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  1. This is amazing to be honest, take it far mate!
  2. ReeMoO

    Happy Eid

    Eid Mubark to everyone.
  3. Looks really nice, good luck.
  4. So what happened with this.
  5. Yes I did, I changed it multiple times then tried to sell it IC, Then Senior Admin @Vubstersmurf warned me about that. Changed it all back and that's it.
  6. (( Well.. stop acting like you know everything, buyout was 20k and starting 15k then I changed 'em and vubstersmurf warned me about the rules then I changed them back. Now please if you don't mind fuck off. )) (( @Vubstersmurf Please go ahead and check it,
  7. Congratulations, You've won the auction. I will not call THE ROCK ON YOU because you bought it.
  8. 195km/h. Great acceleration aswell.
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