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  1. you did. edit it to this : Name: challengerseven Bid: 18k @challengerseven
  2. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Tyler Haze shakes his head slowly while scratching his jaw as he seems obviously annoyed by Downer.* "I do not have any cameras on my property, I'm starting to doubt your adequacy, damn..."
  3. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Tyler Haze facepalms* "Objection! Okay first off, I have no CCTV's on my property so I don't know what you're on about. And secondly, if I haven't signed anything that says you're allowed to be on my property, have my house keys and make my office into a public place then what am I trying to prove here? I can call the cops on you whenever you refuse to leave my property and that's all she wrote. Also you're a bit off with the accusation of me calling the cops when you weren't on my property anymore. I'd like to correct that by saying that you were and as soon as I called them, you did leave my property and stood on the sidewalk when they arrived." *Tyler Haze shakes his head slowly as he then shifts his gaze back towards the judge.* ((@Zebulon @GamerX27))
  4. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Tyler Haze peers at Downer with a light smirk on his face* "Your honor, I would simply like to see evidence of me giving him a permission of making my office in MY HOUSE into a public place. If he can't provide us with that, I simply have nothing to defend against."
  5. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Tyler Haze nods.* "I am."
  6. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Tyler Haze walks into the courtroom as he takes a seat at the prescribed table.*
  7. 2017 Mercedes Benz AMG C63 Coupe [SOLD]

    Name: Kibby Bid: starting
  8. Name: Laku Piippu Bid: 100k
  9. Name: Laku Piippu Bid: 92.5k
  10. Name: Laku Piippu Bid: 85k
  11. Name: Laku Piippu Bid: 61k
  12. Name: Laku Piippu Bid: 55k
  13. Car - 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC

    Name: Ding Lock Bid: 14k
  14. Apartment #2| Liberty Avenue Marina Complex

    Name: Kibby Bid: Buyout

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