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  1. Thomasmith

    [HELP] Texture skin

    Search on google for all what you need. I always use google to get them.
  2. Thomasmith

    Welcome to the Los Santos Auction House!

    18th of July. Updated Employees.
  3. Thomasmith

    Car - 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider [ENDED-SOLD]

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Greetings Vinny ((@Wingatar)), You can not withdraw your bid after being acknowledged by the auctioneer. You are the current leading bidder with the bid of $115,000. Failing to stick with that will lead to a punishment. Also I would like to recommend you to read our Auction Regulations.
  4. Thomasmith

    Dinoco Permission

    Yeah, he just followed me and joined. Give him the perms
  5. Thomasmith

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    Congrats for all specially @Unitts, well deserved. @Script Wanna see your name next time as a Senior
  6. Thomasmith

    Car - 2004 Volvo V70 [ENDS: 17/7/2018]

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Greetings, Max's ((@Maximas)) bid is invalid as it didn't reach the minimum increase amount. Bumping before 24 hours passed on last comment also isn't allowed. I would recommend you to take another look on our Auction House Regulations. Currently, Lucc is leading with the bid of $9,500 and next bid shouldn't be below $10,250. (( @Fuzion ))
  7. Thomasmith

    Newsletter - End of June 2018

    Special thanks to @Thomasmith for noticing that and telling Wright about it.
  8. Thomasmith

    [HELP] Texture skin

    Do you mean you need a full custom skin or you want materials to make your own?
  9. Thomasmith

    [ENDED] Car - 2003 BMW M5 E39 [ENDS: 12/7/2018]

    (( Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello, This auction is temporarily suspended until the auctioneer adds an image of the in-game car. ))
  10. Start your own company which will be installing CCTVs and doing security stuff and make the faction active for at least 2 months and then we can change this rule and let gov factions install their own CCTVs. Won’t be a good idea if there is no official active faction for such an activity. Yeah, got your point. Will be pointless to change this tbh cuz gov factions have always had exceptions.
  11. Yeah let this get changed and then gov factions can get the best CCTVs and they won’t have a chance too.
  12. Thomasmith

    Dinoco Permissions

    Need perms for Dinoco subforum. @SKhan @Renny @Script
  13. Thomasmith

    [Sold] Car - 2018 Dodge Challenger GT [ENDS: 7/7/2018]

    Name: Thomas Bid: $21,000 Comment: Top Speed?
  14. Thomasmith

    MT Update - Late June 2018

    Yeah. a special dismissal and blacklist for you
  15. Thomasmith

    MT Update - Late June 2018

    Show yourself

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