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  1. THIS IS A TESTING PHASE!!! Basic station has been Set-up. RADIO LISTENING! Along with this, Song suggestions are also up: Song Suggestions!
  2. this is pointless and wont solve anything, also we have two chats
  3. Valkyr

    MTA Event

    Cat meet at Verona Beach,come down and show off!
  4. Valkyr

    MTA Event

    lets be real though, i doubt an event will bring in more people,but it would be fun for the ones that do play, maybe a bioterror event similar to what peach wrote on
  5. i wish esex in general was banned
  6. you missed a great pun in Owlwards and Upwards
  7. hope this will work out, kudos to all those who stay in paleto though!
  8. How do you do cinematic shots like these, freecam?
  9. The Vikings MC single-handedly regained my interest in Owl and i cannot thank those fellas enough, really deserved this!
  10. Few aesthetic shots. Paying respects.
  11. Introducing Radio Beats FM, First project of San Andreas Broadcasting! Your Number one radio station for all of San Andreas! I aim to bring you, dear listener, a radio experience filled with news, guests, and other wacky or weird stuff along with the greatest tracks, ranging from Heavy metal down to Rap and EDM. Tune in! ( TESTING PHASE!!!) RADIO LISTENING! Song Suggestions are up! :Suggest a song! (( Will put this into a custom radio station when the update hits too. ))
  12. and then get PG'd and CKd anyway,yeah no thanks
  13. thats the thing that will always turn me off, i dont want to get robbed every 5 min like it was on MTA before the zero player drop, find a good balance, because being robbed 24/7 is about as anti-fun as it can get and what made me bail on MTA in the first place
  14. with that though,CKing should really be less strict, what fun is there in playing 2 hours only to get CKd
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