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  1. KomuroYakatashi

    [STATE] The People V. Elijah Huston [21/01]

    *Elijah widens his eyes, talking* "Deal". (( @Zebulon))
  2. KomuroYakatashi

    [STATE] The People V. Elijah Huston [21/01]

    (( @Zebulon @EvilScotsman @JameZ, been nearly a week since arrest?))
  3. KomuroYakatashi

    [STATE] The People V. Elijah Huston [21/01]

    *Elijah adjusts his tie, before speaking* "I formally plead guilty to Criminal Trespass and Possession Of Burglary tools, I plead not guilty to Misdemeanour Burglary and Attempted Grand Theft."
  4. KomuroYakatashi

    [STATE] The People V. Elijah Huston [21/01]

    (( @EvilScotsman, @Zebulon @JameZ))
  5. KomuroYakatashi

    [STATE] The People V. Elijah Huston [21/01]

    *Elijah walks in, stumbling around the court room, eventually finding his position* "Yezzir"
  6. KomuroYakatashi

    Hate Avenue Skinheads

    Nice, good luck.
  7. KomuroYakatashi

    [CK Application Process] - Discuss

  8. KomuroYakatashi

    Rothstein Connection

    Well, good luck but don't know why you choosing not to have a proper thread?
  9. Name: Jxh1226 Comment: 🔥 from #LilCambodiaRecordz
  10. KomuroYakatashi

    [SOUNDCLOUD] 1226 Sneak - Stereo (prod. by CashMoneyAP)

    Name: EJHud1999 Comment: 🔥 from Grove 💯
  11. KomuroYakatashi


    I've talked to a few people and everyone seems to think it's okay.. Scrap the thread.
  12. KomuroYakatashi


    Can we just ban e sex it's fucking weird and cringe as fuck. You have like irl 28 year olds rping with 14 year olds on this server there are too many young kids to to RP this cringe shit ban it fuck sake.
  13. KomuroYakatashi

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Aman @Portside @ItsMelodyy These guys are really helpful and fair, do not favour situations to one side or the other and are just decent.
  14. KomuroYakatashi

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    **Another Snapchat story posted in Ganton, Los Santos, no username provided** **In the next snap you would see a black male posing with a teen on a bike, holding up wads of cash that would roughly equate to about $1,000.** **The Snapchat story would end and you would return to the snap map** ((Potentially sensitive content ahead))
  15. KomuroYakatashi

    idlewood criminals syndicate

    Gl hf

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