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  1. Congratulations @usev25 .. the third pharaoh
  2. Congratulations all, but I just wanna say my opinion about smth.. whenever I make a report @QueenC accept it and she/he is very helpful, I think she should be promoted to Administrator for her effort.
  3. @Mowafy alf mbrook ynegm 💪💪
  4. GOOD JOB! But I hope you use another notepad instead of this one, actually I can't see what are you writing..
  5. @JayZawack yes it leads to that. But, I got punished. So the situation is Voided or changed from CK to PK. It won't be fair for all to be banned and CK'ed too.
  6. @Epic Exactly, I know that i'm wrong and I got punished. Banned and warnings. GameBosh isn't from my country. I knew him from the server from a week or less. I hope that the situation is voided.. all PK'ed instead of CK'ed. I'm saying again that I know that i'm wrong (y)
  7. Yeah got denied before getting banned. I got banned. And now if they got a PK so me too should get a PK.
  8. Alright then, If you got PK'ed so I'm also will get a PK instead of CK.. true?
  9. Yaa a5ern l2eet admin masry f el server :D

    3ash yngm

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