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  1. flood/earthquake pls a flood can last over a span of a few days but an earthquake's probably gonna be like 30 seconds though the aftermath can be somewhat challenging and interesting to deal with as it could lead to a fire (such as in the san francisco earthquake but not on that big of a scale) or a flood/tsunami from the plates in the ocean near santa maria fucking themselves over if anything just don't choose the other two options
  2. (didn't it just turn 1? sorry if i got it wrong https://gyazo.com/0aaa9e9d23de21db5476a68aa5360a9d)
  3. name: b. hayes comment: o shit u right im dumb yes yes lmao 11 grand
  4. Name: B. Hayes Bid: Starting (65,000 grand) on the 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe.
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