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  1. FredCollins

    Random items

    name: fred bid: 500
  2. FredCollins

    Business - Little Moscow Community Center

    Name: Anonymous Comment: Starting, however, wasn't this a good part of the community? Why is it being auctioned off? I'm bidding to save it.
  3. FredCollins

    Junkyard Sale

    I'll take it all, and collect it today, for $150.
  4. FredCollins

    Junkyard Sale

    Username: Freddo Bid: $30
  5. FredCollins

    [DIAMOND CABS] Press Release

    Diamond Cabs Press Release - Partnership with Arkwright. I started working on Diamond Cabs in mid-October, with a vision for a new taxi company, that ensured the best for not only the passengers, but for the drivers. I worked as a cab driver in Los Santos, and the pay was awful. The hours were long, and the money did not make up for it. I quit my job in Late October, after having the idea for Diamond Cabs. After announcing the launch of the company on Friday, I was blown away by the support of the community, being approached in my cab, with people congratulating my efforts. Then, something I was not expecting happened. We were approached by Arkwright Corporation, a large car dealership within the city, to partner up. I cannot release full details of the partnership, but it is not affecting my idea of drivers wages, and if anything, will benefit the drivers. Currently our fleet consists of 3 Ford Focus Estates, these cars are not the most luxury, and we purchased them cheap, because of the space they offer. Arkwright contacted me, announcing that in return for a small percentage of our profits, they will provide us with vehicles, a HQ, and a security team. This means that our drivers will be able to enjoy their job more, as they will have something to be proud of. We will also be keeping the fares the same, as we believe that we are the best, and to be the best, we need to beat the fare prices of our rival company, Yellow Cab Co, which we are doing, and will continue to do. I will be releasing another press release this afternoon, announcing my new company, which will also be partnered with Diamond Cabs. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Yours Truly, Freddie Connors Founder
  6. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

    Cheers bud!
  7. FredCollins

    [HIRING] Diamond Cabs

    Accepted. Please await a phone call later this evening.
  8. FredCollins

    [HIRING] Diamond Cabs

    Rejected - We only accept 4 door vehicles. No Motorbikes. Thanks, Freddy. Rejected - We only accept 4 door vehicles. No Motorbikes. Thanks, Freddy.
  9. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

  10. FredCollins

    [HIRING] Diamond Cabs

    I've added an app form to fillout, saves me doing it individually, can you fill it out please.
  11. FredCollins

    [HIRING] Diamond Cabs

    Diamond Cab Company is a LS based Corporation operating since 1998. We operate in the tri-county area of LS City, Flint County, and Red County. We provide taxicab services in the City and at the surrounding companies. Diamond Cab Company is a company with self employed drivers, you provide the car1, and we'll get you customers. We currently provide on-demand taxi service at RS Haul, for drivers since August 2017, with a 10% discount for drivers. 1We operate by having drivers use their own vehicles, to allow them to customise them, and not worry about other drivers going through their property. We have some regulations on vehicles, so keep this in mind when applying. The vehicle you use to drive with Diamond should be at least 2004 or newer. If you don't have a car right now, that's OK - we can provide you access to rental and finance options via our Vehicle Solutions programme. Vehicle Requirements: Does your vehicle qualify to drive with Diamond Cabs? Most four-door cars do, but requirements vary by vehicle option. Vehicle must be 2004 plates or newer 4-door car with a minimum of 4 seats Good condition with no cosmetic damage No commercial branding Safe Service – Vehicle for Hire Regulations The vehicle shall have passed safety inspections The vehicle shall be properly licensed and insured The driver shall drive in a safe manner taking the best route The driver shall attend orientation/training and be properly licensed Professional Service The company operates a 24-hour central dispatch system The company provides on-going education to its managers The company offers a proactive consumer dispute resolution program The company adheres to a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program Current Positions - Driver x4 Staff Manager x1 Vehicle Maintenance Manager x1 If you are looking for a taxi, you can contact us on 556019
  12. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

  13. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

    Okay, sorry about that, my bad. Thanks. Freddo
  14. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

    Sorry mate, didn't realise that was a thing. Where can I post the application section? Cheers!
  15. FredCollins

    Diamond Cabs

    Thanks buddy!

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