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  1. That's a wrong approach. If you implement a mask system you could also implement a system which generates random four or five digit number which will help admins to identify persons(or other players to do operations such as /pay) "if a player is MGing your name you should always get an admin to sort it out". Most of the MG that happen that way is almost impossible to prove and state arguments on FC. also why'd you want to have people report constantly when you can prevent it? This mask system isn't exclusively made by me. It is used on other servers and its absolutely effective.
  2. Yup, basically that. That random ID would be used for admins and people to perform some interaction with masked people or so, to /pay for example.
  3. You obviously never read my suggestion. There should be an unique ID generated whenever players puts his mask on, so it'd be very easy for admin to identify the person or you to report him/her. Read it next time so I don't have to repeat all the same stuff in comments ten times. No reason to be so.
  4. I mostly agree with you but, don't think acceptfrisk dumb, if a person is denying a frisk requesting without a logical reason, that should be rule-breaking, and I don't honestly think everybody will deny it, have seen it on other servers and works perfectly, it actually works in practice so it shall do fine in here as well. instant frisk would just explode reports imo. about the search roleplay i think when person does RP during frisking and for example he didn't searches shoes where the other guy keeps some weed or something, that guy who's gettin frisked may say in /do that they wouldn't find the weed. that'd apply on small items, you obviously can't hide guns in your shoes.
  5. What you said might happen very rarely and it is insignificant compared to current system's "leak", I always think that someone is lying, so don't have time to report during the robbery, it's a quick process. Also I mentioned confirmation box for a reason, so if you think person didn't searched you correctly, you may just refuse to accept it. Considering the logic you've stated on removing the frisk function, means there's no GUI needed at all, there's no functionality needed at all, if so we don't we just turn this into complete text based game?
  6. I feel like I'm talking to a tree, in case of removal of frisk, you'd need ideal rpers, who aren't even on the server, that's not how human psychology works, most would about their true inventory, so there's must be an actual functional command to actually check.
  7. What you said is very stupid, if you'd remove frisk there are like more than 50% chance that person will lie while being robbed or so and most of the time you might not have the time to call an admin to check if he's rping correctly or not. Read suggestion again. Might want to say out loud how'd you hide a GUN that well that it's not detectable while frisking the person down, problem you're stating is extremely insignificant compared to what I said.
  8. I explained more than 4 times why It's needed(based on personal experience) but sure, that's your opinion.
  9. what if there's no metal detectors at all and it's just a poor county club, you can't just say you can't frisk someone, it's all about how you RP. I'm saying that there should be a possibility to do so and restraining isn't needed at all, I do not understand what you don't get It's obvious. And no you can not easily handcuff a guy if you don't have cuffs. Think about it you're gangster, robbing someone on ghetto, who cuffs or ties a victim before robbing him and checking their items?
  10. Dude look It's crystal clear. you surely RPly pat a person down, frisking them, so as soon as you do a frisk function the perrson who you're frisking recieves a confirmation box, of which they must accept or not, it's all about agreement between two person, if one didn't rped frisking you down you simply do not agree on frisking, that's how it actually works on other RP servers. the problem you're stating is not even real. current system is very uncomfortable due to it's slow and takes lots of time, it is also illogical, I stated why and gave an example of robbing scenarios. read comments.
  11. How is it a MG can you explain and how is it realistic that you need to restrain someone when you're frisking them entering a club for example? not all frisks are forceful. I don't think you are able to hide your gun on you that it's not detected while frisked.
  12. Read suggestion again. When you want to frisk someone they must confirm it first.
  13. The person you are frisking should confirm lol r u serious
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