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  1. Whoever rewritten the advertisements, great job on that! Keep up the good work and updates everyone!
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Thomasmith

    GAT Update - November 9th, 2018

    Grats people!
  4. Simply this. Even if you signed the paper, you still gotta get it back to the DMV. Just drive properly and don't speed up while going to the DMV and you won't be ticketed while selling your cars.
  5. Thomasmith

    Newsletter - End of October 2018

    Give your assistant here some credits 😡😂
  6. Thomasmith

    DCS Perms

  7. Thomasmith

    DCS perms

    Confirmed. He got removed today.
  8. Thomasmith

    Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas

    Good luck mate.
  9. Thomasmith

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    ** Thomas Warren walks into the courtroom, looking around prior slowly taking a seat at the gallery **
  10. Thomasmith

    Raphael Valenti

    Best story so far man. I'ma contact ThatGuy to add it to the next Newsletter. 👍
  11. 3rd of November 2018 County Hall CPQL - Council of Supervisors District 1 Supervisor  Greetings District 1 Residents, Many of you know me as the Director of the Bureau of Traffic Services. I've worked in many places and was assigned in many good leading positions within the CPQL. I was interested in joining the council on behalf of this district to take care of it along with the people who reside in it. I am here to make sure everything runs smoothly within my district and the City in general. I'll be working very closely with council members for a better future for this county. I would like to hear from businessmen inside District 1, who're willing to start new helpful and effective business inside it. If your business requires the help of the government, you're more than welcomed to send me a detailed mail including the plans you're seeking to implement. Anyone who resides inside District 1 is more than welcomed to mail me and bring any complaints or suggestions at anytime. Good suggestions will be discussed with other council members. Should there be any have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll gladly answer them. Sincerely, (( A heavily moderated comment section would be open ))
  12. Thomasmith

    Dinoco Perms

    Remove @silviubazy as well pls. They both were removed from DCS.
  13. Thomasmith

    Dinoco Perms

    Need perms for @cod3oz to review the DCS orders and reply and such.
  14. Thomasmith

    [LSFL] October Summary

    Name: Thomas Warren. Comment: I would like to express my admiration for this publication and would like to thank you for all the good words you've said about everyone. It's always my pleasure to work aside with the government of Los Santos to provide better chances, job opportunities and better services for everyone. I've worked hard to achieve my goals and here I am taking another step. I also would like to announce that there'll be a publication soon for the people inside my district.

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