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  1. *Snapchat story Geotagged in Jefferson, Los Santos, only visible to those who have JeffyD96 as a friend*
  2. @Aman @Portside @ItsMelodyy These guys are really helpful and fair, do not favour situations to one side or the other and are just decent.
  3. **Another Snapchat story posted in Ganton, Los Santos, no username provided** **In the next snap you would see a black male posing with a teen on a bike, holding up wads of cash that would roughly equate to about $1,000.** **The Snapchat story would end and you would return to the snap map** ((Potentially sensitive content ahead))
  4. **A Snapchat story geotagged in Los Santos, no username provided. In the photo you would see 3 people posing, their faces covered with Emoji stickers. on the bed you would see an arrangement of technology such as an Xbox and a TV, and some perfumes.**
  5. **Elijah Huston would post this Snapchat story geotagged in Ganton, Los Santos, you would notice that the camera quality would be poor**
  6. Actually, I never holstered it. I shot you In the arm, you ran into stacks, I took off, and then returned into stacks and shot you. I'm surprised I wasn't shot by anyone else to be honest, the reason I showed a /Ame inside stacks was so that people did not accuse me of ass pulling inside the pizza place.
  7. Without sounding too argumentative, you did have plenty of time to escape or run away, or even pull out your own weapon, as I left the scene initially, and then thought fuck it and came back about 2 minutes later. You'll notice the time difference in the logs here. https://pastebin.com/yh0v38xi
  8. And you'll also notice that the "aiming correctly" part never happened, I shot many bullets before you were hit. But instead of running away you ran into stacks, where I then walked within point blank range, and fired some accurate shots https://pastebin.com/yh0v38xi
  9. How does everyone on owl pull guns out, with binds. Actually, I've been shot many a time with people using binds, and also seen people been shot with binds many a times, never seen anyone complain, though.
  10. Name: Private Bid : 19,500 PLUS Purebred Rottweiler Pup
  11. Name : Private Bid: $17,000
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