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  1. My friend if you type quickly or was allowed to tell the participants in the case that they used the shortcut keys in the game the /binds-.Not all of this happened. I also tried to get in touch with the official when they drove away. He did't respond to me. @Mogs
  2. They were not in the car when they were putting my friend in the back. They were doing that and then I saw them and I was writing. And let's say i ran over them both while they were trying to place my friend on the trunk.. I was trying to do that .. On the first part of the RP they were facing towards my friend and i saw everything and succeed to run over them. @Mogs
  3. I was trying to RP to run over both of them. So.. lack of the time or what?
  4. I objected to this because I did not have time to write in chat. Like if you guys gave me another chance to re-rp the situation i'd run over these people without RP. I tried to explain everything for you but there's nobody wants to hear me. @Mogs
  5. Yeah please do it. and thank you anyways.
  6. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- yousefqabbany Character Name- Laura Star Date of Incident- 03/14/2019 Supervising Administrator- Mahjarrat Narrative- * I will talk about the entire story We were playing in the game naturally and normally. My friend played roles with someone, I think they are already friends because they are many or whatever. After that happened things among them I do not know. My friend wanted to get that guy. Because he had offended his girlfriend. We rode the three of us in the car trying to look for that man because he had gone with many people. We searched him all over the city. And we found it with those people in the vehicle. In fact one of these people was driving the car, but driving madly and without attention. Then my friends and I tried to catch up with them. Suddenly there was shooting and they blew up our car and then fled. We were consistent with the game and just playing the roles in our characters. Mahjarrat was Supervising the situation. I have spoken to my friends. I do not know what he said to them but I was very confused. No one was giving me attention in that place when I was playing. I frankly do not know but that the official told us to void the RP. My friend went to the hospital and that girl was talking with the admin and everyone gone.I was driving at the Verona Mall. I saw that girl and there were two people belonging to the people who were shooting at us at the IGS. When I saw these boys trying to kidnap the girl. Which is my friend. I tried to drive them to protect my girlfriend, and I had two people. I do not know what their story is and why they are trying to do this. But I meant protecting her from kidnapping. These two people were trying to kidnap her and I think their plan was to run them and carry them into the car. I RP'ed to run over them at the first time and the situation has paused. The admin came again and they were talking and talking... They decided to re-rp. We actually did. and i tried to run over them again. also they gave attention for me on the 2nd situation. Even i ran over them on the first part and that was before the admin pause the situation. So they gave attention to me on the 2nd part. One of them, aimed the gun towards me. I've been told to leave. They picked my friend on their vehicle and ran. I followed them and tried to stop them. Suddenly the car stopped and I was writing in the chat I got a shot while writing. What I was planning to do was to protect my friend. The guy who shot me without doing /me or /ame I tried to explain to the admin that they didn't let me to write anything on the 2nd part of the situation. I was doing the RP. /me -to run over one of them. I was too slow writer. Okay you're in the car now and ran away with my friend.. Should i continue my RP? lol I followed them and tried to stop them. and i got shot. Also, these people changed their places on the 2nd part of the RP. I want to play that character again, I tried to explain that to the official and he was reading the conversation and did not say something that I thought he tried to ignore me. In fact, this is what happened. When the people ran away in their car I tried to explain to the official in a quick way and I was trying to send him a private message but ignored me. I hope this will work for me. I really love this personality and I am a legal person. One of both were standing on the street and the other one on the walkside. they chanced their placed to stand on the walkside and changed the RP. to return looking around.Well here I have completed my full explanation and I appreciate your effort in reading this. Thank you with all my heart already. crew of owl. But that official ignored me when I was trying to explain to him in a quick way before he got this when he drove away that I was slow to write. <3 Star <3 Evidence- I have the logs that he didn't RP to shoot me. There is a witness on this and he is my friend. The kidnapped. https://pastebin.com/HnQCTjSq Method of Death- by shooting with a gun Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  7. Auction will finish tomorrow. Hurry up guys.. Drop your bids.
  8. Like the picture... 170KM/H. Drop your real bid...
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Car https://imgur.com/a/6pDwAx5 Vehicle year: 2014 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: F31 328i xDrive VIN: 22355 Mileage: 60500 Description: The car is old and beautiful. Fit all categories of society. Modified Car. All parts are new. Strong torque also. It's like a dream car. Fun driving. An upscale car. Convenient car. The exterior is excellent and wonderful, very nice. Images https://imgur.com/a/V0JPilL Starting bid: 17,000 Minimum increase: 1,000 Buyout: 30,000 Auction end date: 7 february , 2019 Contact details: 846346
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