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  1. Good luck, my man.
  2. Name: Leon Bid: Buyout on the Men's Rolex Air-King Stainless Steel Black Dial and the Infinity White Gold Band with Solitaire DiamondDe Beers Aura Band
  3. BeatersLS on the Race Night:
  4. Brazzers

    /afk command.

    With the command you just type it down and you get the afk marker right away. That way you can tell the people around you, the people passing by or the people PMing you that you're AFK so they don't even bother to talk to you. The only downside I could think of is that some people might abuse it to go AFK right before RP but I believe there's a punishment for that.
  5. Name : Leon Comment : Could you contact me at 4440444, I'd like to donate some money towards the Event too.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Shelby F-150 Super Snake VIN: 24423 Mileage: 398 Description: Very nice truck. Images Just an FBI Rancher ye Starting bid: 80.000 Minimum increase: 2.500 Buyout: 100.000 Auction end date: 14.06.2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner.
  7. A little car meet hosted by BeatersLS:
  8. RE: Insurance Inquiry Request Hello Yuno Shinobu, Thank you for getting back to us. Please call our hotline (5500) so we can finalise the deal and begin insuring your vehicle. Let us know if you have more inquiries and concerns. All the best, Leon Carter
  9. Who are we? BeatersLS started as a group of four to five friends who were having a boring evening until the idea of buying cars for cheap and having fun with them by doing inappropriate modifications which they would not do to their normal everyday use cars came through. After the cars were bought and started to get "beaten" on every one and each member was having too much fun and surely never wanted to end it. As expected most of the cars did not last any long due the modifications and the way they were being driven so the fun ended approximately quick. All of the BeatersLS members are extremely friendly and welcome to new members, which helped the team grow quickly up to twelve to thirteen people. Easily to notice, every member of BeatersLS is a car enthusiast which is lead to the fact that everyone of the team is a lover of a certain motorsport activity. Why are we here? As previously stated, BeatersLS is a really welcoming community which wants to give a good time to the other car enthusiasts in Los Santos by hosting series of automotive events such as car shows and BBQ meetings, outside LS cruisings and ecetera. As of how BeatersLS is sitting right now, we currently have an autoparts store at West Broadway in which we sell alot of car accessories. For the future BeatersLS is planning on opening an automotive racing school in which we're going to be giving out lessons on multiple motorsports such as drifting and autocross racing. We're working with our own closed terrain and also with our own vehicles which would be able to be used by our students. How to contact/support us? You can contact the administrative team of BeatersLS by e-mailing the following: Leon Carter - ((Forum PM at @Brazzers)) Drake Santos - ((Forum PM at @dawid1000)) And when it comes to suppoting us, just leaving a few nice words is more than enough. ((All unnecessary and toxic comments will be reported))
  10. RE: Insurance Inquiry Request Hello Yuno Shinobu, We had reviewed your inquiry and are willing to insure your 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex AE86 with the VIN 23494 for $35. If you agree to have your vehicle insured at the aforementioned cost, please let us know and we will proceed to the next step. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Leon Carter Insurance Manager
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