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  1. noahcool111

    Rothstein Connection

  2. noahcool111

    Rothstein Connection

    Upon affiliating yourself with our faction, you agree that you may be character killed by any leaders, for any reason.
  3. noahcool111

    [Buying]A Truck.

  4. selling my kidney for ak47 ig 2 extra clips tho

    1. noahcool111


      Selling my heart for a empty glock

    2. Norm


      heart costs more, i sell my heart for 1m ferrari and filled m4

  5. selling liver for Tec-9

    1. Beta
    2. TheNeonGuy


      *slaps box of guns*

      This bad boy costs so many livers.

  6. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Rest in Pepperoni nipples
  7. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Nice one!
  8. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Damn, this faction definitely shaped owl´s illegal scene differently in their time, hall of fame for sure
  9. noahcool111

    The Hub

    Rest in Pepperoni
  10. noahcool111

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Yes they do get deported
  11. noahcool111

    Join ma club

    Change the club name to Edgelords united pls
  12. noahcool111

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Good idea, definitely could improve illegal roleplay, I approve.
  13. noahcool111

    The Hub

    if you pull this through, this could be one of the best things on owl in a while.
  14. noahcool111

    The Hub

    I see you get inspired by the Continental, definitely would be a cool thing
  15. noahcool111

    Raphael Valenti

    wanna erp sometime? you´re really hot

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