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  1. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! Trading in auctions isn’t allowed and whoever going to do so will be punished. (( @AnthonyRoyce @spudi ))
  2. **This Page Would Automatically Redirect you to the Bulletin Thread**
  3. [SOLD] Business - Mckenzy Headquarters and Automotive

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! This auction ended according to the previously set ending date. The winner is Mr/Mrs K. Stevenson (( @Roi )) with a bid of $111,000. Please proceed with contacting him/her to finish the deal. After that, add [SOLD] to the thread title so we can know that the deal is done to archive this thread. (( @Kozinski ))
  4. [Miscellaneous] - Dislike button for forums.

    +1 if it’s easy thing. We anyways still can troll using “ haha “ 😂
  5. [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Will only be pain for players and admins for the same reasons which JohnM mentioned. So it’s a NO.
  6. (( According to Mapping Team interior policy and what Roi just said, this auction is SUSPENDED now.))
  7. [GUI] - Better health recognision

    It’s good as it is. You still can know the percentage by moving your mouse pointer on it. Showing the percentage instead of the icon itself will help DMers to know their health and just simply click on any sprunk in their inventory.
  8. No for this too.
  9. If you want it implemented like that, I am voting a NO because it can be easily abused. If Chaos and scripters agreed, it must be only inside your garage interior not everywhere.
  10. Faction Question

    @CesarCruz Feel free to contact me here or on discord if you need help.
  11. Faction Question

    Like Vader said, there is BoTS which is fun as a start. I myself continued in it. If you are interested in tow trucks and impounding vehicles, you can join us. ( www.st.owlgaming.net ) There is DPS & SEMC if you are interested in medics RP. There are also many jobs inside JGC such as insurance fidelity, Merryweather security ..etc visit their website to check available careers. ( www.jgcweb.net ) There is SAN if you like writing articles about city news and activities. There is Dinoco, SL Distribution, and more legal organizations. Choose what you want and will fit your character story and development. Good luck!
  12. (( @spudi if you didn’t mention it was according to your timezone, then it’s automatically set to in-game time. ))
  13. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello Mr/Ms Schwarzkopf (( @imsilver )), According to auction regulations, you can’t withdraw your bid after being acknowledged by the auctioneer. Upon that, if you don’t place your bid in couple hours from now (( edit your comment again )), you'll get fined and auction banned.
  14. [SUSPENDED]Car - 1972 Chevrolet Nova [ENDS: April, 15, 21:00]

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: It doesn’t matter if your bid was the last acknowledge one if there was another bid after yours and the auction ended after it. In this case, the last bid ( which was one minute before auction ending time ) is automatically acknowledged as the winning bid when auction ended.
  15. [SUSPENDED]Car - 1972 Chevrolet Nova [ENDS: April, 15, 21:00]

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! This auction has been suspended due to a violation of our terms of use. Auctioneer broke the ending time and sold the vehicle before the auction ended. According to that, the auctioneer (( @andreiwow2 )) has only two choices: Contact Mr. Haze who the car was sold to and get the car back to give it to the actual winner who is Mr. Ray (( @RayPayne )) Get fined and auction banned for a minimum of a week. Let me know which one you prefer and would like to do.

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