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  1. Well, you obviously should put in some effort into making a faction and getting things going, and I think that it shouldn't be that easy to start a business. If you want to run a mechanic shop on your own, go ahead and just put all the money you earned into your private account, but if you want to have a business with multiple people and an own business account, then you should put in some effort, make a faction thread which would act like a small website of your business, representing it and showing all of the members and how to contact you. As for this suggestion, I think its unnecessary and shouldn't be added. -1
  2. ** Carly Martinez enters the courtroom as she would take a seat somewhere within the viewer gallery, mumbling to herself: "Karma is a bitch" as she would quietly chuckle towards herself, quieting down again and peering towards the judge. **
  3. @EPICxNUTS Congratz bae @Vubstersmurf Oi u gettin old oof, congratz! @Zuclya Maaaa ni(bb)a hope u get past trail!
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