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  1. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Rest in Pepperoni nipples
  2. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Nice one!
  3. noahcool111

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Damn, this faction definitely shaped owl´s illegal scene differently in their time, hall of fame for sure
  4. noahcool111

    The Hub

    Rest in Pepperoni
  5. noahcool111

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Yes they do get deported
  6. noahcool111

    Join ma club

    Change the club name to Edgelords united pls
  7. noahcool111

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Good idea, definitely could improve illegal roleplay, I approve.
  8. noahcool111

    The Hub

    if you pull this through, this could be one of the best things on owl in a while.
  9. noahcool111

    The Hub

    I see you get inspired by the Continental, definitely would be a cool thing
  10. noahcool111

    Raphael Valenti

    wanna erp sometime? you´re really hot
  11. noahcool111

    Raphael Valenti

    Nice intel you provided there
  12. noahcool111

    I'm back in business!

    what the fuck?
  13. noahcool111

    [Miscellaneous] - Vending-system

    if its true that he has almost finished then why not? like even if nobody uses its still a free script
  14. noahcool111

    What's your favorite song name?

  15. noahcool111

    Stars Autos

    Nice! another car company, i think we still need like 20 more!

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