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    Find out icly, busy fucking your mother so can't help.

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  1. Majestic X8

    R.I.P Bernie and Primo
  2. Liverpool Grape Crips

    Yep, just need my boys back on the server.
  3. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    So Krakk got removed from the admin team. Will my char get unck'ed and the sit voided? @ThatGuy
  4. NiKKers

  5. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    Injuries at the end.
  6. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    :thinking: :shrug: Gang gang.
  7. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    So, if you punch someone you are powergaming.
  8. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    Didn't know i could've refused the /selfck
  9. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    Really? But you forced me to /selfck.
  10. Character Kill appeal- Taylor Abb

    Wow, that's really harsh man. I wish you good luck with this and it was an unfair CK.
  11. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- DavisBradley Character Name- Taylor Abb Date of Incident- 2/10/18 Supervising Administrator- @Krakkfaen Narrative- I was driving my Mustang with my ic brother Lamar Abb and Connor Baines crashed into us, he got down after and said hi and we got down as well, telling him to pay. He refused to and got in my car and got a brassknuckle then got in front of him and rp'ed swinging at his face. Lamar tackled him after the rp and i rp'ed hitting and kicking him again. Then he got up and he rp'ed taking a step to the right but he was backing off. Lamar tried to rp that he tackles him with a spear but connor PG'ed and didn't respond to his rp. Then i rp'ed that i sprint towards him as he rp'ed that he runs slowly and i punch him in the back of the head. He started to sprint and took his gun out and shooting at us. I reported after i got shot because i wanted a revive and talk about Connor's PG. Krakk as Casper Newman was involved in the action but he still accepted the report because apparently there were no admins. He decides that Connor didn't PG'ed and forces me to /selfck. He first tells me to say that i was shot in the head but i said i only got shot in the stomach and both legs, he tells me after to tell in the /selfck that i got shot in the body. A medic was near me and i could've rp'ed that i survive but apparently, Connor pushed for a CK and Krakk tells me i somehow disregarded my life fighting a guy that purposedly crashed into my car :shrugs:. Evidence I can provide logs if it's needed Method of Death- Shot in body and legs with a .45 Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes

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