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  1. @Skateboard @Gambit Well it was just suggestion though haha
  2. @Piney @Gambit @Demon1 Well, is there any possibilty's for treasure in the future with Scuba gear because that will be hella cool, because whats the point on having a boat right now? Some drug transport shit or some? But still 10$ is low am I right? for both amounts.
  3. Hey all, I've been playing a while now on Owlgaming on MTA and always liked playing on Owl, but lately I was wondering this to my self. I bought a boat yesterday and went fishing instantly (always wanted to be a fisher, I know it's weird) So instant thing that caught my eye was that when I sold 16LBS of fish with the command /sellfish I got 10$. I was already thinking to my self isn't that a bit low for 16lbs fish? But i went on and caught total of 216lbs of fish and sold it hoping for a higher money stake, but instead of getting more money for it I got exactly 10$ again. 16lbs equals to 10$ and 216lbs also equals to 10$, isn't that a bit weird? So I had an Idea about maybe changing this system, because I think that you should get paid more for the fish you catch and second of all what about adding treasures too. For instance that you can fish up rare stuff (kraken, money, treasure chest with valueables inside. So it's just a suggestion I hope the scripting team is going to take in mind because I do enjoy the fishing part of it, but just that it sells for 10$ no matter how much lbs you caught is a bit ridiculous. Kind regards Lucas List of suggestions for fishing In summary. (Just overall buffing the fishing system) - That a fish faster lures to your bait. (reduces time that a fish bites into your hook) - Making the fish sell for more. - That you can fish up treasures. (I hope that some of these idea's can be implemented)
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