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  1. Hood Entrepreneur II -- Weak On Defense.
  2. Friction with LA's most hated gang -- Jamestown Bracktivities.


    could it be mr cc wattson himself
  4. W/S with the BS -- RSNHC's walk up on 52 HGC.
  5. bring shit like this back

  6. seriously what owl needs rn put in that jale
  7. i like this faction keep it up
  8. NHP Landmark. -- JNHP.I.P No Good II
  9. Brianna Cox says: Talkin bout dumb shit, foo. That's me. I'm dumb shit. That's what I do. That's what /WE/ do. PEACH TREE CLUB PARTY CUT SHORT -- JAMESTOWN ACTIVIST II
  10. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences. // Champions League Highlight Reel, JNHP.I.P No Good. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences II // ''Really pulled up solo dolo.''
  11. HG's first gun. -- Frontlines gripped up!
  12. Brianna Cox a/k/a Lil Shyster #2 // Validation from the big homie.
  13. Familiar voices from the past // Kapone's touch down!
  14. Free all my brothers that's stuck in the slammer
  15. High school tension // Jamestown drama queens
  16. Poor bedtime habits // Kapone's blessing
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