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  1. JasonValkyrie

    Valkyrie Truck&Cargo

    After many hours of discussion, i am incredibly proud, happy, and extatic to announce that i have merged with Millennium Corp.! Thanks to this merge, my company will be able to push out proper advertising, and start hiring more truckers, thus creating a higher output of service. This marks a new day in my company's history, one that will go down as a kickstart to something big! I look forward to working together with the Corp. and hope for a long and prosperous, yet worker-friendly relation!
  2. JasonValkyrie

    Valkyrie Truck&Cargo

    I have created a new logo for the company, to represent my vision further. Also created a form for easy delivery of goods! SIMPLE DELIVERY FORM (Delivery speed may vary.)
  3. JasonValkyrie

    Story of a Valkyrie, Take one

    June 4th, 2012. Jason woke up that day, in the barracks, as usual. Woken up by the Sergeant, quickly getting dressed, and going out for the morning run. He would never know that today would be both his best, and his worst, most lifechanging day. As Jason progressed throughout the day, doing his usual tactical exercises, Lunch came. As he was eating in the dining complex, the Platoon Commander came and called them all in. Jason would have no clue as to what he will be tied to next. As he was standing there, lined up, the Commander was walking back and forth, talking about how good of an unit we are, how we have been moved up in the world. That world would be....Afghanistan. 9 months of Afghan Heat. Our job, as described by the commander, would be routine patrol in Panjwa'i District of the country. As described by the commander "One of the worst places to be deployed into". The platoon commanded ended with saying they would be going after our specialized training. As they were dismissed, Jason felt both excitement, and fear. This was the present his country gave him for his 18th. A 9 month trip to the most hostile district in Afghan. As he discussed it with his Platoon mates, they were equally terrified. Some were happy to get out, some didnt know what to think. Jason hadn't even noticed that it was almost 14:00, his mind was so occupied with what would happen, of the future he had. As Jason was nearing the end of his day, still feeling weird and slightly scared for the future ahead of him, He went to bed, not being able to properly sleep, constantly seeing awful nightmares, not knowing that some of those nightmares would become reality in a few months' time. To be continued.
  4. JasonValkyrie

    Valkyrie Truck&Cargo

    I am glad to announce that i have bought a small garage in Blueberry to accomodate goods, and provide a smoother service!
  5. JasonValkyrie

    Valkyrie Truck&Cargo

    Business specialized in Cargo delivery, and Heavy-load transport. Available vehicles: 2012 Peterbilt 389 W/ Standard size Dry-goods semi trailer. Ramp capability in near-future to support vehicle transport for competitive prices. CONTRACT FORM SIMPLE DELIVERY FORM CONTACT INFO. Phone Nr. 585145 or EMAIL: [email protected] (( Forum pm @JasonValkyrie))
  6. JasonValkyrie

    What are you currently listening to?

    absolutely any metallica fan will get the feels listening to this song
  7. JasonValkyrie

    Akecheta Apenimon - the last warrior

    gotta be real that was a great read.
  8. JasonValkyrie


    mine perse ei saa sa midagi
  9. JasonValkyrie

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    i have a pretty wide taste in music so i listen to whatever i like at the time, lately been more into metal though so this isnt super accurate
  10. JasonValkyrie

    Residential - #2 Vice street [ENDS: 07/12/2018]

    Name: JLV Comment: House is also great for winter as it has in-house heating! Bid on lads!
  11. JasonValkyrie

    Residential - #2 Vice street [ENDS: 07/12/2018]

    still no,im very sorry. (( starting price is the one i'd get selling it back to gov, if its not sold, ill just /sell it to gov and you can buy it for 125k lol ))
  12. JasonValkyrie

    Residential - #2 Vice street [ENDS: 07/12/2018]

    Im sorry, i cannot lower the starting price, any lower and i would be in a too severe deficit.

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