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  1. Valkyr

    Hi All!

    welcome to Owl, glad to have you lad! While the scripts currently might be in the works, watch out for future updates since the devs here are mad good at their shit, cant wait to meet ya IG
  2. through custom binds menu, i dont think theres a possibility to edit them, asked around,noone knows, you know the same way you can edit a post on forums,except you can edit/change the bind key aswell along with function
  3. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Change custom keybind once it has been mapped to a Key What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Ive been frustrated with this for a while, you cant(IIRC) change the keybind as it has been already assigned to a button. This makes a few things annoying, namely redoing anims that youve binded to customs, or if you wish to make a bind change from Character specific to Account specific or the opposite. What are the advantages?- Makes some frustrating moments where you have to redo binds less frustrating. Changing a bind from character specific to account specific makes it less tedious to work with custom binds, since sometimes you might need to change some stuff about a bind that you mightve messed up. Removes a few extra clicks. What are the disadvantages?- None. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Unfortunately no, although adding an extra window that connects to the bind should not be too crazy to do, im not exactly up to date on the script languages these days. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Possibly add an edit button next to Delete so you can edit said binds too?
  4. this is just jewish tricks to gather data
  5. Ill be damned, some proper good RP in MTA aswell, keep it up, MTA deserves people as much as owlV does, much luck to ya!
  6. Basic AI shoulnt be too hard to code, spawning randomly,possibly in preset areas set beforehand or mapped, then having random paths in a certain area,whilst avoiding roads, in theory it doesnt sound too hard(not sure what language is used to script for Rage)
  7. isnt it possible on rageMP to add NPCs? it'd work well if you wanna be a certified hunter
  8. Gotta admit, Being a part of this has created the best character development ive commited to in ages, much love from the wacky hat Jenna
  9. tbh what drove me away from MTA was all the illegal shit, idk to me it felt like there was so much of it, mightve been that i hung around the wrong people but still, it was a blast while it was there, its a blast for those who still play it, great nostalgia though
  10. thing is, times move on, while simple, yes, it does not appeal to most gamers anymore, GTA5 is the new SA in a way that alot of people have migrated platforms, so while im sad about MTA, im happy we now have OwlV to step into its shoes, remember how MTA started out, were gonna get it better
  11. thanks for fixing these, had issues with these for a while
  12. some clothing objects and details can be a huge ass to see up front only(not saying do this ASAP,just something to consider in the future when other stuff is fleshed out well)
  13. woulnt this add more load to the server, aKa streaming/downloading stuff in, thus creating lagspikes etc?
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