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  1. LaPulga

    need DCS perms

    I need DCS perms. @Chaotropy can confirm.
  2. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Again, I'm going to repeat what I've said earlier. Gun fear is IC, and Ben is used to it IC. As a matter of fact Benjamin had already shot and killed somebody the same day this happened, and Nasir didn't kill me because I disregarded he killed me because he thought that I was not going to pay. I appreciate your comment, however, please refrain from posting if you were not involved in the situation. Thanks. Any admin going to handle this?
  3. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Bruh, you're more retarded, you reacted salty to 10 of my posts. Ps I did not talk shit.. just check the logs, mate. And can you please refrain from commenting useless stuff if you're not involved? Would be much appreciated.
  4. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    If I wanted to go invincible and untouchable I would've easily taken out my gun and killed one or two of you before getting killed (that would be disregarding obviously). However, I didn't. Ps: I was about to pay you the fucking money. ARE YOU SLOW? Right on, wannabe. This just proves that you googled "top 10 niggers and hood movies" then watched them all, and then started RP'ing as a black gang banger in an attempt to become one. "But cancer pack works too" Just proves how dumb you are lol. Please take the ooc hate out of this topic. If you're going to post something then make it useful. DaLuppo, please refrain from posting stupid shit, and spamming my topic, please. Just post the necessary stuff. much love xx Let's refrain from spamming the topic with random bullshit. Post something useful only if you're involved. I don't want my CK appeal to be spammed by 100 bullshit and random replies from people who are not even involved and don't know any single shit about what really happened.
  5. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    I skipped most of this because I noticed you keep repeating the same shit all and over again, and apparently you did not read what I said too so explains it. You keep saying my points are not worth arguing and you won't reply anymore but yet you keep replying. "Nasir didn't just shoot you because you didn't pay up. You disrespected him personally by calling him retarded in front of higher ranking members." What a reason my friend! Taking a man's life if a very big thing to do. He could've easily gave me a good beating and that way he would've proven himself much better than just taking out a gun and shooting me. Yet, he didn't, and this just proves that noobs are hungry for guns, and CK's. He indeed shot me because I did not pay, because if he wanted to shoot me for calling him retarded and disrespecting him, he would've done it earlier. "Why go talk to the driver when some random guy from the car stepped out, and came to talk to you?" Because that random guy only came to you to ask if y'all were alright or not. That random guy only tried to solve it in a friendly manner, instead a retard comes up to him and keeps demanding money from him. "So what kind of sense does it make that road rage is common in Canada, but isn't common in the US." I'm pretty sure it's very common in Canada and it's not that common in the US. You can go ahead and google it if you wanna make sure. "don't talk shit and expect me to pay" and I literally right after I said that I offered to pay one hundred bucks, yet I get shot? You guys were clearly hungry for a CK. "So how do you know he told you to stay specifically? What if he actually asked Tyrone to stay, and you and Shawn to leave? There was no /me refers to Benjamin, so why'd you assume it was you?" Yeah, like if he was talking to Tyrone from the beginning. What are you on about dude? That's common sense, he asked me to stay because I was the only one talking to him. Tyrone and Shawn didn't say a word the whole conversation they just stood there and watched me deal with some wannabe gangsters. Use your common sense, please. Please check the screenshot I posted. It proves that Nasir was indeed asking Shawn to get on the ground. Why would he ask me to get on the ground when I wasn't the one who pulled out a bat? If he did ask me to, why didn't he ask Tyrone too? Huh? It's all common sense. Again, giving me a good beating would've proven yourself much better than killing me. It would've proven that Nasir can handle his own shit without a gun. You could've easily ran me over too, road rages doesn't result in pulling out a gun and murdering the person. You might shoot him but murder him? Percentage of deaths caused from road rages is pretty low (6%) I've checked couple surveys.
  6. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    What? Just post the video and stop spamming the topic with random stuff. Let's keep this neat and clean and not full of random bullshit. Videos and screenshots won't change anything, I just thought I would post that pic to prove that Nasir was indeed not telling me to get on the ground. Are you Nasir by the way?
  7. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    https://imgur.com/a/XzraeRi this shows that Nasir was indeed ordering Shawn to get on his stomach, not me, and that I was indeed not looking at Nasir.
  8. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    I totally agree. It does SOUND as if I disregarded, however, I didn't. I was going to pay, and I did offer to pay, however, they killed me. If they've demanded a specific amount from the beginning then maybe all of this would've been easily avoided. However, in the end, they killed me because I did not pay, not because I acted tough and or talked shit even though I had intentions to pay them. And that's why I'm appealing it because they decided to kill me just because I didn't pay, and in my eyes I find this to be a very poor and stupid reason. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-08-31 19:11:02 [English] Benjamin Lincoln says: I wasn't driving. 2018-08-31 19:11:04 [English] Benjamin Lincoln says: You blind? 2018-08-31 19:11:05 [English] Tyrone Oronjello says: Nigga, he ain't drivin' shiiit. 2018-08-31 19:11:07 [English] Nasir Jefferson says: You compensate for my damages. 2018-08-31 19:11:08 [English] Marwan Al Shelby says: I don't give a fuck. 2018-08-31 19:11:10 [English] Nasir Jefferson says: You guys go. 2018-08-31 19:11:15 [English] Benjamin Lincoln says: I'm checkin' on you and you start talkin' shit? 2018-08-31 19:11:15 [English] Nasir Jefferson says: You don't compensate for my damages. 2018-08-31 19:11:15 [English] Tyrone Oronjello says: Ehh? 2018-08-31 19:11:20 [English] Marwan Al Shelby says: So who was driving, either way y'all gonna pay up. 2018-08-31 19:11:25 [English] Nasir Jefferson says: You guys, go six feet under, or to a hospital. Here you can see that Nasir asked Tyrone (the driver) along with Shawn to leave, asked me to compensate for his damages when I really didn't do anything wrong besides talking. I don't see why you would go the passenger and demand money from him when all he did was talk. You say I disregarded, but if I really did you would've killed me when I really did disregard, but instead you killed me because I didn't want to pay, how is that disregarding? Take into consideration that I was about to pay...
  9. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Again, Nasir was looking at Shawn script-wisely and I had my back turned at Nasir because I was asking Shawn to drop the bat on the ground, and when I turned and looked at Nasir, he continued to talk to me, and never ordered me to get on the ground. How could I possibly know that he was talking to me if he was facing Shawn and when I wasn't even facing him. He should've done a /me would be addressing Benjamin so I could know that he was indeed talking to me. He never talked to the driver, we all stepped out of the vehicle and I asked if they were alright or not, they never said whether they were alright or not, they instead looked at me and asked for compensation, and I have no idea why. Road rage over a very very minor accident? I am sorry, but it appears that you do not know what road rage is. Road rage is common in Canada, however it's not so common in America, so just because it's common in your country (Canada) doesn't mean it happens very often in the US. However, that indeed was road rage, but road rage doesn't result in people taking out their guns and murdering others. You could've ran us over, or beat us, but you didn't. "I can name you 100s of incidents where a car accident led to a shooting. I do not recall anyone acting like a maniac though." Be my guest. "Almost all the time in real life, when a knife or gun is pulled out on you and your friends... " And I did not act like hero neither did I refuse to comply. He never told me how much he wanted, and when I offered to pay him 100 bucks he killed me. "I ain't giving you shit until you change that tone" I never said that. 2018-08-31 19:13:46 [English] Benjamin Lincoln says: But don't talk shit and expect me to pay. 2018-08-31 19:13:51 [English] Tyrone Oronjello says: Aye. 2018-08-31 19:13:52 [English] Marwan Al Shelby says: Bruh. 2018-08-31 19:13:52 [English] Benjamin Lincoln says: Hundred bucks does it? 2018-08-31 19:13:52 [English] Nasir Jefferson says: Fam. I was referring to your attitude from the very beginning, and you can see that I indeed was going to pay, and 100 bucks was all I had on me. "Once Nasir was asking about a payment, you told him "you seem retarded I'ma talk with someone else". Because you don't just get out of your car and immediately demand the passenger to pay you. You guys did not kill me because I was talking shit, if you wanted to kill me for talking shit you would've done it earlier because I stopped talking shit when you pulled out your guns. You CK'ed me because I didn't want to pay, even though I was about to.
  10. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Oh? They do have tattoos identifying them as Hoover crips? That's why none of them bothered to state it in a /do. How am I supposed to know they're apart of a gang when none of them gave me any clues about it? Moreover they all were wearing jackets, and hoodies. If you think that I must die because I told them they're messing with the wrong people, then you sir don't know what realism is. They could've beaten me up on the spot and stole my shit, along with the car. I totally agree with you that by saying that I would be a possible threat, but KILLING somebody is a very huge thing to do, and not everybody can do it. They could've tried beating me up, and robbing my shit, or PK'ing me. But CK? I don't think it's really fair. Again, Nasir never pointed the gun at me except for once and it was just moments before I got killed. They were all pointing the gun at Shawn and Tyrone as far as I can remember. They only ordered me to pay, and I was going to do, but they killed me before doing so. I was about to pay them but instead they killed me. The reason why I said "But don't talk shit and expect me to pay." was because of their attitude from the beginning, and you can see that I did offer to pay them just right after I said that. Again, please refrain from commenting if you were not involved in the situation or if you have nothing useful to say. Cheers.
  11. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Where does it say that I pulled out a weapon? I never insulted them, I never threatened them (if you think that "messing with the wrong people" and "robbing the wrong niggaz" are insults and threats then okay), and I never pulled out a weapon. 1. Why do I have to RP fear just because I know OOC'ly they're apart of an illegal faction and that I have to RP fear because they're a gang? Wouldn't I be using OOC information for IC purposes that way? 2. "Comply and be happy they didnt just pop you on the spot" Ok? That's so stupid, and again unrealistic. 3. And then get CK'ed for "snitching" If you have something useful to say, please say it, if you don't then please stop commenting and spamming the topic with unnecessary stuff.
  12. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Please read what I said and try to understand it, then consider telling me this. Thanks.
  13. LaPulga

    Character Kill Appeal - Benjamin Lincoln

    Nasir never ordered me to get on the ground, Nasir never aimed the gun at me except for once. You all were aiming the gun at Shawn most of them, and you ordered him to get on his stomach and he did. You never addressed me or ordered me to get on my stomach. I never walked towards Nasir when he had his guy out, I just turned around because I was talking to him. And yes, we were driving in the wrong lane but so were you, as far as I know that lane we were driving on is not intended for vehicles (ain't sure). Anyways, why did you guys continue to ask me to pay when I wasn't the one driving the SUV? That's just dumb. You don't just ask one of the passengers to pay and expect him to. I wasn't wrong, because I wasn't driving the SUV. You should've talked to the driver instead. Also, you claim that the front bumper and the door of your vehicle was damaged when it was a 10 km/h hit so how is that possible? Everything in the vehicle was fine besides the front bumper looking completely smashed because of GTA physics and you know that. Yet you take it IC when IC'ly the front bumper would only have minor scratches and or damages. The fact that you decided to get out and ask me to pay up, talk like shit, and act retarded just shows how retarded you all are. Realistically you wouldn't shoot somebody because of a car accident, realistically you wouldn't get out of your car and act like a maniac because your bumper has scratches on it, realistically speaking nobody does that shit you guys did. Don't expect to pull out guns on my friends, and expect me not to try, and verbally defend them just because you have guns, and because by doing so I would be disregarding my life. That's totally dumb from you, and that's one of the main reasons why I started talking shit. If you wanted money, you should've spoke to the driver, not the passenger, instead you go up to me, and keep acting like shit, and expect me to pay up? Excuse me mate, but that's just dumb. You could've either asked nicely, and I would've offered to pay up, or you could've asked the driver, and it would still be up to us since we're not legally forced to pay you AFAIK. You ask why I didn't show fear when you pulled out your guns just like everyday wannabes? For two reasons, Benjamin is used to this, and I really didn't expect you to shoot us because of an accident when I wasn't even the driver because that's totally dumb and unrealistic as fuck.
  14. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- LaPulga Character Name- Benjamin Lincoln Date of Incident- 08/31/2018 Supervising Administrator- CourtezBoi Narrative- I was riding in the car with two guys when we suddenly crash into another sedan with four people in it. We all get out and I ask them if they're alright or not, however, one of them started acting tough and talking shit, and immediately asks for money. So, I called him retarded and went to talk to the driver of the other vehicle but he turns out to be more retarded. Anyways, they keep demanding money like if it was a big ass accident when it was really a minor car crash. However, one of my friends that was with me in the same car, takes out his bat, then next thing we know is the other 4 dudes taking out their guns and aiming at us. I immediately ask him to drop his bat and he does so. I asked the other dudes to chill out and stuff, but they kept demanding money. Benjamin wasn't really scared IC'ly because Ben IC'ly is used to these kind of stuff, so I tell one of them that his gun isn't gonna scare me and I ask him to put it away, however, they all refuse to do so. We continue to talk for one or two more minutes and I eventually offer to pay him, however, they decide to kill me. I think it's unfair to CK me because this is so unrealistic imo. You don't just go and kill somebody because he crashed into your car, even though I wasn't the driver. I was only trying to solve the situation but they started acting like shit. It's also unfair considering I was going to pay them but they killed me before doing so. I understand you might think that I showed no fear, but thing is Benjamin is used to this, and I did show fear because I asked him multiple times to put the gun away and I offered him to pay even though I wasn't wrong, because I wasn't the driver and I didn't go and talk bullshit. Evidence- https://pastebin.com/AHr1upP1 Method of Death- Not sure, got shot in the head probably. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No

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