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  1. How did you know that I were not one of them? I was wearing a helmet, with black clothes.. And they did not even bother asking me icly or even talking with me.. They just killed me immediately.. You may also keep your reasons for yourself and refrain from commenting if you were not involved. Can't you just lock this, Mogs?
  2. Well, still, I had my full face helmet on. How did you know it was me? And I will ask the same question again.. Was there any CK application made on Tyrone?
  3. two days? I only remember rping with him 20 hours ago or smth.. Pretty sure you didn't see the logs I posted in Evidence, but sure I will post them again. https://pastebin.com/i7gdwsVb wait, what property? I don't remember eating any pancakes at a shootout, ask an admins for the logs if you think we are lying. Yeah I just remembered the situation. And it's clearly DM for me. I didn't do anything to you, like literally, I was just walking around, and I found myself being shot at.. Someone kicked your bumper, it sounds dumb if you kill him, even if it's a buggati veyron lol. But still, he kicked your front bumper, why you shoot at me?
  4. Yeah? I don't remember asking about the shooter. I asked if there was a CK application made on Tyrone or not. And you wouldn't have shot me if Noah RP'd it properly.
  5. You didn't RP the injuries when we kicked you many times, you should be unconscious.. You literally didn't RP anything when we were robbing you, disconnected, then you came back and started RPing with the FD.. Yeah? Who remembers his friend's bike plate? Pretty sure you don't remember your father's car plates irl lol
  6. There's no /ed that says the paint looks dirty or whatever.. It's just a normal color as I can see. And it's not the only Harley with that color in LS. Like IRL if your friend's Harley was stolen, and you dont remember the plates, would you shoot anyone who has the same color as the stolen harley? didn't you disconnect as soon as we left the scene afaik?
  7. I don't mind if you go AFK, it's alright, you have a life.. But don't go AFK and suddenly your friends show up.. And you did not RP your injuries, you did not RP being unconscious, nor did you RP the ribcage kick, and that's why I am CK'd.. You should not be able to see anything ICly.. I said I am not sure if it's a PK or a CK, but he saw our guns, why did he stop right behind me? He should've just ran away if he knows what gun fear is, and you called him over the radio, so what do you expect? And as I said, he RP'd death anyway.. There were no admins online. And I just RP'd it because he should be CK'd, and I have the right to loot him. Because if I didn't, I would have to wait for an admin to come online, CK him, then get back to him, and RP it again. But IRL I would just loot him on spot, it's just because of the admins.. And it's for sure a CK, he took out his gun, and kept shooting, then we killed him. And no, he was not hit on the leg, we shot him several times, but he didnt RP them and continued to shoot at us. When he was low HP, we shot his leg and he then died. I shot 7 bullets (.45) and my friend shot 17 (9mm) afaik. It ain't Bobby's appeal right now. You never seen my face, and that's just it, I changed my clothes and everything, always wearing a full face helmet. Dale was offline when you guys CK'd me. And you wouldn't probably remember your friend's plates. Because literally nobody remembers his friend's plates.. And yeah, it's not the only Harley in Los Santos with this color.. You didn't even RP looking at the plates, or anything similar. You just shot me immediately when you had enough time to do so, since I was just parking. You were unconscious dude.. And you never RP'd your injuries. He comes back, and told ya he was lagging. At least he didn't log and get his friends lol Also, I forgot to ask. Was there any CK application on me?
  8. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Necrozy Character Name- Tyrone Oronjello Date of Incident- 07/31/2019 Supervising Administrator- Ixosis Narrative- To begin with, I was at Palomino Creek for some reasons, and Bobby was in LS. He asked Noah for a ride to Palomino, and it was all planned IC'ly. I came from a far distance, changed my clothes, and wearing a full face helmet. Came asking him for a ride and such, but he told his friends over the radio to come to him. We took our guns, aimed at him, asked him to get out and such. He kept stalling and never rp'd the injuries because he was AFK/busy but this ain't my problem. Dale Myrs came after one min or something, parked up behind me, and we had our guns out, he saw us aiming at him and his friend, but he decided to act tough and stop his bike behind me. So we shot him, because he was called over the radio, and it was too obvious. (Not sure if that is a disregard or not, but he RP'd death anyway. And no admins were online). I RP'd searching Dale's body, but he is probably new to RP, and did not RP it properly. (Gonna state the logs in the Evidence). Ten minutes later, after Noah had been stalling and such, his excuse was amazon deliveries.. His friend (Joseph Fister) logged in and came, afaik. (May an admin check the exact time he logged and came in?) Because I do not remember him being online when we were robbing his friend Noah. Joseph Fister kept driving around us, we knew he is one of them, until he suddenly stopped behind a building, took a cover, took his gun out, aimed at us, tried to shoot us but we killed him before he does so, which is 100% CK, and he for sure disregarded his life. But he was not CK'd because no admins were online. Also, Noah, you never seen my face, changed my clothes, and you were unconscious. May I know how you killed me? Or did you even do a CK application on me? Because admins don't accept the CK application the same day afaik, do they? I am also not sure how the CK application was accepted, is that really a reason for a CK..? His friends came with their guns out, we killed them. What do you expect? A kiss on the cheek? (And they were not even CK'd, so..) After 8 hours or something, I went to Stacks, parked the bike, and I was killed. I did not see their RP taking out their guns or anything similar. But they did not even RP looking at me, etc.. I had my clothes changed, and I was wearing a full face helmet.. I don't even know how admins accepted the CK app the same day for that reason, and I also do not know how they knew it was me. His friend Dale, the owner of the stolen bike was not online when I was getting CKd.. Evidence- https://pastebin.com/i7gdwsVb - (Proof that Noah was stalling, and never RP'd injuries. May an admin provide me with logs that he RP'd them? Correct me if I am wrong. https://pastebin.com/sfw7iUxY - (Proof that Dale doesn't know how to RP, and RP'd death which should be a CK. He knew there was an issue here, saw our guns, but he still decided to park right behind me, and act tough, which is a disregard..) https://gyazo.com/d2a7c5704c3f315114e58fc73fecee6b - (Proof that we killed Joseph, he should be CK'd too since he aimed at us, tried to shoot us, but he we killed him) https://gyazo.com/1c7faeb33da0c86468f30be13ce2aead - (Proof of Dale literally parking up behind me when we had our guns out, and decided to act tough. My friend shot him afterwards.) https://gyazo.com/0149f11bf18b05114e1a6cef11cedeeb - (Proof of my clothes, and that they never seen my face) https://gyazo.com/ebe584b92f41318343d48ffe85023470 - (My clothes when I was CK'd) https://pastebin.com/9VtdkJEp - (You don't have to OOC lie, bud. You were AFK and you said it yourself. And Sean, please make sure you read the logs carefully, then decide what to do. Method of Death- Sub machine gun, not really sure what else. I did not see them OOCly. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  9. Mate, I was inside the car, Doma was aiming at you. So basically we would do nothing but look at what you were doing. We won't just sit inside the car searching for another guy to rob, yeah? After we noticed that you did not take your ATM card back, Doma went outside of the car to double check. We do not need to RP it. You should've rp'd that we will not notice any card in his hand, if that is how it works.
  10. You still do not know the reason? You chose your life over 5k. What else can I tell you? 2 guns aimed at your head and you were just like 'no'.
  11. What are you complaining about? Your card was not locked yet. You locked it yourself IN FRONT of us.
  12. If you did not own a McLaren, then why did you message a guy asking him for it's parts and whatnot. This clearly means that you had a McLaren. I do not know if you're a mechanic ICly or not, but that's what anyone would understand. Let's just avoid the McLaren part. You clearly chose your life over 5K. I told you I do not like CKing people. But you were really acting tough and did not RP the gun fear properly. We gave you more than a chance, we even gave you another chance when the CK was already approved.
  13. You HAD one. And we have seen your Subaru, you were standing beside it, infront of your own house. Saying that it was your friend's house doesn't make any sense, because we have been checking the spot for like five minutes and you did not even knock at the door. Didn't you check what I just said?
  14. You think we're so dumb not to notice that you're using wrong pins to avoid paying. They're only 4 digits, we could simply notice that you kept pressing on too many digits, not to mention that we were literally beside you and had our guns aimed at you. But you still did not RP the gun fear, nor did you give us the 5k. And of course it is too obvious to notice that you did not take your card back from the ATM, right? I wonder what's so disappointing about this rule. Did we take your keys, ATM card, badge, or your custom skin?
  15. I just replied to this, you did not take it back from the ATM and you apologized, which means you've lost it.
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