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  1. yeah would be quite an addition for all the immersion freaks, but it honestly doesn't make much difference since there's monitors with built-in crosshairs nowadays and those good ole ghetto DIY sticky note shenanigans aren't far out the reach either. honestly just quite unneeded and easy as fuck to exploit since there's no proper way to fight against it.
  2. Hood Entrepreneur II -- Weak On Defense.
  3. Friction with LA's most hated gang -- Jamestown Bracktivities.
  4. misanthropy


    could it be mr cc wattson himself
  5. W/S with the BS -- RSNHC's walk up on 52 HGC.
  6. seriously what owl needs rn put in that jale
  7. NHP Landmark. -- JNHP.I.P No Good II
  8. Brianna Cox says: Talkin bout dumb shit, foo. That's me. I'm dumb shit. That's what I do. That's what /WE/ do. PEACH TREE CLUB PARTY CUT SHORT -- JAMESTOWN ACTIVIST II
  9. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences. // Champions League Highlight Reel, JNHP.I.P No Good. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences II // ''Really pulled up solo dolo.''
  10. HG's first gun. -- Frontlines gripped up!
  11. Brianna Cox a/k/a Lil Shyster #2 // Validation from the big homie.
  12. Familiar voices from the past // Kapone's touch down!
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