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  1. epic keep it going lads dont get raped by PD thanks
  2. Name: NP Comment: I cannot find my friends, have you seen them?
  3. wow that was epic welcome back take care
  4. Krighton


    3 lang max, i have english and russian + croatian since my char knows croatian and since he's croatian, i cant remove one of the languages since a friend of mine uses Croatian, then another one uses Serbian,. Legit nothing to do, cant remove russian since i need ti for ruski rp, Can't remove English sincei need it for legit 90% of the rp, script modification is needed
  5. Krighton


    The Ex-Yugoslavia countries have languages that are REALLY similar. And by that I mean ALMOST THE SAME. I was thinking if you could either make Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian into one language called Serbo-Croatian or just make it that people who speak Croatian or Serbian ICly understand each other, because in reality the languages are literally almost the same. thanks
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