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  1. **The hood says goodbye to Markese Lanholm**
  2. Keep up the good activity!
  3. Recruitment Information SPACERThe Los Santos County Traffic Services is a towing and impounding department and it's the primary parking enforcement arm of the Los Santos County Government. Along with impounding vehicles found to be breaching the Vehicle Code of Los Santos, general vehicle towing and recovery services are provided by the division. If you're the kind of person who has a strong will to deal with the transportation of vehicles and parking enforcement, you've come to the right place.SPACER SPACER Application Requirements SPACERAll applicants: Must has a strong will to deal with the transportation of vehicles and parking enforcement. No felony on criminal record. No traffic infraction within the last year ((10 days)). (( No admin record for a serious offence within the last 30 days. )) (( Your forum username on this website must be your character name. Request a name change here. )) Former employees (Reinstatement): Has not been an employee of the division within the past 30 days. An employee who had left the division as a probationary traffic operator is ineligible for reinstatement and therefore must go through the recruitment process once again. SPACER SPACER You can find the application format HERE. You can submit your application HERE. Got any questions or concerns? Forward them at [email protected] ((Forum PM @Thomasmith)). SPACER SPACER Sincerely,Eric WalkerLos Santos County Traffic Services
  4. @JohnM Hey m8, miss ya .. CSGO when?!
  5. Latest Content: Evgeni Pavlov flies from Moscow to Los Santos, cruising around and exploring the city.
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