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  1. Server Script Update (v0.1.2m) | January, 2020 This update fixes multiple bugs and contains various quality of life improvements. Features & Adjustments Nametags are now smoother when in vehicles / at high speed Added /respawnalldmvvehs for admins World interiors no longer expire and can no longer have inactivity protection purchased on them Further tweaks to PD vehicle performance Improved error reporting Discord bot improvements Fixes: 0002796: Lime green lips on female char If you have a green lips character, you do not have to re-create the character - it will auto correct. 0003334: Make up colors are not correct. Fixed a bug where entering vehicles as driver could sometimes enter the rear passenger seat 0003340: Melee icon doesn't appear after scrolling from a weapon to hands. 0003352: DMV Vehicles don’t respawn properly. 0003351: Different /adgps Ingame then in Discord Fixed a bug where vehicle mods could be missing on respawn Fixed client error 35712d0be6004e69b1d52bfcce4e1f34 (a clientside radio crash) Fixed client sentry f3c9fff244574ac68a4092e770b11a02 (error with custom skins) Fixed server error 267622c01abc46448ddde6783754d977 Fixed server error 007a519ceac242faab95cc58567eb61e Fix nametags being invisible when inside larger vehicles 0003293: Brute Boxville (Mailman Trucks) Don't show nametags Fixed vehicle last used flag not being updated in some cases Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  2. Server Script Update (v0.1.2l) | January, 2020 This update fixes multiple bugs and improves PD vehicles. Features & Adjustments Police pursuit vehicles now have higher grade engines and acceleration, torque etc Police pursuit vehicles now have tinted windows Police pursuit vehicles now have a boost for 0-60mph Added a police pickup vehicle Fixes: 0003344: LSPD Blip 0003350: /afreeze doesn't freeze players driving a vehicle 0003342: After going off-duty as a cop your badge icon remains above head. 0003341: Add additional alias commands to /refuel Fixed a crash when a player connected before resolving radios Fixed various naming, class and pricing bugs with vehicles Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  3. Server Script Update (v0.1.2k) | January, 2020 This update adds advert location sharing / GPS support, removable duty hats, and multiple bug fixes. Features & Adjustments Duty hats can now be put on / taken off using /togdutyhat Added GPS support to adverts /ad now takes a true/false parameter to specify whether to share your location or not If a person created an advert while inside an interior, the GPS location will be the interior entrance /adgps <advert id> allows you to add a blip to the advert location & set your GPS to that location /adcleargps allows you to clear your current GPS target Advert GPS will also clear when you arrive at the destination Fixes: Clientside performance optimization for weapon attachments Fixed a clientside error when crouching 0003329: FPS lag spikes - caused by a script Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  4. Server Script Update (v0.1.2j) | January, 2020 This update includes new duty skins, new vehicles & pricing changes and various bug fixes. Features & Adjustments Inactivity protection status can now be viewed and purchased/extended on the UCP Added new FD custom skins for both male & female characters Admins are now notified of pending apps in Discord, allowing for faster processing of server applications Added new vehicles Re-worked vehicle prices A script update message is now shown upon a restart due to an update, rather than a "connection lost" message Fixes: 0003130: Custom FD skin for female medics is bugged. Fixed input not working when resuming an in-progress server application Fixed a bug where vehicles could be marked as used incorrectly Fixed DLC custom clothing items not working Fixed a crash with world prompts Fixed fire extinguisher back mount position being incorrect Fixed a bug where radio name could be longer than the maximum, causing the radio to reset Fixed font issues with chatbox ('ae' for example) Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  5. Server Script Update (v0.1.2i) | January, 2020 This update includes new features like /ame, Discord account linking, crouching, fixes & more. Features & Adjustments Added Discord account linking (Bring up HUD menu -> Discord Linking -> Login) We will be adding more Discord features in the future, for example, account-related notifications Notifications are now shown on spawn for radios that are close to expiration Notifications are now shown on spawn for radios with bad URLs Added crouching (Press arrow down to toggle) When injured, an injured walk animation is now used Added /ame Added /ado Added /status Added /delstatus New admin cmds 911 calls now only show for emergency government factions Prevent duplicate 911 calls Added Discord bot commands !players, !playerlist and !admins, !whoami (shows linking status) Bot now responds in DM rather than channels Fixes: Fixed bug where keybinds worked on pause menu 0003282: Interactions are possible on pause menu 0003291: Ranks of /admins aren't in order 0003290: New route for mailman Fixed a server crash Fixed error with /setfaction Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  6. Server Script Update (v0.1.2h) | December, 2019 This update includes hotfixes for 0.1.2g Features & Adjustments OwlV bot now sets Discord status OwlV bot now responds to !players via DM Fixes: Fix bug where right click interactions (e.g. boombox) wouldn't work in interiors 0003312: Game crash on ammo stacking. 0003309: All weapon purchases give you a gun with serial: 100. 0003307: Weapon mods don't show the right picture in the inventory 0003308: Revolver Mk2 is unusable Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  7. Server Script Update (v0.1.2g) | December, 2019 This update adds DLC content, boomboxes, weapon attachments, metal detectors & more! Features & Adjustments Added boombox (use item to drop it, right click dropped item to select station Added 31 new DLC vehicles Added 19 new DLC weapons Added weapon mods (supressors, scopes, magazines, etc) Attachments can be purchased at the relevant Ammunation cashier To use, drag an attachment onto a weapon in the inventory To remove, drag an attachment back out of the weapon into a suitable container Item description for attachments show which guns they fit on, and highlights green if you have the weapon in your possession Added metal detectors PD officers are now issued the MK.2 handgun (You will need to re-duty if already on duty) PD weapons now have relevant attachments (You will need to re-duty if already on duty) SWAT duty now gets M4 on-person rather than in the vehicle trunk Improved logging Store UI now shows item description when hovering over an item Added Discord integration Commands are !serverinfo and !players in General chat AD integration will show your ads in the in-character chat Added LSPD custom cop skins to duty selector Vehicles now build up dirt 50% slower Motorbike fuel tank size reduced by 66% Motorbike fuel burn rate reduced by 90% Changed FD EMS radio channel Be sure to re-duty! Fixes: 0003283: MP3 player can't be put in Small Canvas Tote 0003257: Space added after vehicle name on the Declasse FIB Granger 0003263: PD & FD Frequencies are the same - should be different 0002799: Control headlights of a car you are a passenger in. 0002851: Can't have an O'Donnell or similar name 0003252: Dirt on cars Fixed various bugs with scroll wheel radio changing Fixed bug where exiting a vehicle would not stop the vehicle radio Fixed a bug where SWAT duty would not work Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  8. Implemented in next update.
  9. Sneak peak of this weeks update, which will include: - Boom boxes - Weapon mods - New DLC vehicles - New DLC weapons - Plus more!
  10. Server Script Update (v0.1.2f) | December, 2019 This update adds MP3 players and fixes bugs. Features & Adjustments Added MP3 player (purchasable at general stores) Tacos are no longer stackable Base functionality for boom boxes (droppable music players), release coming in next update Fixes: 0003270: [General] Game freezes when scrolling through custom radios (Daniels) 0003274: [GUI] Radio Issues including crash (Daniels) 0003276: [GUI] Pressing TAB switches radio stations (Daniels) 0003278: [GUI] GUI and Radio stations (Daniels) 0003244: Cruise control on motorcycles is bugged. 0003271: Phone has AM after the 24-hour time notation. It's indicating it wrong too. 0003272: Using /dr (drop report) will output the wrong reason. 0003260: Elevators bugged when int is locked and destination is in the same int. 0003268: Saving note in /check doesn't actually save the note 0003273: Stacked Tacos don't have a picture Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  11. Server Script Update (v0.1.2e) | December, 2019 This update has major performance improvements & radio improvements. Features & Adjustments Major optimizations for client performance Most users are seeing 2x FPS when playing More in-depth performance numbers: Added 48 radio stations from GTA single player Radio stations can now be scrolled in both directions by using mouse wheel up / down Improved display of radio station names Fixes: Fixed performance viewer (F11) showing script time as 0.00ms This feature lets you detect whether your low performance is due to our script or GTA V. Fixed a crash when scrolling through radio stations Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  12. Server Script Update (v0.1.2d Hotfix 2) | December, 2019 This hotfix improves client performance (framerate/fps). We have additional performance improvements in the works also. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  13. Server Script Update (v0.1.2d Hotfix 1) | December, 2019 This hotfix fixes a client crash that could occur on the character select screen, or randomly during gameplay. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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