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  1. if i bleed n u bleed what is there to fear

  2. happy birthday, memes.

  3. fun  fact eoozy is gay  !

    1. eoozy


      haahahaha nigger

    2. WickJeffe


      hahah he nigger

    3. Serx


      haha leev mey hyvaa ass mies alon

  4. your dad works at mcdonalds haha  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????v?????

  5. hahah happy birthday

    1. eoozy


      thanks skateboard ?

  6. Yeah so the bullets fly right through you while you're in drive-by mode, you can still get shot normally when you click out of it though https://i.gyazo.com/ffb1a3d064849860a89c047974a63b1f.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/62b9fbd4db1eb69768eb3ea3ea0fdd93.mp4
  7. Not really sure if he's missing those shots or not, will do some testing when I have the time
  8. haha unitts is finally 12

    1. tornstatue
    2. Jamie


      Hormones already going psycho?

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