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  1. Well to be honest, this post is for basically everything RS-Hual has, except for the Rumpo.
  2. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Box Truck Interior What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- I believe that interiors should be placed in all of the large box trucks. There are multiple reasons for this to be a great addition to the Owl Gaming server; it will add various different roleplay scenarios, it can be used as an RV-type vehicle like IRL, and finally it would help the players in game financially. The amount of different roleplay scenarios are ENORMOUS. From the homeless to living in their box trucks in some random parking lot or remote area to people that want every penny they can, saved. From my about three hundred hours of gameplay, I haven’t seen a single person other than myself roleplay as a homeless person because there aren’t much opportunities for them. Now they can finally venture out and become that homeless character they’ve always dreamed for! The box truck could even be used for robberies of any scale. Robbing a bank and don’t have a place to hide the masked gunmen? Well, fit them in the back of the box truck! The box truck’s back interior can open many more different scenarios for roleplay. Hoping to roleplay some sort of road trip or just camping in general? The box truck’s interior can be used just for that! You can live in your box truck with luxury without spending the thousands of dollars being spent on a regular home. The box truck’s interior can also bring a variety of Moving Companies, further expanding the amount of roleplay. Finally, financial issues. Financial issues can be a struggle throughout anyone’s experience in any Roleplay server. You’d need to spend a little more than a hundred thousand dollars for an actual good home and even after you pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’d still need to pay the taxes hourly. I believe that the box trucks will help everyone with their money issues. Thank you for considering my idea on the box-truck interior. I hope that this script-idea does come into the Owl Gaming server and I hope the people of Owl will use this idea to their liking. Thank you once again Owl! What are the advantages?- Will help financially in the long run, opens a plethora of roleplay scenarios, and can add realism to the game (Making you more immersed into the gameplay). What are the disadvantages?- It might bring too many people to buying box trucks. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No, but you could just use the ambulance-type interior and just place them into every purchased box truck. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Vote
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