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  1. Who are The Devil’s Legion MC? The Devil’s Legion Motorcycle Club is a type of “one-percenter” motorcycle club. It was formed in 1998 by a former Blue Angels Motorcycle Club (BAMC) Sergeant-at-Arms, Nasty Bob in Scotland. The club expanded, quickly gaining new members as it started spreading throughout Scotland, performing various acts and activities, terrorizing the minorities of the country. As the club grew bigger Bob ordered few of his most trusted men to travel aboard to various continents and locations to expand their horizons, including a man who goes by the name Ark (Noah Wade) as he was the one to be sent to San Andreas with his fellow followers; Jay and Wolf. They arrived with practically nothing of use, seeking to gain new ground and claim it as their own. The Brotherhood currently resides in Montgomery. Since recent happenings, they have begun to tone the type of activities they carry out, resorting the violence only if absolutely necessary. Disclaimer: just because the DVLMC no longer commits serious random acts of crime, it does not mean they are softies. Members are mostly pure white and have grudges against African-Americans. More might be added soon.
  2. Pew pew bump. Might tag next time
  3. Second haha. Genuinely looks sick as heck Solly, get out. I’m second
  4. Admins can and most likely will look at logs. I RPed as much as I could, and never logged out until Bobby told me himself that I can go now. Besides, the robbing isn’t as significant as you might think. I saw two people, stealing, wake up to no bike. Sgt kills robber later. You’re just trying to shift the entire focus onto the first portion which isn’t nearly as important as the second.
  5. @Irrtadum is the FD guy that patched me up. He’ll provide some more details, if he’s kind enough xo. @croozerdog and @Krispy saw me at my worst state, they can confirm that I did in fact RP the injuries’ effects.
  6. Hello, it's Noah here. I'm going to address a few issues that I saw, I'm sorry if I hover over anything. You're claiming it as if my stalling lasted for tens of minutes, whereas it was a matter of me going downstairs and answering the door. If admin would like to see any pics of that, I can send it via private message. I even said in OOC, and Bobby responded to me, saying it was alright. At most, Dale's shooting should be a PK. He was never intimidating anyone like you claim it. He simply rode up behind us, and you shot him instantly. Correct me if I'm wrong there, @Agamingnobody. Joseph's CK is a PK at most. He was hit on the leg, and there was an admin from what I heard. You should have never taken his pistol, because last time we PKed someone, @Ixosis did not allow us to loot it, because it wasn't a CK. I was still conscious to remember two black men, at least one was without helmet. Later on, you came back without one, but seemingly I missed a line of Bobby's RP, my mistake. However, Noah still remembers at least Bobby's face fully. You were riding a prospect's bike that was recently stolen. You didn't care enough to repaint it or snap the license plate off. It was exactly the same as before. Funny enough, we RPed repainting that bike a day or two before the incident, so Noah would know what the bike is like. As to the CK part of the story. I was unarmed and injured badly, thinking both Dale and Joseph have died from this. I was panicking all along, thinking you were going to come back to kill me for seeing any of you. I was on a level where I was scared of my own Sergeant-at-arms (@Cloaked). When we met, I explained what happened and he was already planning to kill you and Bobby, hours before the actual CK. He can describe his part of it, because I don't know how much and what he RPed, but all night we were cruising the city just to see you, coming over to the IPS with the dead prospect's bike. Ralph then began shooting at you and killed you. Again, he'll provide you with more info. Additionally, we never said we wanted to kill you specifically. It just happened to be you who rode by on a dead man's bike which I can recognise from a mile away because of its unique and ugly paint lol. Also, no you don't need to send CK app in all cases. Please read the rule book, which clearly states: "Additionally, character kills may be accepted in game by a single administrator for situations where you require a quick response where you otherwise could not wait for an application." I probably missed out quite a few smaller details that could strengthen my argument. Once again, I'm sorry that it had to come to this. I might respond with some more in the future. Quick edit, because I forgot something important: Your friend logged at least 4 times during the whole situation. I rest my case.
  7. Heya, I need perms so I can work for Public Works. Thanks! @Brazzers and the commissioner can confirm. Don’t know his forum name lol.
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