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  1. Literally a conversation surrounding my fac on Legacy.
  2. ((You've just stolen my post from the legacy forums and copy'd and pasted it. Nice one.))
  3. Yassss!!!! Some kind of terrorist event would be interesting. Especially if Mengele can be CK'ed (No hate bro)
  4. You could have it so that the interest is for both accounts, so you get 1 interest payment, that is based on both values, with the limit for $1000
  5. Well, you'd get interested on both, as you do in real life. You could have a lower interest on a business account for example.
  6. A major fuel supply loss, leading to a power outtage. I'd be fine, I've got about 30 gascans stocked up in my warehouse ;D
  7. *clicks on advert from craigslist* *Sends a message under the name Burnt Tree Auto's* What do you need mate? Send me an email at [email protected] ((forum PM @LewisGazzard))
  8. Another Idea, a credit card system. I've been there, I desperately need a part for my car, which costs too much, so by having a credit card, you can buy that part, and then you would pay it back each payday. Of course limits would have to be in place, and you would have to have interest, and then if you can't afford to pay the bills, you'd have a IG Repo company, who would repo your car, (Much like BOTS do when they're bored tbf), or your house, ETC.
  9. Here's my problem. I run a business IG, and I earn alot of money through that. I want to be able to have multiple bank accounts, I just want to say I know I can get an F3, but sometimes thats easier said than done, I want multiple accounts, so I can have my clients pay in to a business account, which I can easily track, and not have to worry about spending business money. I'd also like to be able to have the tax for the property, and business cars to go out of this account. This is a feature I think would be beneficial, especially to those who are saving up, as they can deposit money into a second account, which they know they wont spend. I'd also like to see some kind of online banking through the UCP (This is a feature that I know probably wont be implemented, it would take a bit of work I'm guessing, but would be cool, and I've not seen it before). PS: I have actually begun to love this new forum theme. Its actually nice & clean.
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