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  1. " Yes your honor, present on behalf of the bureau of traffic services "
  2. Thomasmith

    Gov Perms

    Need gov finances perms for @Script and @BremboBG to view edit reply lock ..etc (( business licenses and such ))
  3. Thomasmith

    Gov Perms

    Need perms removed from @cxn and @rasmus. Also need perms given to @Chaotropy and @Sergeant so he can review, edit ...etc business licenses and such.
  4. Welcome to owl! Hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Thomasmith

    Dinoco Perms

    DCS for @fr0sty00 @QueenC
  6. NICE AVATAR mate! @ItsMelodyy
  7. **Thomas Warren walks in, inspectes the court room before taking a seat next to Valentin.**
  8. Hi fellow FA mates, Need Dinoco perms passed over to @BremboBG so he’s able to access insurance part. Thanks in advance.
  9. No sir, don't give him perms. @Chaotropy DCS leader didn't confirm hiring him back.
  10. Username: Thomas Ticket number (1-25):25
  11. Happy birthday mate, enjoy it!

    1. EPICxNUTS


      Bit late love, but cheers haha x 

  12. Sounds good to be fair. You got my vote.
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