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  1. KomuroYakatashi

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Aman @Portside @ItsMelodyy These guys are really helpful and fair, do not favour situations to one side or the other and are just decent.
  2. KomuroYakatashi

    Ganton Youth 1226

    **Another Snapchat story posted in Ganton, Los Santos, no username provided** **In the next snap you would see a black male posing with a teen on a bike, holding up wads of cash that would roughly equate to about $1,000.** **The Snapchat story would end and you would return to the snap map** ((Potentially sensitive content ahead))
  3. KomuroYakatashi

    [YOUTUBE]: cops pulling over ed

    Name: EJHus1999 Comment : 3 Eddie 🔒 🔗
  4. KomuroYakatashi

    Ganton Youth 1226

    **A Snapchat story geotagged in Los Santos, no username provided. In the photo you would see 3 people posing, their faces covered with Emoji stickers. on the bed you would see an arrangement of technology such as an Xbox and a TV, and some perfumes.**
  5. KomuroYakatashi

    Ganton Youth 1226

    **Elijah Huston would post this Snapchat story geotagged in Ganton, Los Santos, you would notice that the camera quality would be poor**
  6. KomuroYakatashi

    [YT]: eddy got tricks

    Name :EJHud1999 Comment : 💯
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  8. KomuroYakatashi


    Can someone clean up this thread?
  9. KomuroYakatashi


    After getting released from prison, Michael begins to search for Rico, his old drug dealer. He searches the internet in the local area and finds "Tar St." as Rico's last known address. Michael goes to Tar Street in hopes of finding his insane, but surprisingly friendly former drug dealer. Shortly after knocking a few doors, Michael is approached by a man, who withdraws a Glock 19 from his jacket, and grabs Michael, forcing him into the house. Seconds later- Michael, scared shitless for a brief moment, tries to regain himself, and calm the man down, stating he is an old friend. Eventually, Rico recognizes Michael and invites him in. After looking around the house, Michael takes seat on Rico's couch, and the two men talk.
  10. KomuroYakatashi


    Michael O'Shay- An old friend of Rico's is now homeless in LS due to getting evicted from his apartment in Carson St. He had just a few hundred dollars and a handful of prescription meds, and was extremely frustrated. He decided to find a random guy, and punch him in the jaw. So that he would get thrown in jail, having a free meal and a roof over his head. He does not care about the consequences, It amuses him to be rebellious. Whilst in jail. Michael goes through some withdrawals and mumbles away to himself to pass the time.
  11. KomuroYakatashi


  12. KomuroYakatashi

    Looking for people to RP with.

    Having recently returned to owl, I'm looking for a small group of people who I can create a faction with, or RP with consistently. Illegal or legal, doesn't bother me. If you are in any way interested, PM me here or on discord at Komuro#2562 Cheers.
  13. KomuroYakatashi

    Los Santos Military

    @aden Deerhunter0404?
  14. KomuroYakatashi

    [Vehicles] - Interval Servicing

    I dont particularly care about the servicing as such, I'm just sick of "tints and respray please"

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