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  1. nussin teidän mutsei rip owl
  2. name: pillukorva comment: näytä sille kalevi
  3. loggi

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    davai gl
  4. *Kolja Petrov walks by a poster and stops infront of it.* Jopt tvojy mat".. I heff no toilet payper. *Rips the poster off the pole and keeps walking.*
  5. Username: Bertta Comment: bro i'm at your door, i want my fucking watch back, you borrowed it for just a day!! i will never give anything to you anymore!!
  6. Name: Buratino Comment: никто вас тут не хочет долбаные мексиканцы
  7. Username: nauraaboynauraa33 Comment: lol did you take that photo from google image,
  8. äkkiä mun nauha loppuu pian ei kun ei lopukkaa, ui vittu ui vittu juma ui saatana vittu
  9. Делу время, потехе час
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