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  1. I literally started getting inside at the same time he was getting out and it took me a few seconds before my screen had finished loading getting inside the van.
  2. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- LaPulga Character Name- Jeremiah Lewis Date of Incident- 06/08/2019 Supervising Administrator- mogs Narrative- My friend and I were driving around in a van and I was sitting in the back. We were just looking for people to kidnap around idlewood. We found some guy and we decided that we were going to rob him so we pulled up beside him and I hopped out of the van with my machine-gun aimed at him and I started giving him orders to get inside the van and he did. However, when I tried to get inside the back of the van some weird bug happened and it caused me to get in the passenger seat so I got out and went to the back of the and tried to get inside the back again but the bug wouldn't let me and it sat me in the pass seat and I was really distracted by this that I forgot to send my /do in F8 that said "Jeremiah would still be aiming the weapon at Vince" because ICly I would never ever take the gun off of him because I was sure he had a gun because of he was wearing a hoodie and he had backpack and it was around 12 am. Back to the point.. the bug really distracted me from sending my /do and I completely forgot about it because I wanted to get in the back of the van ASAP in order not to catch anyone's attention or such. However, when the game finally let me get in the back the dude just hopped outside the van with no RP at all and shot and killed us. I legit thought he was getting outside just to help me get in the back because it was very obvious that there was some sort of glitch even mogs tested and confirmed it. However that was not the case, the dude hopped outside, took out his gun and shot and killed us. Honestly, I think this is ridiculous for a few reasons, one being that if I had gotten inside the van with no issues I would have pushed my /do in F8 and I would have started hitting him until he lost his consciousness because that was my plan. Two: I had my gun aimed ICly at him I did not RP it but why would I not have the gun aimed at him? He looked very suspicious and I was sure he had a gun ps. why would I not have my gun aimed at somebody whom I'm planning to kidnap? Three: I waited for him to get inside the van and I had my weapon pointed at him all that time and I would have never took it off of him unless he lost his consciousness and that was my plan. He simply took advantage of my bug and decided to hop out the van and kill us. This is blatant PG in my eyes because I would have never stopped aiming the gun at him and because realistically I would have noticed that he was reaching for his waist-line and would have immediately shot and killed him. Evidence- https://pastebin.com/VwJydzGh I also have a clip that was sent to me by Vince and I'll be sending it to the handling admin. Method of Death- Shot and killed. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  3. Hey, Noah. It's Bobby here. I'll reply on a few things you've said here. - First off, Joseph should have been CK'ed because he was simply disregarding his life. He saw two armed men robbing you and what did he do? He decided to go Rambo style and crouched on the ground and starting firing at us like Rambo. Tyrone and I then started firing back and that was when I decided to leave Tyrone and go from around the building, and when I arrived there Joseph was badly injured, and I only fired one shot as his leg to make sure he died script-wisely. - You claim that you were still conscious to remember two black men; however, you are in the wrong here buddy. You only saw Tyrone (he was wearing a helmet, don't forget that) for a few minutes before I role-played stomping on your head, and then I kicked you in your ribcage, then I role-played stomping on your head again until you lost your consciousness. However, you, sir, did not RP any of your injuries not even the kick to your ribcage. I'm pretty sure if a 187+ LBS man stomped on your head you would go unconscious. - You claim to have remembered Tyrone when you saw him at Pizza Stacks because he was riding the same bike and it had the same license plates and color. But I want to address a few things here.. First, it's more than possible to see that color around the city of LS because it was no unique color. The primary color of the vehicle was black with a small pink strip. But let's just assume that it is the only bike in Los Santos with the same color, you still wouldn't be able to remember it from the license plate because I doubt that you role-played memorizing the license plate of your FRIEND'S bike because literally nobody would do that imo. You just MG'ed his OOC name and decided to shoot him and pulled up the license plate as a very lame explanation to go away with killing him. But let's also say that you in fact did RP memorizing it. You still shouldn't have killed him instantly for a couple reasons; One: It could have been purchased by somebody without knowing that it's IC'ly stolen, and two: You could've just went up to Tyrone and asked him how he got the bike and if you sensed that he was lying you could've then shot him, and three: You never saw Tyrone's face and also he was wearing a different outfit. "Quick edit, because I forgot something important: Your friend logged at least 4 times during the whole situation. I rest my case." This has nothing to do with the situation. I started having problems with my connection in the last few minutes of the situation. I didn't disconnect on purpose. Also let's refrain from commenting here to make the topic neat and clean and not full of people arguing against each other.
  4. You've won the auction! I'll email you with the necessary details as soon as possible. Congratulations!
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car https://imgur.com/a/D6vKi5J Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Mustang GT Premium VIN: 21886 Mileage: 15,500 Description: Great vehicle with a great interior. Handles pretty well while driving. Top speed is 124MP/H (200KM/H). Images https://imgur.com/a/D6vKi5J Starting bid: 30,000 Minimum increase: 1,000 Buyout: 37,000 Auction end date: 29-Jan-19 Contact details: I'll email the winner.
  6. Again, I'm going to repeat what I've said earlier. Gun fear is IC, and Ben is used to it IC. As a matter of fact Benjamin had already shot and killed somebody the same day this happened, and Nasir didn't kill me because I disregarded he killed me because he thought that I was not going to pay. I appreciate your comment, however, please refrain from posting if you were not involved in the situation. Thanks. Any admin going to handle this?
  7. Bruh, you're more retarded, you reacted salty to 10 of my posts. Ps I did not talk shit.. just check the logs, mate. And can you please refrain from commenting useless stuff if you're not involved? Would be much appreciated.
  8. If I wanted to go invincible and untouchable I would've easily taken out my gun and killed one or two of you before getting killed (that would be disregarding obviously). However, I didn't. Ps: I was about to pay you the fucking money. ARE YOU SLOW? Right on, wannabe. This just proves that you googled "top 10 niggers and hood movies" then watched them all, and then started RP'ing as a black gang banger in an attempt to become one. "But cancer pack works too" Just proves how dumb you are lol. Please take the ooc hate out of this topic. If you're going to post something then make it useful. DaLuppo, please refrain from posting stupid shit, and spamming my topic, please. Just post the necessary stuff. much love xx Let's refrain from spamming the topic with random bullshit. Post something useful only if you're involved. I don't want my CK appeal to be spammed by 100 bullshit and random replies from people who are not even involved and don't know any single shit about what really happened.
  9. I skipped most of this because I noticed you keep repeating the same shit all and over again, and apparently you did not read what I said too so explains it. You keep saying my points are not worth arguing and you won't reply anymore but yet you keep replying. "Nasir didn't just shoot you because you didn't pay up. You disrespected him personally by calling him retarded in front of higher ranking members." What a reason my friend! Taking a man's life if a very big thing to do. He could've easily gave me a good beating and that way he would've proven himself much better than just taking out a gun and shooting me. Yet, he didn't, and this just proves that noobs are hungry for guns, and CK's. He indeed shot me because I did not pay, because if he wanted to shoot me for calling him retarded and disrespecting him, he would've done it earlier. "Why go talk to the driver when some random guy from the car stepped out, and came to talk to you?" Because that random guy only came to you to ask if y'all were alright or not. That random guy only tried to solve it in a friendly manner, instead a retard comes up to him and keeps demanding money from him. "So what kind of sense does it make that road rage is common in Canada, but isn't common in the US." I'm pretty sure it's very common in Canada and it's not that common in the US. You can go ahead and google it if you wanna make sure. "don't talk shit and expect me to pay" and I literally right after I said that I offered to pay one hundred bucks, yet I get shot? You guys were clearly hungry for a CK. "So how do you know he told you to stay specifically? What if he actually asked Tyrone to stay, and you and Shawn to leave? There was no /me refers to Benjamin, so why'd you assume it was you?" Yeah, like if he was talking to Tyrone from the beginning. What are you on about dude? That's common sense, he asked me to stay because I was the only one talking to him. Tyrone and Shawn didn't say a word the whole conversation they just stood there and watched me deal with some wannabe gangsters. Use your common sense, please. Please check the screenshot I posted. It proves that Nasir was indeed asking Shawn to get on the ground. Why would he ask me to get on the ground when I wasn't the one who pulled out a bat? If he did ask me to, why didn't he ask Tyrone too? Huh? It's all common sense. Again, giving me a good beating would've proven yourself much better than killing me. It would've proven that Nasir can handle his own shit without a gun. You could've easily ran me over too, road rages doesn't result in pulling out a gun and murdering the person. You might shoot him but murder him? Percentage of deaths caused from road rages is pretty low (6%) I've checked couple surveys.
  10. What? Just post the video and stop spamming the topic with random stuff. Let's keep this neat and clean and not full of random bullshit. Videos and screenshots won't change anything, I just thought I would post that pic to prove that Nasir was indeed not telling me to get on the ground. Are you Nasir by the way?
  11. https://imgur.com/a/XzraeRi this shows that Nasir was indeed ordering Shawn to get on his stomach, not me, and that I was indeed not looking at Nasir.
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