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  1. nObnoxious

    The Highwaymen

    Why are you taking offence to criticism? Don’t cry please. Understandable... do as you please.
  2. nObnoxious

    The Highwaymen

    No offence but the thread is laid out like it’s a company website for a charity firm. “Who are we?” “what do we do?” Etc. Have a look at other factions and yeah, fix it up a little.
  3. same here, however I only know about the Sher-e-Punjab who operate in London/Birmingham, not the original ones from India
  4. NO FUCKING WAY SOMEONE MADE THIS wow +1 edit: for all you dumb uneducated ignorant fucks who are calling them pakis, go educate yourself, thanks.
  5. nObnoxious

    City change

    good idea +1
  6. nObnoxious

    Crystal Garden Yardies

    Please don’t be those clichè Jamaican factions who just play Bob Marley all day thinking thats how to be Jamaican... High hopes for this though. I might even look to join you guys.
  7. nObnoxious

    Los Santos Events

    Good thread overall but couple points of criticism: who is your targeted market? Personally doesn’t look good mixing “secret rave parties” and “premier leisure events”. Unless you change the raves to VIP club nights or something. Raves sound cheap and trashy. Good luck nonetheless!! +1 Plus, living in a London my interpretationn of a secret rave is about 1,000 16-24 year olds meeting up at an abandon warehouse and getting off their tits 😂
  8. nObnoxious

    Car - 1991 BMW E36 318i [ENDS: 26/06/18]

    Name: ricci bid: 6k
  9. nObnoxious

    Tribute to X...

    Fredo Santana Lil Peep now XXX... wtf rip
  10. nObnoxious

    SAUM - San Andreas United Mechanics

    good luck guys!
  11. nObnoxious

    Rate the avatar above you!

    ur mum
  12. nObnoxious

    Rate the avatar above you!

    preti cool 11.98/10
  13. nObnoxious

    LSBet© - Smart Sports Betting

    Check out betting for the World Cup!
  14. nObnoxious

    Il Caserta Crimine Famiglia

    Interested in meeting you guys soon.

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