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  1. Yayeet.. God knows why am I even considering the option to give owl a shot again.. Vubs being UAT is a good start for now. Might as well have a comeback
  2. @Mutt377 - lad is super chill, gave us enough time to do what we had to more than once. @Crane - became an awesome admin from an awesome player
  3. Bureau of County Affairs - Recruitment Session [22/09/2019-29/09/2019] Available positions: - BCA Investigator (with trial period) - County Ordinance Officer Tasks of the vacant positions: 1. Bureau of County Affairs Investigator - General supervision of the local emergency services, including checking SITREP's, evidence reports, duty reports, arrest reports, medical reports etc. The BCA Investigator position is in no way LEO (Law Enforcement Position) and should not be considered as one. BCA is part of the County Government and is there to have a second look at the local serv
  4. @Maikeyy2 thick head snake, go for it
  5. Confirming for BCA @DrJoseEviI
  6. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1948-government/ @Script
  7. Hey there. Everyone knows where club Alhambra is, how it looks and what it offers, but just in case, I am going to point out the very basics: - Front gate metal detector - Functional and appropriate entrance and exit - Fully decked out DJ Booth - Working lights on the dance floor ((You have a control box for this)) - Full storage of beer (still has a massive quantity) - Multiple seating areas - Designated male and female washrooms - VIP Area & its own designated bar - Staff area with dance floor's control box - Entrance/exit to rooftop with two helicopter pads - Probably the la
  8. You bepis cant stand a second without correcting me
  9. I need a subform called "County Affairs Bureau" to be added under the OWL V Government section and I shall be given full access over it @QueenC @Vubstersmurf @Script
  10. Name: BeRealistic Bid (offer): 55,000USD for starting
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