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  1. Mate, I was inside the car, Doma was aiming at you. So basically we would do nothing but look at what you were doing. We won't just sit inside the car searching for another guy to rob, yeah? After we noticed that you did not take your ATM card back, Doma went outside of the car to double check. We do not need to RP it. You should've rp'd that we will not notice any card in his hand, if that is how it works.
  2. You still do not know the reason? You chose your life over 5k. What else can I tell you? 2 guns aimed at your head and you were just like 'no'.
  3. What are you complaining about? Your card was not locked yet. You locked it yourself IN FRONT of us.
  4. If you did not own a McLaren, then why did you message a guy asking him for it's parts and whatnot. This clearly means that you had a McLaren. I do not know if you're a mechanic ICly or not, but that's what anyone would understand. Let's just avoid the McLaren part. You clearly chose your life over 5K. I told you I do not like CKing people. But you were really acting tough and did not RP the gun fear properly. We gave you more than a chance, we even gave you another chance when the CK was already approved.
  5. You HAD one. And we have seen your Subaru, you were standing beside it, infront of your own house. Saying that it was your friend's house doesn't make any sense, because we have been checking the spot for like five minutes and you did not even knock at the door. Didn't you check what I just said?
  6. You think we're so dumb not to notice that you're using wrong pins to avoid paying. They're only 4 digits, we could simply notice that you kept pressing on too many digits, not to mention that we were literally beside you and had our guns aimed at you. But you still did not RP the gun fear, nor did you give us the 5k. And of course it is too obvious to notice that you did not take your card back from the ATM, right? I wonder what's so disappointing about this rule. Did we take your keys, ATM card, badge, or your custom skin?
  7. I just replied to this, you did not take it back from the ATM and you apologized, which means you've lost it.
  8. Two guns were literally aimed at your head, but I am pretty sure you said "They took 200$ from me, it's considered as a robbery and they can't kill me, so why dont I act tough?" At first, you said that your card is only for online shopping and you cannot withdraw money using it. Then, you said that you forgot the PIN. Later, you said alright let's go to the ATM, and you lost the card by doing it 3 times wrong on purpose. So you basically chose your life over 5 grands. Don't you think it is so obvious?
  9. You didn't take it back and you apologized.
  10. But YOU didn't order us to lay on the ground, or whatever.. Taking too long? You didn't even say how much you wanted.. The driver is a random guy too btw.. They know when and how to use them.
  11. He was not the driver, and you were not robbing us, were you? "However, he told him to PAY for the damages of the car, but he never said how much he wanted"
  12. https://gyazo.com/7c3d60ed1db31b58809fb6c979a90eb8 Here's an SS that shows no one was focusing on us (Me and/or Benjamin) They were ALL aiming at Shawn, but Shawn did follow their orders, and threw the bat away. However, they insisted on taking the money from Benjamin, while he shouldn't pay them. In my opinion, Benjamin did try to solve the situation in a friendly manner, he kept asking whether you were all right or not. But you kept saying shit over 5-10KMH hit. https://gyazo.com/9e7f28150d1716c5018c0ad9c7d61a9d Here's an SS that shows what happened to both cars after the hit.
  13. Excuse me, are you an admin? No? Then refrain from commenting. You're literally saying useless shit. Or maybe you're repeating yourself. Keep these information for yourself.
  14. If you think you can CK someone because he slightly damaged your car, then go for it. They never asked him to run his pockets, instead, they asked him to 'pay'. Refrain from commenting if you're not involved, you can thank the admins somewhere else..
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