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  1. Guana


    Alright, I always am appreciating the made efforts, thus, the suggesting possess some pros and cons. however, the suggestion is not needed at the moment but hey, some people will use it for things such as perversions no matter what, in addition I'll convey your suggestion to people and we'll debate about it. In principle I'll assist it. +1 On plus, the admins supposed to help you out without getting themselves drowsiness because of it. Ofc after providing the causes of why you want to cognize about.
  2. hopefully you enjoy for some credits I refer to @Syncer
  3. hbd

    1. GeroXy


      thanks a lot man, big love


      soz for late response lol

  4. Guana

    LSIA Perms

    yes, me 2 for regular employee @Sergeant can confirm
  5. hbd!

    1. Novanard


      Thank you! much appreciated.

  6. looooooool daylan you header
  7. Guana

    SEMC perms.

    As I mentioned above, someone set the regular employee perms for me. @patrick can confirm
  8. New prick to cremate no offense
  9. (( I've amended my application @patrick ))
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