create an MC on this beautiful server. /HOWEVER/ , I really didn't know anybody on the MTA platform. The only person I did know on MTA was your faction leader, which I thought was somebody else. However, after talking to him, seeing how nice of a person he was, and diving deeper into conversation yes I popped the question if he wanted to be apart of a faction I wanted to create. (Which never happened, lack of members, lack of time.) So what you're referring to was a long time ago. Finally the final paragraph! *Wipes his sweat* I do hope that you guys know our faction doesn't hold grudges against you on an out of character level. All of us play this game for fun. I would like to shake your hand and congratulate you guys for being on the server for so long. I do hope that you guys get unbanned soon, so do my members. And I hope that I cleared up everything, I want to emphasize that you should private message me in the future on comments such as these. I wish you, and your faction the best of luck, I went out of my way to clear up misunderstandings with your president on discord. And I'll state this one more time, we have no hate against your faction on an out of character level. Best wishes, good luck! Sincerely, Psychos/Deranged/Road Devils
  7. Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) - El Sindicato Vallarino

    You have one beautiful faction @Shanks

    Thank you for the support, however. Unfortunately, we cannot post our event details here. We are in a conflict with another MC and feel the information could be metagamed. Please private-message me if you're wanting to join the event so I can private message it, rather than post it here and risk getting MG'ed.

    Good Afternoon, Before I even begin, I would really like to thank everybody from the community for the amount of support we are receiving. Myself I would like to thank you, and the members of the faction do. We are a bit inactive right now, however, that'll change real quick. We have a long list of members in the faction, and I'm busy making 4-5 skins for them, organizing everything, working on finishing the website so it'll be a bit shaky. However, we plan on organizing an event on Saturday for people looking to hang around us. I've been getting a private message, after private message of people wanting to join us. BUT since we don't have our website up, people can't see whenever we have events to start to even hang around. So, for the first week or two, we'll just be posting the events on this thread rather than the website since it isn't finished yet. Another thing, we really urge people not to randomly show up at our clubhouse all of a sudden, and park there motorcycle or car in front of our clubhouse. This is not how you join us, we are going on realism. You go to our events meet us, and get invited to more and more events. We aren't your normal motorcycle club that you go to there clubhouse to start roleplaying and become a full patched member in a month. IF you're looking for that, join another motorcycle club because this faction isn't for you.

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