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  2. oisko poistaa jotai akuuttii aamiaistarvikkeita tai jotai mukkulan hepatiittirotta syyhki oltermannit vittu laita vaik piuhal tai jotai. philisp mankka kajari akuutti 15min tori säätö tos eduskuntatalol ni saan siit jotain ni voin sit maksaa, en laita tilil mitää kuumottaa vitusti sossut ja edunvalvonta yms ulosoton takia ni koodaile jotai jos mitää valio jogurttii tai ees leipää tms ois poistaa

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      hi klip i hope ur good

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      i been good klip, hope u been good my klip

  3. Stomped down Hoover, not your regular Groover.
  4. Still relevant . Gj doe, vubs. You did your shit.
  5. The Hoover Criminal Gang (HCG) began as an African-American street gang located in the western district of South Los Santos, San Andreas. Known as the "Hoover Groovers" in its earliest conception, this gang predates the formation of the Crips and Bloods during the late 60s and early 70s era. Their name derives from Grove Street which is situated below Carson Avenue, Davis where the "Hoover Groovers" originated. The West Side (W/S) 112 Hoover Criminal Gang (also referred to as "11-Deuce Hoover Criminals") are a long standing set of Hoover Criminals located in the Western district of South Los Santos. Also known as the "Lay-Lows", they were founded in the early 1970s and are a subset of the larger Hoover Criminal umbrella. The 112 Hoover Criminal neighborhood sits directly next to the 107 Hoover Criminal Gang; their closest ally. The 112 Hoovers control an area north of the nearby 107 Hoovers, dominating Jamestown Street (referred to as Hoover Street). The 112 Hoover Criminal received unconditional support from the 107 Hoovers during their bitter rivalry with the Denver Lane Gangster Bloods. They've since become linked together as the "Century Boyz" and are known for hanging in each others territories. The 112 Hoover Criminals are long-term rivals of 113 Original Blocc Crips, 115 Neighborhood Crips, 120 Raymond Avenue Crips, Watergate Crips, Pimp Town Gangster Crips, and Denver Lane Gangster Bloods. The Hoover Criminal Gang adopted its blue colors due to its history with the Crips, later adopting orange in the 1990s after the developed rivalry, taking on the Houston Astros baseball team’s colors and branding of a blue star within orange outlines with a bolded orange 'H’. Out of Character Information: This faction is based on the real life W/S 112 Hoover Criminal Gang, which we will be trying our best to portray. You should not be approaching the gangs as an outsider with the intent of joining. Realistically, your character should have been raised or a local to the neighborhood. Under no circumstances, should those who are ABOVE the age of 17, approach the gang after having "moved into the area from "Chicago". This type of roleplay may get you immediate disapproval and dislike. If you have any questions regarding your research or anything else, we highly recommend you join our Discord; https://discord.gg/2MBba9kEmA Questions regarding the W/S 112 Hoover Criminal Gang can be directed to @Klippan on forums, or klippan#1755 on Discord.
  6. yeah would be quite an addition for all the immersion freaks, but it honestly doesn't make much difference since there's monitors with built-in crosshairs nowadays and those good ole ghetto DIY sticky note shenanigans aren't far out the reach either. honestly just quite unneeded and easy as fuck to exploit since there's no proper way to fight against it.
  7. Hood Entrepreneur II -- Weak On Defense.
  8. Friction with LA's most hated gang -- Jamestown Bracktivities.
  9. W/S with the BS II -- Temperature Check.
  10. Klippan


    could it be mr cc wattson himself ?
  11. W/S with the BS -- RSNHC's walk up on 52 HGC.
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