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  1. Congratulation, you won. Call 586-122 to finish the deal
  2. Who am I? Greetings. I am Nikolai Georgiev. I am eventually going to be 28 years old soon. I ended up with a Masters in Law and Economics. From an early stage of my life, I have been amused by the way how economics work and dedicated my life to helping others. Over the years I have worked as a Law Enforcement Officer, Financial Officer and am currently employed as the County Chief of Staff. What I value the most is transparency, loyalty, dedication, and commitment.I believe that every citizen matters, and that they should be treated fairly. To me, it does not matter if you are an already established entrepreneur or a small time farmer, your concerns matter to me. Why district 3? Being a resident of District 3 for a majority of my life, I have grown to see the potential our community has to offer. I know this community like the back of my hand, and I’m willing to do what it takes to represent it fully in our County Government. I believe that it is time for the citizens of District 3 and the County as a whole to start seeing the changes they were promised over and over again. The interests of a concerned citizen matters to me, whether they are representing a established business, or happen to be a local farmer, the community needs representation and that is what I am willing to do. With the utmost transparency, making sure concerns are heard and issues are resolved.  Once elected, I will be focusing on major and minor goals such as: Housing: Unlike our other districts, District 3 is by far the most beautiful district we have, with its vast nature and eye-catching landscape. Over time, it has appeared to me that property maintenance has gotten worse in the area, and pollution as well. Burned out cars turning up, people leaving garbage over their property, arson, and other visually unpleasant sites have been popping up. I look forward to looking with the council and Public Works on doing cleanup and restoration efforts to improve ecological and visual conditions of our district. I will also make it a priority to incentivize property loans, not just for District 3 but for the entire County. Farmers and Farming: Farming is a economical and fundamental necessity for any community. I have seen a lack of interest and effort for farming in District 3, and from personal experience, the people I have seen or met who are interested in farming, can’t get their foot in the door in the business. Lack of financial assistance seems to be a strong deterrent for aspiring farmers, with farms being overpriced on the market, just to be used as car storage or a cottage, that perfectly crop land goes to waste. Once elected, I will make it a priority to work with our council to improve economic assistance for people attempting to pursue a farming career, whether it be through loans, or legislation. Clean energy solutions: District 3 is one of the very natural regions in our county, surrounded by nature and wild life. I believe clean and renewable energy is a requirement to protect the environment and our fuzzy friends. Solar, thermal and hydro power are project ideas that I would like to pursue for our District, to effectively lessen our carbon foot print. Fighting the crime: District 3 has been relatively one of the safest districts in our county, and we need to keep it that way. Community safety is number one priority, we need to ensure our people are protected against violence, fraud and thievery. Stepping up police patrols, amending the fortifications act or keep the public informed, whatever it takes to make our district safe, I am willing to put to practice. Pure Transparency: I do not tolerate corruption. I am joining the fight against corruption, I will support our Commissioner and the rest of the council in anti-corruption efforts. I will not tolerate corruption in any way or form.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 1732 N. Panopticon Ave Description: Nice house with a private parking space on the left side of it along with access to the roof, that has a helipad ontop. Garage fits about 20 vehicles without lifts. Gate that leads you to a side entrance and a lot more that I cba speaking out. Exterior Images: Hide contents https://i.gyazo.com/166da9006baa0af15e00fcd62d088819.jpg Interior Images: Hide contents https://imgur.com/a/iGTc4 Starting Bid: $75,000 Minimum Increase: $2,500 Buyout: $115,000 Auction ends: June 21st 2018 Contact Information: Will be sent to the buyer COMMENTS DISABLED (( photo creds to @IloveDamage ))
  4. Loco-locomotif, big man @Norm. Good luck.
  5. BremboBG

    GOV Perms

    @QueenC, @Script
  6. Big mofo dylan got it going. No luck needed, really.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Confederate Motorcycles Vehicle make: P-51 Combat Fighter Mileage: 921 Color: Anodized Black VIN: 157XX Description: Brutal, minimal, and built to last, reveal, and transform. Fresh superabundant energy, force, and power are breathed into the world's rebel motoring culture, as envisioned and created, one machine at a time, by the fiercely independent hot rod giants upon whose shoulders we so proudly stand. Mentally cheap for their rearity, online value and recent price tags set to that bike in town. Images Starting bid: $45,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $80,000 Auction end date: 16/06/2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner of the auction.
  8. BremboBG

    GOV Perms

    Need GOV perms for @Brazzers & @Nick55
  9. Name: Nikolai Georgiev Comment: Glad to see that LSIA is currently being well taken care of. Wishing you best of luck for future, Miss Grace.
  10. BremboBG

    GOV Perms

    @QueenC, @Vubstersmurf
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