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  1. Preview of tag editor which lets you create layered sprites + text and save it out to re-use multiple times on walls.
  2. Server Script Update (v0.1.1b) | August, 2019 This is a stability & bug fix release. Adjustments: Store owners now receive their revenues via bank money rather than on-hand money Fixes: 0003092: /ad does not work 0003091: /payday does not work 0003072: Split item tooltip is off screen at the bottom 0003079: Cash Transfer 0003057: Rental car period doesn't match what you paid for. 0003057: [Vehicles] Rental car period doesn't match what you paid for. 0003079: [Banking] Cash Transfer 0003072: [GUI] Split item tooltip is off screen at the bottom 0003068: [General] /stats not working 0003067: [Banking] /paycheck not working as of script update (v0.1.1a) 0003069: [Vehicles] /park not working 0003073: [General] Police NPC not responding to 'E' interaction 0003077: [GUI] Add notification about parked vehicles being towed from dealership area 0003078: [Vehicles] Add notification about doing /park for vehicles after purchasing 0003081: [Items] Player purchashing phone crashes server 0003083: [Accounts] Questions disappear after the 10 question quiz. 0003087: [Vehicles] No /park confirmation 0003092: [Advertisements] /ad does not work 0003091: [Banking] /payday does not work Fixed the 'you saved' notification when using the no sales tax donator perk showing the incorrect amount saved Fixed a bug where applications could get 10 questions on slower machines Fixed a server crash Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  3. Yes, but it auto-updates when you launch.
  4. Server Script Update (v0.1.1a) | August, 2019 This is our next update which contains both new features and bug fixes from Eloquent, Chaos & Myself. The feature work focuses on advertisements, weapon licensing & purchasing - something which we expect the Sheriffs Office will open in the coming days. Looking Forward: Our next feature update will focus on gang tagging as well as adding support for item destruction, and more! Features: Super basic /ad command Added support for Tier 1 & Tier 2 weapon licenses Tier 1 = Handguns Tier 2 = Shotguns/Rifles/Snipers PD management can now issue licenses via the licensing tool (item given when on duty) Ammunition can no longer be bought without a tier 1 or tier 2 weapon license Deputy at SO front desk provides information on how to apply for a license Deputy at SO front desk can now issue license (when approved for pickup by the SO) Adjustments: Added instructions on how to split & combine items to the inventory UI Old name and ID are now shown in setintname response Player is no longer told to use /bailout if there is no bailout option. Non-admins can now use /thiscar and /oldcar Legally acquired weapons can no longer be dropped /makegun (admin) now takes a flag to specify if the weapon is legal or not Fixes: Fixed a UI bug with impound showing the wrong price to un-impound 3050: Restore previous job point when re-entering truck 2988: dont allow moving fixed container images. 2728: Support spaces in plate. 2893: Fix commands with 2 target players 2947: Show cost on drivers tests 2881: Show manufacturer in /veh Fixed a bug where the player would be put in an incorrect dimension after serving their jail time Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  5. Development Update 9/10/2019 We wanted to give you guys a quick update on where we are at with development, as we enter into week 2 of Owl V. New RAGE Client Update We're happy to announce that the RAGE development team has provided a client update which resolves the vehicle disappearing bug we were experiencing and increases client stability. We're still looking for feedback on this, so please feel free to reach out via Discord. New Developers We're excited to welcome Eloquent onto the V Development Team. Eloquent has been a key developer on our MTA server and has previously implemented features for V. We look forward to his increased contributions to V, which have already begun! Interviewing New UI Developer We are currently interviewing a new UI developer whom has presented interesting work to us. Hiring on a UI developer will free up time from C# devs, enabling us to parallelize UI & script work, meaning we can produce features at a higher rate. Upcoming Development Period Now that we've fixed the core issues with client & server stability, and have leveled up our development team, we are planning on rolling out new features (while still providing bug fixes!) in the near future. The first areas we'll be focusing on are admin reports, PD weapon licensing, item destruction. More to follow on future areas. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  6. Server Script Update (v0.1 Hotfix 10) | August, 2019 This build focuses on fixing the most frequently occurring bugs. Fixes: Fixed a bug with paydays Fixed a bug where items could disappear from the UI Fixed a bug where items could disappear or dupe when moving between vehicles and persons PD can no longer arrest themselves Improvements to instability/freezes when selecting characters on char select screen Fixed a client crash (dcf60db392ba4e5e9c9a95125f40d4f4) Fixed a client crash (e32333b16dbb4bf698d263c50157f4ad) Fixed a client crash (b6e183073bc349c1aab87eaabf9bf0fb) 0002962: [Vehicles] Seems that towed rental vehicles are unable to be taken back out. 0002216: [General] Buying store items sometimes causes NPC to disappear and interior function to fail 0002848: [Properties] Some players cannot enter locations like the bank and clothing store 0002534: [Vehicles] Prevent vehicles parking at the dealer 0002882: [General] Vehicle shop camera adjustments stay on after clicking a button 0002966: [Vehicles] Mileage doesn't save 0002967: [GUI] Some report stuff will show even if 'Admin Reports' are ticked off in the settings 0002976: [Items] Putting a backpack inside a vehicle inventory with items in the bag, displays as 0 in the vehicle. 0002977: [Items] Merging drugs will delete them after server restart? 0002978: [General] Killing yourself in the cell respawns you at the Hospital 0002979: [Items] /makegun puts the spawned item into trunk after accessing it 0002981: [Admin (Report as Private)] Admins are able to set duplicate vehicle plates 0002982: [Items] Moving items causes inventory to be blank 0002901: [Admin (Report as Private)] Random duplicatoin 0002908: [Items] Taking a gun from a car inv deletes the gun entirely 0002856: Radios disappear from inv. 0002828: Items disappearing from Inventory 0002657: SD containers disappear if you use items within them. 0002867: If jailed, using /ks respawns player at hospital, essentially escaping jail Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  7. Server Script Update (v0.1 Hotfix 9) | August, 2019 This update provides fixes and improvements for some of the most frusturating / RP restricting bugs in the script currently. For example, vehicle issues, disappearing/getting stuck in interiors. If you are interested in more in-depth details regarding towing, please refer to the development update I wrote earlier today: Adjustments: Vehicles are now automatically towed when abandoned / blocking the roadway / poorly parked Vehicles are now automatically towed after being left in the vehicle store area for >= 30 minutes. Player will be warned when exiting their vehicle, if their vehicle is prone to towing due to the location Towed vehicles can be retrieved from Paleto Towing (tow icon on map) Disabled auto-park on exit. Vehicles are now parked via /park Automatic towing only applies when the vehicle is not occupied or the player is not RP'ing nearby Paycheck timers are now per-player rather than server wide Added /payday which allows players to see the remaining time until their next pay check Factions can no longer be disbanded (or auto-disbanded when last member leaves) if they are non-user created factions Faction managers can now respawn faction vehicles via F3 (will only respawn vehicles that are not occupied and the player is not RP'ing nearby) Added confirmation prompts when performing destructive faction actions (e.g. leave, disband) Fixed a bug with inventory when player had a large volume of meth Improved hit detection of doors for vehicle enter Fixed a bug where entering a vehicle would not work General improvements to vehicle enter Improvements for client freezing issues Improvements for players getting stuck in interiors Fixed bug where DMV vehicles would not respawn Added /admintow Added /admintowall Added /ogethere (offline get here) Added /makedrugs for admins to spawn stackable/splittable drugs for official factions Fixes: 0002825: [Properties] exit mark disappears. 0002776: [Properties] sometimes the exit mark disappears. 0002833: [Properties] Disappearing characters 0002871: [Properties] Property spawns you to a area unable to leave with no players/npcs 0002909: [Admin (Report as Private)] Need drug items and they need to be splittable 0002877: [Factions] When you click disband on a faction's F3, there's no are you sure button. 0002674: [Events] DMV - Car does not respawn after test is successfully completed 0002927: [Admin (Report as Private)] Need an offline teleport command to prevent crashing. 0002929: [Vehicles] Car on credit (Faction) 0002879: [General] Rental vehicle preview vehicles bounce, purchase vehicles do not 0002931: [Accounts] Paychecks should be done differently. 0002930: [Vehicles] Car on credit 0002933: [GUI] Frisk GUI getting stuck after Detainment 0002955: [General] Spotlight not able to be moved for the SD SUV Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  8. Development Update 9/4/2019 Now that the initial launch is out of the way, I wanted to take a minute to outline our approach and upcoming improvements around the most critical issues. The good news is that server stability is good, we've fixed the initial server crash we were experiencing on launch day and uptime as of right now is at 1 day and 13 hours. We're now moving on to fix the most RP-restricting issues. All of these changes are expected to go live within the next 24 hours, with tonight being the earliest possible release, with the exception of the weapons fixes. Vehicle issues: disappearing/streaming out, vehicles being poorly parked/blocking roadways We're going to improve this in multiple ways as defined below. Overall our goal is to both work with the RAGE team on streamer improvements, as well as reduce the unused vehicle population. Streamer Improvements We're in discussion with the RAGE team on streamer improvements and expect to be testing out a new server build shortly. While we can lower the overall number of vehicles, GTA 5 does have a hard limit on how many vehicles can be streamed in / on screen at once. Towing support The towing update comes in two parts. Part 1 involves automatic towing (via timers and/or admin commands) and the ability to retrieve towed vehicles. Part 2 will expand upon the previous part to add in a job/faction aspect to allow for manual towing. Only player owned/rented vehicles are towed. Faction & job vehicles will be respawned to their /park position. If a vehicle is occupied, or the previous occupant is nearby (e.g. out RPing a car crash), the vehicle will not be towed/respawned. No parking zones Parking in the dealership will result in your car being towed after 30 minutes, this applies to new cars. You will be warned via notification if you are leaving your car in a no parking zone. Disabling auto-park We plan to revert back to a traditional /park to make it easier for people to find their vehicles and to ensure that we have somewhere good/safe to move vehicles. We'll most likely re-introduce auto-park later as an option (off by default) Automatic detection of abandoned vehicles Currently, driving around Paleto is hard. Cars are randomly parked across intersections, in the road way, etc. We've managed to implement a system which can detect this. This allows us to automatically tow illegally parked cars until we have a towing faction (or when the towing faction is offline) as well as a simple way for admins to clean up all badly parked vehicles. You will be warned via notification if you are leaving your car in a poor parking position. Check out some examples below We're expecting that these changes will help alleviate a lot of the issues. Getting stuck in interiors We've identified the issue here and this will be fixed in the vehicle update. Client freezing We've reduced this a bit already, but we have more fixes coming in this update to further alleviate it. Weapons A few weapon bugs have stopped us being able to issue weapons to official illegal factions in any substantial quantity. Chaos is working on addressing these and we expect to have fixes in place shortly. We'd like to thank you for joining us on Owl V for our first couple of days, and for your patience as we continue to progress through our beta. Your testing has been critical to us finding & fixing these issues. We hope you guys are enjoying the script so far, lots more to come! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  9. Server Script Update (v0.1 Hotfix | August, 2019 Now that we are feeling pretty good about stability, we were able to turn our attention to some quality of life fixes. Adjustments: Increased rental vehicle prices Rental vehicles are now limited to a few select models (more coming shortly, but no where near as much as before. Don't expect to see everyone renting super cars) Added a control/bind for 'Primary Radio' (Y by default) Fixes: Testing a fix for vehicle streamer issue Improvements to client stability Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  10. Keybinds should now be working on Windows 7.
  11. Not an issue really, because you saved your vehicles coordinates when you left it to enter the interior.
  12. Server Script Update (v0.1 Hotfix 5) | August, 2019 An additional set of fixes. Adjustments: Vehicle respawns now only occur if: Vehicle is unoccupied AND most recent occupier isnt nearby Added /respawnalljobvehs for admins Added /respawnallfactionvehs for admins Vehicles now respawn every 5 minutes, but only if unoccupied last occupant isnt nearby Global server timer for pay day now saves progress, meaning on script restarts, the timer doesn't reset to one hour, but continues instead. Improved algorithm & frequency for player saving Player saving now saves their currently occupied vehicle also to increase player to vehicle sync Added /flipveh for admins Fixes: 0002824: [General] Tutorial shows cleaning car section twice 0002762: [Properties] Taxes 0002807: [GUI] PD badge stays when switching character 0002821: [General] Server crashes paycheck time. 0002772: [Accounts] being able to close some reports that you aren't even handling 0002817: [General] Delivery Man job seems to have the Trucker job vehicles linked to it and you are unable to load either of the vehicle models Fixed bugs around admin reports Fixed a bug with /setname Fixed active punish points Fixed speed limit not showing on some roads Fixed delivery driver job not detecting when player hits a checkpoint Fixed trucker job not detecting when player hits a checkpoint Stability improvements Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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