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  1. silentzer14


    before interfering, backread and read what he said. I am accepting criticism but not Insults!
  2. silentzer14


    RP - Roleplay RPG - Roleplay Gaming the heck are you saying ? go google it before saying anything! I'm just suggesting what I thought, if you don't like it then feel free to say you don't like it. and don't Insult anyone just because you don't like their suggestions!
  3. silentzer14


    You don't have to insult me here, first of all, that's all suggestion if you don't agree with that just state it. Stop barking like a fucking dog.
  4. silentzer14


    Add More Jobs with Unique Features: 1. Farming Job 2. Lumberjack Job 3. Bank Money Collector Job 4. [Illegal] Arms Dealer 5. [Illegal] Drug Distributor bla bla bla
  5. [First Person View] - Can you make the FPS View more a little bit realistic * Players should be able to change the view by hovering the mouse instead of Fix View * And I hope this is possible in MTA (FPS View While on Foot) * Add Side Mirrors for the Vehicles (If Possible)
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