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  1. name : mona comment : you folks the past is the past now the current truth of DPS is the opposite name : mona comment : lol that fucking that farce yall grow up
  2. LaCherie

    Armani "Manny" Washington

    woorroaah you mate wonderful piece! i like it
  3. LaCherie

    What is your favourite beer to drink?

    man.. keep your fucking advices inside your poetries bunch pepsi, fenta, with netherlands meat.. turkish kebab special ones : )
  4. LaCherie

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    you funny.. dead laughing
  5. LaCherie

    How to get drugs, weapons and other stuff

    smith's corporation.. selling em but hey! we all have been there 😉
  6. LaCherie

    SAAN be like

    name : maria comment : stop your bullshit u fag
  7. happy birthday, sista!

  8. be specific according on that narrative, if someone else don't know anything about what happened, absolutely he'll think that is fucking stupid application
  9. LaCherie

    Smiths Corporation

    ah man why u always tagging mee
  10. LaCherie

    Car - 1996 Ford Probe GT [ENDS: 16/07/2018]

    name : mariana bid : 10
  11. LaCherie

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    rekt ahahahaha that was harsh ------------------------------------------------- Name : Maria comment : uh yall fawkers if that was copy past aint problem at least they made the fucking department active instead of wasting their fucking time in writing shitty poetries kevin+keller+ the other leadership including the whole employee still the greatest and you keep mendicitying katty to give you a fuck
  12. LaCherie

    Smiths Corporation

    yas homie
  13. LaCherie

    [REQ] skin.

    Contact me on discord, if you willing to pay @GroyC
  14. LaCherie

    Smiths Corporation

    DPS parade there yemen

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