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  1. DaLuppo

    [SoundCloud & YouTube] Roova Da Hoova - MANIAC

    Name: Reeee Comment: Get dreads and dye them, that's how this game works YG
  2. DaLuppo

    [SoundCloud & YouTube] Roova Da Hoova - MANIAC

    Name: Reeee Comment: You dyed your dreads yet?
  3. DaLuppo

    [SoundCloud & YouTube] Roova Da Hoova - MANIAC

    Name: Reeee Comment: You got your face tattoo yet?
  4. DaLuppo

    Nasir "Nas" Jefferson

    It's locked up for life lmao
  5. DaLuppo

    Klippan's showroom

    iss lit
  6. DaLuppo

    Nasir "Nas" Jefferson

    Full name: Nasir Jefferson Age: 24 Nickname: Nas Main spot: Jefferson, Carson Street. Relatives: Marquis Jefferson (Father) - ALIVE & PARALYZED Aaliyah Anderson (Mother) - DECEASED Affiliations: Eight Deuce Hoover Crips Location: FBI Holding cells Charges: x3 First Degree Murders & Mayhem Character Theme: After the death of his mother, Nasir and his father moved to Carson street in Jefferson, the place that turned him into the savage he is now. Summer 2010, Nasir was only twelve when he jumped off the porch and started making friends from around the area, Nasir was the type of kid to show off between his peers, doing almost anything to look cool. And that's how it all started, picking fights, snatching purses and pulling off scams, things started to grow up with Nasir until one day, at the age of thirteen, he was tackled by an undercover cop after snatching the purse of a lady in her mid-forties, that was a life changing point as he was arrested and taken into custody for a day, his father wasn't happy at all and wanted to do something to save his kid who was obviously lost and unsure of what he's getting himself into but his efforts were useless. Nasir caught the attention of the older hoovers and was recruited as a corner boy selling crack and meth in Jefferson, growing up deprived, Nas was amazed by the insane cash he was making daily, started spending, living each day as if it was his last. His father Marquis couldn't change it and couldn't cope with it either, he developed an alcohol addiction that ended up with him driving back home at night drunk, crashing up on the curb and flipping his car, causing major injuries that had him paralyzed. By that time, Nasir made a name for himself with all of the robberies and fights he got involved in. He was eventually bumped after all the fame and respect he was getting for his way of living. For Nasir, his gang was a ride or die kind of thing, it was a Saturday night when the Eight Deuce OGs shot up somebody they had beef with, it all went well except that a chick witnessed the shooting and was about to snitch, Nasir didn't like it and had to act, he was given a rifle that he used to blow the chick's head from a roof top right as she was speaking to the cops. It was hot in the streets and Nasir couldn't risk going out, he was taken to a house in Blueberry in which his homies had an opp that they kidnapped. Nasir stayed there for around a week, feeding the Russian mobster and at the same time watching him and waiting for the orders, he was told to end it by the big one so he did, it was all planned. He took the guy on a boat to throw him in the ocean and shoot his drowning body to death. Nasir's thuggery ended up with him in jail for Attempted Murder, he thought it's time for him to make a change, live normal after serving his jail sentence, but the way he was raised and his extremely short temper didn't allow him, he barely knew anybody in jail when an inmate tried to test Nasir. At first, he hesitated and didn't act up, but he just couldn't take the disrespect and shanked the guy in the bathrooms. The rest of inmates heard of what Nasir did to OG Clay and eventually started showing him mad respect to the point that nobody messed around with him after the incident. Fast forward to 2018, it wasn't 3 months after Nasir got out of jail for shooting an off duty officer after a car crash that ended up with both parties going mental, his homeboy Scar started something with some new set up in Jefferson, Nasir had his MP5 on his lap while driving his SUV, looking for the opps. He spotted them around Idlewood and sprayed the car with bullets, killing both of them, a unit that was patrolling around started chasing Nasir, losing him quickly after that. The FBI were investigating Nasir's cases and eventually foundd out about his affiliations with Eight Deuce hoover crips, an agent started extorting Scar, who was more than a brother to Nasir. It didn't take him long to figure out that he needed to turn himself in to avoid lethal injection, knowing well that he had nowhere to go. Nasir is still being investigated by the FBI, unsure of what's going to happen next. Hassan "Scar" Brewster More than a brother to Nasir, and one of the reasons Nasir turned himself in, Scar was going to be charged and harassed by FBI. @Serx Latrell "Trell" Myers Nasir taught the young Trell everything he knows about the streets and turned him into the man he is right now. @Beta Jovan "Jojo" Campbell, Marwan "Ali" Shalaby & Derrick "DK" Flaymore Nasir's OGs, people he respected and rided for. @Notorious @JamalWalker
  7. Name: Private Bid: 25000
  8. Accepted, you will be contacted to claim your vehicle.
  9. DaLuppo

    [Gun Fear] - New Rule

    @Serx u know it
  10. DaLuppo

    [Gun Fear] - New Rule

    You don't have to be salty about it if he got both of you CK'd, some people are reckless and would take their chances to draw and shoot back even if they had guns aimed at them.
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Bike #1 (Sold) Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Ducati Vehicle make: Panigale V8 Mileage: 218 Starting bid: $25,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $40,000 Bike #2 (Sold) Vehicle year: 2014 Vehicle brand: Ducati Vehicle make: 1199 Superleggera Mileage: 928 Starting bid: $25,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $40,000 Description: Two fast bikes that haven't been used that much. Images https://imgur.com/a/i8Ql1Xu Auction end date: 14/09/2018 Contact details: 583467

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