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  1. What's RP? Can you explain to us how that works? German voice RP confirmed. Das ist nicht gut!
  2. Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one has enough media to kill your browser. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in high quality. Chatbox We implemented a new chatbox. The new chatbox lets you customize many elements including: Number of chat lines Number of chat tabs Display name of each chat tab Filter which types of messages are shown in each tab to help reduce spam and improve readability so you can focus more on your RP Inactive tabs show how many unread messages you have so you can be sure not to miss anything! Check out the video below to see the new chatbox in action. Note that the settings page design is still a WIP. Achievements We are introducing an achievement system for V which rewards players in a purely cosmetic fashion for actions performed in game and progression made throughout their time spent on Owl. These achievements do not impact game play in anyway and achievements points can not be spent on any in game item or content. They are purely an OOC progression system. We're interested to hear what you think about this, so please give us feedback below. Police Radar Police cruisers now include a radar system which reads the license plate of the vehicle in front and within range, as well as the speed. This system also allows the officer to easily run an MDC check on the plate when driving behind a vehicle. Officers are also able to manually position a trigger zone for the speed/plate detector rather than using the automated one, enabling officers to perform speed traps. Below is a screenshot of the system during development to show how we pick a target for the automated system. Check out the beta screenshots below for more examples of this system, including speed traps. Duty System & Clothing Stores Clothing stores have been added, allowing players to change their clothes on both premade characters and custom skins. We also added support for skin customization with regards to Duty skins, for all government factions. Check out examples of the cool uniforms you can create below: UAT Extended Beta We've been hosting larger 'everyone on' beta test periods, similar to how we schedule UAT meetings. These sessions involve getting the entire UAT and V Development Team on to both RP and perform non-RP actions to try and break things / find bugs as well as determining how suitable the script is for roleplay. This test went well. We found a couple of bugs which have since been resolved and overall we were impressed with the stability of both the script and the modification itself. Now for the fun... Character selection Character selection preview CKed character preview Achievement list Unlocking an Achievement Fighting with a suspect We pulled out the tank for this one... but he sort of caught himself for us... Rocket cars - this needs no description (NOTE: these won't be available at your local car store, sorry) Buying an Ammunation, complete with a Realtor sign Stunting with a rocket car and backhoe Police ASU taking off Duty skin Running a speed trap with ThatGuy Music Festival (and an example of notifications) The latest PD vehicle purchase... Traffic stop An Ode to GTA San Andreas Pulling out the big guns for this felon A visit to the Sheriffs dept RIP, the first CK of Owl V Worst Uber driver ever Catching a ride Arresting ThatGuy with $10 bail Ticketing Group fire fighting Hoverbikes and chases Using the police searchlight Our player list Out on patrol Outtakes When we script a lot, we end up with a few funny bugs along the way: This dog is pretty dank with his backpack and M4 Gingerbread men With our new item system, you have to carry your weed on your genitals Got skills in Mapping ? We are hiring mappers for GTA V. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the project and make your mark. Reach out to me on the forums or on Discord to find out more information! Special Thanks to the staff As always, the UAT has been awesome in helping us test new features. A special thanks to @Chaos and @Eloquent for their efforts in scripting the above. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.
  3. Not all interiors are fluent, V has a bunch of non-fluent ones (e.g. online apartments). So basically, if it's a 'fluent' (or world interior as we call it), e.g. 24-7 or ammunation - you just walk in. Otherwise you'll use a teleport marker like MTA. World interiors still have markers, used purely for purchasing, no interaction is required to enter. The above lets us spawn as many interiors as we want, regardless of the amount of fluent interiors. Mapping is supported on GTA V. We have mapping support in Owl V currently - but not automated yet, like on MTA. I totally agree Super stoked for weapon mods.
  4. Being strictly voice RP adds in additional barriers for players. What about those without a headset? What if I can't use my headset at home 24/7? What if I want to RP at work on my lunch break? I'd also argue that using voice doesn't necessarily make 'gameplay more fluid' since you throw in a bunch of extra complexities such as language & accents. Aside from that, voice vs text isn't what I meant when I wrote that paragraph - it was referring to the interaction with server objects (e.g. stores) and reducing the dependency on mastering commands. Anti-cheat.
  5. Rage currently supports up to 1000 players. The largest server - a German language voice RP server - currently has 300-350 players on at any one time. Glad to hear you're excited for the project! We don't plan to have heavy things like custom car models etc. Current client download is ~5MB. We are also sticking to the original GTA vehicles.
  6. We're doing internal / staff only testing pre-launch for bugs, RP capabilities and performance. The first public launch will be considered a beta.
  7. We've put a lot of effort into optimizing both server and client code. For example, our script is highly parallel so makes use of multi-core CPU's. Can you provide info on your current spec and what issues you encounter on MTA? The current plan is to use default GTA V vehicles and handling since both the vehicles and the handling mimic real life vehicles. The Owl staff/management teams will serve both V and MTA.
  8. It would need to be a custom model/texture - the ones shown above are part of GTA 5. We are trying to avoid custom models/textures in V because due to the game being HD, they can run into the 100mb range each - we don't want a large download to play Owl.
  9. The shield will be available to non-LE in very limited quantities via illegal arms routes. They will not be super common and you must RP them as if they do not say 'POLICE' on the front if you are not a LEO.
  10. You have no idea how many job runs we had to do to get there...
  11. If you're planning on playing Owl V and don't yet own GTA5... It's 67% off on Steam ($20): https://store.steampowered.com/app/271590/Grand_Theft_Auto_V/
  12. There will be, yes. Not sure if we'll showcase it. Wait and see
  13. We do have a step list internally as well as target dates. We have nothing to share publicly yet. We'll have options for customizing nametags/healthbars in the future. No.
  14. The goal isn't that this becomes an RPG minigame for the FD (perhaps fire missions isn't the perfect name, but things need names and that's what we've been calling them internally). The idea is that these events get players together and drive RP and create stories for certain characters which are outside of their control. For implanting, certain types of these 'missions' occur randomly as natural events (e.g. forest fires) which the FD can respond to and others occur as player initiated events (e.g. my car caught fire, i threw a Molotov cocktail, etc). Of course, for heavily customized RP situations, for example I'm RPing that I spilled gas everywhere whilst filling my tank and dropped a match, admins are still able to kick off the initial fire if required, but the spread etc will all be managed by the script. Players are expected to RP these fires as actual RP events, not an RPG mini-game.
  15. Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one is all about fire. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in high quality. Introducing Fire Missions We have added a variety of missions for the fire department to undertake including forest fires, churches on fire, etc. Each mission requires a unique response and requires the use of different vehicles & techniques. Fires spread and behave differently, some may reignite as you're fighting them, others will spread to trees, foliage and roofs of buildings. Certain missions will require the use of the FD helicopter to attack the fire in hard to reach areas for example the roof or deep in the forest where a fire truck cannot reach. These fires are 100% synchronized, including the spread of the fire and progress made fighting the fire. Creating scenarios is simple and can be done in minutes by a staff member. The creator does not have to specify each fire node, instead they specify basic meta data (a mission name and description), a root starting position and the modelling of the fire (how does the fire spread). We have many models for spreading and many places where a fire can start, or a fire could be started from a dynamic event (e.g. your car caught fire). This means that fire missions should not be repetitive, should create additional roleplay in the server and require no admin involvement (fires ignite, spread, reignite etc all on their own). Fire Department Helicopter To assist with fire fighting, we have added in functionality to the EMS helicopter. While hovering over a fire, the pilot of the helicopter can hit a button to drop extinguishing material on the flames. Media Words are never as cool as pictures & videos. Note that for testing, we've sped up the fire fighting process in the videos below. Fire Fighting: Fire Helicopter: Fire Fighters ready for action: Sadly, we had to ban ThatGuy after this screenshot for famous name. Deploying to the scene: FD Helicopter: Rural Fire Spreading Development Shot: Urban Fire Spreading Development Shot: Early Development Shot: Red = Root / Fire start position Yellow = Fire Spread nodes Green = Latest Fire Spread node Community Input We need your help in designing this feature. We want the communities input on what the reward should be for fighting the above fires? For example, should the faction bank balance get a boost? Should the participating players get a reward? How can we expand this feature and make it more interesting? Let us know what your ideas are! How is the development of Owl V going? Development is going good, making a good, content rich script which relies on nice intuitive user interfaces rather than complex SAMP-like commands is a massive task, similar to that which we undertook back when we made the MTA script. We really only focus on 'cool' things in these developer diaries, but a lot of smaller things go on behind the scenes which aren't as interesting to cover - for example, we recently expanded vehicle auto loans, vehicle rentals, property mortgages, and banking to include factions. Aside from that, the on-going UAT beta is helping us find and resolve bugs before launch rather than at launch. Got skills in GTA V Mapping or Web Development (HTML, CSS & Javascript)? If so, I am very interested to hear from you. Please reach out to me on Discord and show me what you can do. Special Thanks to the UAT As always, the UAT has been awesome in helping us test new features. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.

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