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  1. Literally a conversation surrounding my fac on Legacy.
  2. ((You've just stolen my post from the legacy forums and copy'd and pasted it. Nice one.))
  3. Name: Fred Comment: See you in court!
  4. Denied, car was sold earlier. AUCTION CLOSED
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2006 Make: Ford Model: Focus VIN: 7924 Mileage: 6327 Description: A great car, with a 2.0L Diesel Engine in, it is great for long journeys, and a great family car. Has only had one owner, and has passed all inspections. I have just fitted new filters, and drained the oil, fitted new tires, and brakes, to ensure it will pass the next inspection. This car is very economical, and a great all rounder, for a low cost. Images Starting Bid: $4500 Minimum Increase: $500 Buyout $12000 Auction ends: 19/12/2017 - Midnight Contact Information: Please call Fred on (516)-009.
  6. I can confirm this trailer is purchasable, I owned it a while ago.
  7. Name: Fred Bid: Starting.
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