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  1. I agree. @Mutt377 is a very dedicated admin and a fine addition to the team too. @Crane is a mong but I still love him @Vubstersmurf is the best UA there is, anyone who thinks otherwise is purely wrong. Listens to players and needs, takes it up to the rest of the team. And likes our RP and uniforms and stuff x
  2. This. Or if not open to public, can those who were part of said government branch use the assets since they would have access to them anyways? Like a cop use cop car, badges, weapons etc.
  3. If others are still down for it, I'd be more than happy to assist with lore writing and dropping ideas.
  4. It's too late, didn't have the chance to grab photos from the beginning.
  5. Lol group of 10 armed men good enough?
  6. no. Fight for it loser! Let's throw hands. At Stacks. Tonight.
  7. So long as everyone's groups (Bruce's and my group primarily because we slay) can continue RPing the way we like it, I'm completely okay with it. Just needed proper UAT approval. xx
  8. I wasn't mentioned Glad to have you aboard, surgeon! x
  9. Can we please not call it apocalypse as it’s easily mistaken for something that’s not going to happen? Just anarchy will do because that is the core idea behind the “dead city”.
  10. Understandable. It's still 15 players because it isn't official, but as you can see 30+ are interested in this concept. If those 30 people actually give it a shot and start RPing, more people might join which just creates a chain reaction, getting more and more players on. It's just a matter of time now.
  11. It just needs a kick start, if 36 people voted for "Yes" that means there is a demand for it. Even if it only appeals to 15, that's more than 0. Let players enjoy the MTA if they don't want to move to OwlV.
  12. Was literally gonna say that. That's more than Owl V lol
  13. Not sure how this is wasting our time, we're all dropping different ideas as this thread will be looked at by the UAT when the meeting happens.
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