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  1. Name: Anon12 Car:: Spyker Bid: $150,000
  2. I like it, it's a good idea. I'd just like to add that I think the AFK timer needs to be tweaked a bit. I only say that because in some RP situations I'd sit (or stand) for several minutes not saying a thing, while i'm not actually AFK it says that I am. Some examples could be- receiving training for a job, sometimes even just idle conversation. IRL i'm naturally quiet, don't really talk much in crowds. Never have. This became a problem one time when I was scolded for 'being afk in public', while I wasn't actually afk. I just literally had nothing to say. Or maybe we could move to
  3. Yes, there were. There weren't any police online.
  4. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- PlayerX1994 Character Name- Kenji Tanaka Date of Incident- 11/05/2018 Supervising Administrator- TheLastReich Narrative- My 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo was stolen yesterday. I found out that Porsche actually installs trackers on their vehicles from the factory, via this service ( https://www.porsche.com/usa/connect/ ). So I decided to track it to see if I could maybe get it back. I tracked it to an alley and .. this happened. https://i.imgur.com/x3pmTyv.png
  5. Name: NihongoBuyer Bid: Starting on the type 2 ($12,000)
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