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  1. Haven't been playing here for some time, recently came back and there is an actual insurance system? Nice. Well a recommendation from me, the idea seems nice and the concept of it is great too. Some regulations would probably prevent OOC and IC problems with this system hopefully, they are going to implement this into the server. Props to you for the idea, GL.
  2. @Colonel The auction has been ended, congratulations to the winner. Send me an email to [email protected] *Only the winner could see this message*((pm)) L&A
  3. TC, I don't need it anymore. Lmfao
  4. I have bought around 16k gcs, so i should get a diamond member perk. Or what ever you call it Hoping to get it.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2002 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Cruiser VIN: 6550 Mileage: 348117 Description: The car has a custom plate, tinted windows. Images Starting bid: 8,000$ Minimum increase: 1,500$ Buyout: 20,000$ Auction end date: 24/8/2018 Contact details: Winner will get the details
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1999 Make: Jaguar Model: Convertible XK8 VIN: 7*** Mileage: 88508 Description: Custom rims. No damage done to it's original engine, no scratches. Car is in good condition. Images Starting Bid: 15,000$ Minimum Increase: 2,500$ Buyout 50,000$ Auction ends: 12.1.2017 Contact Information: 1337420, Walter. [email protected]
  7. Walter

    2008 BMW E92 335i

    Name: Walter Bid: $25,000
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