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  1. Name: S/A Bid: 17k Comment: Ricey but love it.
  2. Name: S/A Comment: Tops in km/h?
  3. JJE

    Rollin' Twenties Neighbourhood

    GOOD LUCK +111 wish to see this keep active. <3
  4. Name: S/A Comment: Mind meet up and take a look inside?
  5. JJE

    [SOLD] Car - 1991 Lotus Esprit [ENDS: 12/05/2018]

    Name: S/A Bid: 13.5k
  6. JJE

    [General] - Instant PM when AFK

    +1 Yea causes someone times as you said other players think you're just ignoring them.
  7. JJE

    [SOLD] Car - 1991 Lotus Esprit [ENDS: 12/05/2018]

    Name: S/A Bid: 8k
  8. Name: S/A Bid: 1.5k
  9. JJE

    [SOLD] Car - 1991 Lotus Esprit [ENDS: 12/05/2018]

    Name: S/A Bid: 6.5k
  10. Name: S/A Bid: offering 66k as starting comment: it’s ok fam, anyways I raised the offer a bid Incase you might change your mind later and by the way that’s literally all what I have and all this going for a Christmas prize πŸ˜ƒ.Cheers mate!
  11. -Ever wanted to become a pilot or at least serve in a plane? Ever wanted to work near planes and learn how they work? Ever wanted to work with the most amazing crew?! LSIA is still seeking new members to join in!! Most people will be traveling on Christmas month, apply now, earn and serve your country!!
  12. JJE

    [DENIED] Job Application - Vincent Hayden

    Dear Mr.Vincent Hayden (( @AMoussa)), As you failed to conduct an interview even after we emailed you privately, unfortunately, we would like to inform you we've DENIED you to join the department of LSIA. You can re-apply within the period of 168 hours (one week). We wish you the best of luck in your future. Regards, 𝕾.π•¬π–“π–Œπ–Šπ–‘π–” HR Manager
  13. JJE

    Bank Loans

    Yep. +1

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