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  1. I've recommended multiple times an idea of an illegal job which is removing weapon serials. It should become a ''whitelisted'' job which means only certain trusted players will get the permission to use the command. Ofcourse there should be an application process etc and it should not be a job for everyone, not like RS-Haul ?
  2. Add a +1 to the dutch staff members counter!!! GG WP
  3. still cant customize my rebla i want to be a ricer mennnnnnnnnn
  4. Hello everyone. I'm really curious about how your setup looks like! Drop down a picture with your setup right here I'll start.
  5. i swear to god if i dont win ill fucking burn ur diamonds down a lava pit including you @Jer
  6. Illegal Roleplay Create a command which removes any serial number off a weapon. Requirements This command should only be handed out to a TRUSTED player. /removeserial
  7. +1 about the ticket part, idk about the dmv papers
  8. no script. no. we dont have time to wait 45 minutes for an admin to take our report just to tp us on the other side of the door. and dont say that im exaggerating its literally the truth.
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/gwk9tqt.jpg Property Type: Residential Address: Marina Canal, 3 & Garage Description: A beautiful house directly infront of a lake and a dock infront of your house. This is the only house in Marina which has a garage and a dock in front. The house is fully secured with CCTV's and motion sensors, it also has fences installed. This house comes with a beautiful boat included with the price which also has an amazing interior! Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 100000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 150000 Auction ends: 23/6/2018 or if buyout is offered. Contact Information: Phone number: 574308 (( IC & OOC COMMENTS DISABLED))
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