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  2. No, that's just unrealistic in my point of view. If I go work for DHL I won't be getting gunparts. I strongly disagree with you, sorry.
  3. Well instead of using actual illegal assets, add an option that adds more weight than you're actually allowed to transport inside of a van. For example: Legal >>>> Transport 50L of fuel Illegal >>>>> Transport 85L of fuel Idk, you get the idea. But there should never, and I repeat, never an option to transport guns or drugs or w/e and you getting some off it as well.
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Serial Remover What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Basically the suggestion is to create a way for people to obtain illegal guns by purchasing them from the ammunation (or stealing) legal weapons which are serialized. This ''job'' should be whitelisted to people who apply for it. So only the people who get accepted through the application process will obtain the job. Basically what it should be is a command, for example: /re
  5. If it becomes a script thing, hell no. It will be a RPG server. This has to be forbidden, no way it should be implemented. Sorry.
  6. Flight School Application Section I - Identification Full name: Davit Simonian Date of birth: 12/01/1990 Cellphone number: 15824869 Address: 3 Caesars Place Section II - Qualification Please provide your medical certificate: Please provide a copy of your criminal record: (If applicable) Provide a copy of your current licenses, types and ratings: Section III - Demand What licenses are you applying for (PPL-A, PPL-H, CPL) : PPL-H Are you applying for additional ratings as well (IFR, CFI, ...):
  7. I recommend to fix the chat user-interface & the report menu on the next update. :) Nonetheless, good update.
  8. I've recommended multiple times an idea of an illegal job which is removing weapon serials. It should become a ''whitelisted'' job which means only certain trusted players will get the permission to use the command. Ofcourse there should be an application process etc and it should not be a job for everyone, not like RS-Haul ?
  9. Add a +1 to the dutch staff members counter!!! GG WP
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