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  1. PlayerX1994

    Car - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan [ENDS:17/9/18]

    Name: Nihongobuyer Bid: $125,000
  2. PlayerX1994

    Car - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan [ENDS:17/9/18]

    Name: Nihongobuyer Bid: $90,000
  3. PlayerX1994

    Car - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan [ENDS:17/9/18]

    Name: Nihongobuyer Bid: $80,000
  4. PlayerX1994

    Properly RPing car crashes

    The problem a lot of times is that this is a 14 year old game, so you're literally having to deal with the physics of a 2004 video game. It's not always going to be realistic. I've legit been rear ended several times and the only damage that appeared on my car was on the front bumper. Also, you have to consider that this isn't real life. It's a video game. There may be a legitimate reason why somebody may not be able to stay and RP a car accident. Some examples may include real life work or school, family, or other circumstances that are out of their control. My main PC got struck by lightning the other day while I was on owl dealing with a MT issue. Shit happens. My thing with car accidents is, as long as both parties can agree OOCly on what to do, we can move forward.
  5. PlayerX1994

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    After having read a few comments, I had to say something. I agree that it's unfair to force homeowners to pay more for a house they already paid for, but on the other hand, we can't just change the house price and create more money for the homeowner if they /sellproperty without paying for the higher price. That said, I do feel there's a better way to handle this.
  6. PlayerX1994

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    As i'm in MT i'm going to remain neutral on this topic, but a lot of good points were brought up.
  7. I think it depends if the person on the receiving end of this takes offense to anything that was said.
  8. PlayerX1994

    Need SLD perms.

    Ye i confirm this.
  9. Name: Anonymous Vehicle: Bentayga Bid: $250,000 - Buyout
  10. PlayerX1994

    I need SLD perms.

    I can confirm this ye.
  11. PlayerX1994

    Need Permz

    I can confirm this.

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