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  1. Ivar having a car accident and breaking his left hand.
  2. Organized car meet and street racing afterwards.
  3. Car meeting with some of the racers. Preparing the cars for an upcoming racing event.
  4. Street racing is typically an unsanctioned and illegal form of auto racing that occurs on a public road. Racing in the streets is an ancient hazard, as horse racing occurred on streets for centuries, and street racing of automobiles is as old as the automobile itself. It became especially prevalent during the heyday of hot rodding and muscle cars, and it continues to be both popular and hazardous, with deaths and maiming of bystanders, passengers, and drivers occurring every year. It's an interesting story detailing how street racers enjoy their high-speed lifestyles without getting killed on the streets or put in jail by the police. To avoid the latter, street racers use a few noteworthy tactics to stay under the radar, literally and metaphorically. One includes racing on the empty industrial roads near airports since it's the one area police helicopters cannot pass through. To combat that, the police use a sophisticated system of surveillance and communication to avoid risky high speed pursuits and instead resort to catching the drivers after they race. Ostroski's Racing Club After some hard times in Los Santos, Ivar Ostroski made his mind up, wanting to be the most famous man in the whole City and establishing a big Racing Club. The Racing Club was created for the purpose of adrenaline chasers and people who want to make a name for themselves in the Racing Club and beyond the Club. The members of Ostroski's Racing Club tend to earn their money by joining random racing events every now and then created by the Club. The members usually spend their time working on their cars for upcoming events.
  5. Ivar meeting up with some of his friend regarding the Street Racing Club.
  6. Ivar finds himself a new friend!
  7. Ivar meeting his crew "Angels Of Death" for a ride.
  8. Ivar getting a full member patch, he would now be a full member of the Angels Of Chaos Motorcycle Club.
  9. Ivar telling York about his biggest wish in his life.
  10. Ivar finding out that he needs special treatment for his leg,but the hospital is not capable of doing so,he might stay a cripple for the rest of his life.
  11. Ivar serving at the "Angels Of Chaos" Club.
  12. Ivar "Iv" Ostroski Ivar was born 30.10.1998. He was born in Selekhard, a small City in Russia. Ivar was alone most of the time, he didn't have any friends around him. Sometimes he hated himself due to being a complicated person. Always having his own opinions, not following anyone else's opinions made him a different person from everybody else. Ivar was arguing with his parents before they wen't onto a trip to another City. He was mad at them because they didn't want to take their own son with them. His mind was full of evil notions, Ivar even wished to never see his parents again, where he later regrets that. Later that night Ivar was sitting on the roof top and looking at the starts, Ivar's phone starts ringing. He picks up to find out that his parents died in a horrific car accident. Without any emotions given by Ivar, he hang up the phone, realizing what he did. His mind was telling him to take his life, but his hearth wanted to move on. Being in the house of his parents just didn't work well for him, always having bad dreams and a bad mind set made him to pack his bags and move far away from his home City. After booking a flight to Los Santos, Ivar was ready to start all over again. Being first time in a big city wasn't easy for Ivar, he had no place to live, no car, no money. Walking around the City with no goals and no ambitions made Ivar mentally sick, but he still managed to find a job at a Delivery Company. Renting a house and buying a car with the hard earned money made Ivar happy. He began to meet new people, new relationships and new enemies. Loving the new City, Ivar only thought about the good things,he wasn't concerned about anything else. Ivar was drinking at a bar, he was alone at the time, he went out to catch some fresh air where he sees some goons trying to attack a innocent person. In Ivar's mind he has to risk his own life for a stranger,not knowing the person didn't matter to Ivar, all he wanted to do is help. A brawl between them starts, Ivar rushed to the aid of the stranger. Looking around while fighting Ivar could see that it was promising that they will win the fight. Ivar was focusing on one guy as he hears gunshots behind him, he instantly turns around and starts running. He gets shot two times, into his right leg and right shoulder, still somehow he managed to escape, but due to losing way too much blood made him collapse onto the ground. Dropped onto the floor, Ivar was sure that he's going to die, he was ready to die as he had no fear from death. Luckily someone saw him and called the Ambulance. Ivar managed to escape death, he goes to the hospital where he rests a few days. He finally gets released from the hospital, where he meets the stranger that he risked his life for. His name was Clay. Clay introduced Ivar to his friends, they showed a lot of respect to Ivar for helping Clay. Hanging around with Clay's friends, Ivar got invited into their Motorcycle Club, having a big decision in front of him wasn't easy, but he accepted the offer and joined the Motorcycle Club as a "Prospect".
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