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  2. Tiagorum

    San Andreas

  3. Tiagorum

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Law - For being a friendly, patient and efficient administrator. Clear love to the community.
  4. Tiagorum

    [Economy] - Gold.

    yes please sir sponsored by the steven spade gold mines
  5. eia caralho ganda cena man +1
  6. Tiagorum

    Wah Ching

    been calling the noodle vendor job for quite a while now
  7. Tiagorum

    2015 Dodge Durango R/T

    Name: N/A Bid: 10.000$
  8. Tiagorum

    Nostalgic Games

    hi there! would you like to sign my petition?
  9. yes please, this is essential
  10. Tiagorum

    raw sauce

    you guys are the reason we still have tobacco smokers
  11. Tiagorum

    [NEW] The Precinct

    Your number one law enforcement bar! NOW OPEN! PASADENA BLVD, COMMERCE A fan of the police department? Retired officer? On duty cop? IA scum? Doesn't matter, come over to The Precinct and have the time of your life! Who doesn't like a game of pool and a whiskey on the rocks with their fellow officers?
  12. Tiagorum

    [SOLD] 2015 Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6

    Name: Sterling Bid: 30.000$
  13. Tiagorum

    [SOLD] 2015 Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6

    Name: Sterling Bid: Starting 25.000$
  14. we must seize the means of gamecoins

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