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  1. Okay then. We will wait for @Tailor.
  2. Permanent Classical Music Radio Station

    That is actually true. There are also some stations that work in some countries and not in others, which have to be looked at as well.
  3. @iii @jonthulhu I'm okay with finishing this in PMs if that's what you two want. Frankly, my argument is that I don't want to lose $33,333 over auction rules that don't exist, and i'm not going to change my position on that, but if you'd like to settle this over PM, fine by me.
  4. But your not getting what i'm trying to say. If I accept it as a BID it's valid, and there's nothing in the rules that say I can't do that.
  5. Smh. I wish I had never bought this property to start with. It's causing me more drama than it's worth, and i'm not even making money off it.
  6. Again, there is no rule against that in the regulations, thus making my point valid. @jonthulhu posted his offer BEFORE the auction ended, making it valid if it's accepted as a bid, and once again, I will say, there is no rule in the regulations that prevents me from accepting his offer as a bid, even after the auction ended.
  7. I just want to make this one final point. You two can make whatever argument you want to about it, but the facts are: 1. the offer was placed BEFORE the auction ended 2. there is NOTHING in the auction regulations that prevents me from accepting it as a bid, regardless of the fact that the auction has already ended, and 3. It also doesn't say that I need his permission. That's all. I can't believe i'm still awake at this hour because of this drama. I will wait for Tailor.
  8. It also doesn't say that i need his permission to do so. Therefore I would like to accept it as a bid. But, i've made my point. Whatever tailor decides.
  9. Again, the rule does not exist that says I can't accept his offer as a bid, but i'm not going to argue with you any more. We wait for Tailor.
  10. So we can wait for @jonthulhu to respond. If he gives his permission, that would make it valid. It's unfair to me that I have to accept @iii's bid just because I was unable to see jonthulhu's offer before the auction ended. Besides, there literally isn't a rule that says I can't accept his as a bid anyway. But again, lets wait for @Tailor
  11. Thing is, there's no rule that says I can't accept @jonthulhu's offer as a bid. But whatever, i'm not going to argue with you at past 3 am (EST). I'll be off and we can continue this once we hear from Tailor.
  12. I've read the auction regulations and seen other auctions where buyout offers were accepted as bid. Why should this one be no different just because it ended before I had a chance to look at his bid?
  13. Fucking hell. I hate losing money over stupid auction rules. Still though, if I accept his offer as a bid, it's valid.
  14. The buyout bid was offered before the auction ended. It's valid.

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