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  1. Ended and @Wingatar is the winner. Contact each other and get all the paperwork sorted. L&A’ed.
  2. Auction ended. Winner is @TheNeonGuy. @bigtone proceed with contacting each other. L&A’ed.
  3. Pretty much that. Also what I can see here is that you got a question and not a rule revise request. Your questions and concerns may be forwarded to VT members by submitting a contact request. Also if you still wanna call this a rule revision, a rule won't be changed just because your request got denied.
  4. Name: T. Warren Comment: Best of luck tonight. Hope goes well and smooth and wish a great time for all spectators and participants!
  5. Thomasmith

    GOV Perms

    And remove @BremboBG‘s cuz he’s gay.
  6. Not really needed. It's clearly a /ads or press on the icon in ur HUD. Not really hard to figure out. People also anyway RP checking the ads over phone.
  7. Name: Warren Comment: Yes. This announcement has been delayed a bit unfortunately. We're not sure if the Department of Motor Vehicles will transport us the vehicle on the said dates, therefore, we are unsure if we can promise our customers with their vehicles.
  8. Announcement - 8th of June 2019 Office of Marketing Division  Greetings Los Santos,  On behalf of the Management Team of Dinoco Ltd, I would like to announce that all our service offered to you by all of our subsidiaries are going to be shut down and unavailable during the unfortunate upcoming earthquake and flood. Therefore, any requests sent starting from now until the end of the upcoming natural disaster won't be processed and will be instantly denied. We wish safety to all citizens of Los Santos! Regards, Chief Marketing Officer
  9. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Greetings, Last bid submitted by @Fhenix is invalid for failing to use the proper format. Therefore, the current leading bid on this auction is: ~Regards~
  10. 2nd June, 2019 Added the following: Updated the following: Old: OOC conversations should be at a minimum. Old: Players must add in-game pictures of the vehicles they sell.
  11. Name: Auction House Webmaster Comment: Dear Auctioneer, The Webmasters Team doesn't grant any auctioneer the permission to delete any previously posted comments on the auction thread. We only grant the auctioneer the permission to report the said comment, stating the reason. If it's a legit reason, then the Webmasters Team, as the only moderators of the auction boards, would moderate that comment and take all needed actions. Therefore, the comment of Sparta Inc isn't getting deleted. Also we would like to let you know that next time someone is asking for information about business profit, you need to provide them with the information needed. (( After reviewing the events took place on this auction, we as Webmasters Team reached a decision. We've decided to SUSPEND this auction for the reason of attempting scam which is against our regulations. You may re-auction your property but only with 100% true information provided. )) On a side note for everyone, a new rule will be announced shortly in regards of disabling comments. Regards, Auction House Webmasters Team
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