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  1. Another day



  2. You also gotta use that Afro-American Slang talk, you feel me?
  3. (( @Unitts @EvilScotsman @ResidentPeach Any updates to the evidence yet? It's been a couple of days and I don't know if this case will continue to be RPed or voided. ))
  4. "The Defense pleads not guilty to all the charges." (( @ResidentPeach @EvilScotsman @Unitts ))
  5. I'll be back

    1. Enzooo


      please dont

    2. GamerX27
    3. Enzooo


      dont fucking waste our playerslots please i beg you

  6. Name: LiL DoMiNiCo Comment: Dis nigga is followed by Snitch9ine 💀
  7. Name: Buster Rhymes Comment: Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga niggggggggaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Name: The One Dude Comment: Roova boonkganged Trippie Redd's comment about Liquid Heroin, smoke some jAtTiC
  9. GamerX27

    I'm Back.

    Maxii back at it again
  10. I wouldn't think you're breaking the rules because you are only mentioning it and NOT sponsoring it. What was so special about Valhalla Gaming?
  11. Name: U.S Marine Recruiter Comment:
  12. Name: Alex Jones Comment: Super Male Vitality at it's finest 💪 www.infowarsstore.com
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