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  1. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    Not yet, would appreciate it tho
  2. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    What's NOCD Crack? Also the problem is Gta itself doesn't launch so MTA wont.
  3. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5
  4. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    Yes I'm using a cracked version of GTA. https://pasteboard.co/HWp906W.png
  5. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    WOW thanks worked !!!!!! https://youtu.be/FS6v-hHBRhQ
  6. Sponge

    MTA SA not working

    Hi, I've recently installed windows 7 on my laptop. I installed GTA sa and MTA too but none of them works. When I try to launch GTA sa nothing happens, tried changing the compatibility multiple times but it didn't work. Same thing happens with MTA sa, the " stop playing with yourself screen " appears then nothing happens.
  7. Sponge

    MTA 1.5.6 Error

    Thanks Yannick did it for me
  8. Sponge

    MTA 1.5.6 Error

    This error appears for me when I join any server You were kicked from the game ( SD #15 SIGN) This server requires driver signing to be enabled
  9. Fuc* arap noop.

    1. eoozy


      Fuc* off* noob

    2. Lartsa


      i love to see inside jokes as status updates. these are my favorite.

    3. eoozy


      Thank you Lartsa, very gräyr!


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