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  1. Hey there. Everyone knows where club Alhambra is, how it looks and what it offers, but just in case, I am going to point out the very basics: - Front gate metal detector - Functional and appropriate entrance and exit - Fully decked out DJ Booth - Working lights on the dance floor ((You have a control box for this)) - Full storage of beer (still has a massive quantity) - Multiple seating areas - Designated male and female washrooms - VIP Area & its own designated bar - Staff area with dance floor's control box - Entrance/exit to rooftop with two helicopter pads - Probably the largest building in Idlewood - Spacious room in the back for anything you'd like to do with it. Images of the building: https://imgur.com/a/zxOY2iI I am currently taking offers and the property is not having a solid price tag. Feel free to contact me on my mail - [email protected] (( @BremboBG ))
  2. You bepis cant stand a second without correcting me
  3. I need a subform called "County Affairs Bureau" to be added under the OWL V Government section and I shall be given full access over it @QueenC @Vubstersmurf @Script
  4. Name: BeRealistic Bid (offer): 55,000USD for starting
  5. What if someone trolls and decides to demolish your car on purpose? And they just dip straight out form the server after that because they don't give a shit. Unless you are recording, you can't prove what you are saying to the admin as well, if you even decide to report it. And even if P&S get removed, the RP standards for the mechanic RP (at least the fixing/repairing aspect of it) shall be lowered. One more thing. If you can just fix cars left and right scriptwise and let's say it charges you 200, you can just get the mechanic job, crash all day long again and then fix yourself. I don't really think that's gonna help.
  6. BremboBG

    GOV perms

    I need big boss government perms on the owl V section. @DrJoseEviI to confirm.
  7. Name: Friend of the chernobyl survivor Comment: That comrad' was there and is yet drinking 2 bottles of vodka a day so there is nothing to worry even if shit happens.
  8. Even now we are having government section in the auctions. The thing is.. That's been spoken about numerous times and it's on the edge of the legality. I personally like the idea and it's going to be +1 even though I am quite sure someone is going to counter it in no time.
  9. BremboBG


    Have fun.
  10. Alright. Now that the scene is calm. Was that shit even needed? Why can't the community have a normal discussion for once at least? I owl dropping even more on player base? Yes. Is there something that we as not satisfied could do? No. Are there examples of bullshittery in GAT? Oh hell yes. If that whole thing get summed up and patched up then we might as well achieve something. Player base's voice shall be more listened to.
  11. And there we go once again. Staff vs players. That's why we are reaching nothing.
  12. Not into the word corrupt itself, but you can surely catch the general idea
  13. If that happens. We will turn into a DayZ roleplay server
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