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  1. What is this please resolve to Ando solving a special feeling is server room but owl

    1. eoozy


      Chaos  can you join the enter see the applications please

    2. Peixe
  2. Name : Clown Comment : Fuck off I already found it.
  3. IC Applicant information Full Name: Julio Hernandez Date of Birth: January 10th, 1986 Gender (Optional): Male Your Home Address: None (Homeless) Contact Number: 456038 Desired Job Role: Crew Member Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more): First of all, I'm looking for a source of money to buy myself a home and a car. I need money to help my family and my friends. I always wished to work at Pizza Stacks so that's why I'm applying for it, to achieve my goals and dreams. The main reason for me to work at Stacks is money, I can't find any job that suits me and I guess this one suits me. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): No. OOC information Forum Username: Sponge In-game Username: joealex Screenshot of /history: Signature to confirm that all information provided within this form is legitimate and truthful: T.McLane
  4. Name : Clown Comment : Dude, I've been looking for the shitty briefcase for five hours and I didn't find it. Is that a prank. I found a building with burned walls but I couldn't find the *CENSORED* briefcase.
  5. @Eloquent is the best tbh.. best admin responding to reports. Good job mate.
  6. Name : JohnHarelandIsANigger Comment : Fuck you nigger nobody gives a shit about your time machine and your achievements.. go fuck yourself nigger.
  7. Name : thomas12 Comment : Not a good idea to remove the guy. He didn't know that you guys gonna do an event today.
  8. Name: gennadi Comment : this is so sad can we get 30 likes?
  9. Name : BigCuntG Comment : He wont be able to release a new song since FBI is looking for him.. I just hope he doesnt die in his car with a zero pulse.
  10. Name : BigCuntG Comment : isnt that xxxtentacion?
  11. [English] Thomas McLane whispers to Kennedy Scott : Did someone pay the bail?
  12. **Thomas McLane enters the court room as he'd sit down beside Kennedy**
  13. User : McLame Comment : Leave Brookes alone! He has a boil on his ass.
  14. User : McLame Comment : Poor Max
  15. Good luck.. looks good.
  16. +1.. People sometimes go mad and start arguing OOCly for hours.. which is annoying af
  17. Name : TMCLANE Comment : Can you all just stop? I believe that chief Keller is gonna get everything fixed. You guys just need to stop arguing about every single shit happens in DPS.
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