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  1. Ive been fairly close to the Vikings since...september 2019 maybe? When we had dougie as Prez down by sandy shores, honestly sad to see such a long running faction that has provided me tens of hours of fun on owl go, but hey, life goes on. Long live vikings, gave Jenna Woods the time of her life
  2. Alli Farms LLC Today Alli Farms is finally in business as we have relocated to a large plot of farmland, alongside that we have also aquired a brand-new Harvester, thus now enabling us to get to growing! Current produce being grown now with this new equipment: Potatoes, Corn.
  3. Hell yeah finally a gang for grove to RP with, awesome stuff mate
  4. Greetings. As my faction is now official, id like to create a subforum for it in the Business section. The subforum should look like this: 1.Main Subforum (Alli Farms LLC) Announcements Financial Reports 2. Employee area Leave of Absence requests Employee records 3. Careers Accepted Denied Archive So it works like this then, Employee area is its own subsection and Careers is also its own subsection. Id also like perms to edit,post and move stuff around the subforum if possible. And also id like to have the main thread moved up to the main subforum. Cheers!
  5. Shoutout to my boy @Kjam and our epic farm, it shows hard work does pay off, Alli Farms represent, hell yeah
  6. I did it once and everybody memes it :sadge:
  7. "This we'll Defend" (( Logo TBA )) Los Santos National Guard 1st Battalion LOCATION Our center of operations is Fort Zancudo Military Airbase, situated on the western side of Mt.Josiah, near the shore. The base operates as a training zone as shown below, which will be NO-GO to civilians during any exercises or training. Bird's eye view of the Base. Training zone that is forbidden to Civilians during exercise. OUR MOTTO We strive to create a professional, well trained Battalion that can provide safe upkeep in the event of large scale riots or threats to the State of Los Santos. Our recruitment process is very thorough, as we want only the best of members to serve our purpose. RECRUITMENT Recruitment consists of three phases. Phase one is signing a form, so we are able to verify that you are well-fit for the National Guard. Phase two is is an interview, where we will be asking questions and testing your competence and smarts. Phase three, if you have successfully gone through the first two, is a physical examination to make sure you are fit for the task at hand. After all three phases and if you are successful, you will be permitted to enter Basic Combat Training, where we will teach you the ropes, including discipline and behaviour. Applicant must have the following: Aged 18-30(Aged up to 55 for High command), No criminal record, No mental illnesses or any other form of physical or mental disabilities on a medical form. EQUIPMENT AND STRUCTURE Los Santos National Guard structure is as follows: High command Battalion Chief (Ranked as Lieutenant Colonel) Battalion 2nd in Command (Ranked as Major) Battalion Arnament Officer (Ranked as First Lieutenant) Battalion Vehicles Officer (Ranked as First Lieutenant) Battalion Communications Officer (Ranked as First Lieutenant) SQUAD Squad leader (Ranked as Staff Sergeant) Rifleman (Ranked up to Sergeant) Machine Gunner (Ranked up to Sergeant) Sharpshooter (Ranked up to Sergeant) Outside of that, our Battalion also operates a number of vehicles like the Rhino GEN2 Main Battle Tank, or the GEN2 APC used for infantry transport. We also have air capabilities such as the P996-LAZER Fighter Jet or the Titan. So what are you waiting for, Uncle Sam wants you! Sign up: Sign-up Form (( OOC RULES )) If you use the assets provided to you in order to break server rules then you will face being banned from the faction as well as subject to admin action. This faction is served up as a means of RP for people who wish to experience things related to the military, abuse of the assets provided may lead to the closure of the faction. For someone to join, one must have atleast 10 hours of IG playtime and 30 hours of total game time. You must have a flawless admin record, which is asked in the Sign-up form.
  8. "This we'll defend" *Small posters with this logo and writing would be spread out all around LS.* *Comments would be disabled.*
  9. Nice profile

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      ru checking me out 👀

    2. Valkyr


      Yeah mate im doing it 👀

  10. fair, could give it a toggle aswell, not really a bad idea honestly, those who prefer text can have that, and those who want analog speedo get theirs
  11. Wahey, hello new one, lets see you ingame then,eh?
  12. Nice profile

  13. Nice profile

    1. Vubstersmurf


      Thanks grew it myself 

  14. how would this work in terms of using farm equipment, farming fields and such? I kinda wish there was a way to script in actual crop growing on fields but thats a way too big of a long shot to do
  15. Anyone wanna shag

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      Alright come over mate

  16. +1 to gio's idea, since the caribbean area gets more rain, maybe change the weather map from LA to Miami?
  17. Post here any screenshots related to Alli Farms or RP surrounding it.
  18. Alli Farms LLC Where the best food is made! We here at Alli Farms strive to bring you, the consumer, the healthiest and best crops for the LS county. Our produce uses environmentally friendly fertilizers and operations to ensure the best quality, and at the same time, leaving a minimal environmental impact. We wish to one day become completely Climate Positive, which means solar power, biofuel and efficient farming processes. Our operations We currently operate a small plot of farmland just east of Mt.Chiliad, with short-term plans on expanding into the Grapeseed area. Future upgrades and purchases will be made for better equipment to make our process of harvesting and cultivating more efficient. Our equipment currently: 1x Stanley Fieldmaster 1x John Deere W230 Harvester 1x Stanley Plow 1x Stanley Seeder 1x Stanley Cultivator Crops Currently Alli Farms is growing Potatoes and Corn, with the future ambition to start growing more dedicated produce(Tomato, Livestock). Employment Currently in the starting-phase of our company, we are a small business so employment will open up once our operations grow further. Contact info For business Inquiries, please email us over at: Allifarms@LS.com (( PM @Valkyr ))
  19. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- key combinations for custom binds What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- The ability to use multiple keys(2 would suffice) to create more custom binds, for example ctrl+numpad1 etc. What are the advantages?- More customization in terms of binds for use What are the disadvantages?- None i can see of Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Sadly none How would you go about implementing this idea?- Maybe have the script detect multiple key presses for binds?
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