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    Tits, Booty, Weed, playing Rust and RPing.
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  1. GamerX27

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    ye i gotta admit that
  2. GamerX27

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    Karmas a bitch lmao
  3. GamerX27

    Forum Perms

    (( @Vubstersmurf @ThatGuy ))
  4. Name: Joseph Bid: Buyout on Vehicle #5.
  5. Name: Mitch Comment: Rest well Mosley, I hope you find that path needed for you to be successful.
  6. GamerX27

    Forum Perms

    Hello, I'm looking to see if someone can give me CPQL Business Licensing Perms? @Zebulon can confirm.
  7. GamerX27

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    Two months ago, like back in November. But, I'm done with Illegal RP 😉
  8. GamerX27

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    Meh, ain't gonna wait for two LEOs to be online so I can rob someone. Like what ThatGuy said. No thanks. -1
  9. GamerX27

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    Yes, if the gas mask script actually puts a mask on you, they should do the same thing for the ski mask and bandana. +1
  10. GamerX27

    **You'd find dozens of these posters in idlewood**

    I want money not a mothafuckin' SANDWICH. Atleast add some weed in it.

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