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  1. Brianna Cox says: Talkin bout dumb shit, foo. That's me. I'm dumb shit. That's what I do. That's what /WE/ do. PEACH TREE CLUB PARTY CUT SHORT -- JAMESTOWN ACTIVIST II
  2. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences. // Champions League Highlight Reel, JNHP.I.P No Good. Split-second decision -- Fuck the consequences II // ''Really pulled up solo dolo.''
  3. what da dog do thou?

    1. KLIPPAN


      ay wat da dog doin

  4. HG's first gun. -- Frontlines gripped up!
  5. Brianna Cox a/k/a Lil Shyster #2 // Validation from the big homie.
  6. Familiar voices from the past // Kapone's touch down!
  7. Free all my brothers that's stuck in the slammer
  8. High school tension // Jamestown drama queens
  9. Poor bedtime habits // Kapone's blessing
  10. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Customized Walking Styles What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- command which basically affects how your character walks, something similar we had in MTA. make it a simple cmd like /walkstyle or dedicate a small nice menu for it What are the advantages?- more immersive environment. say that you're RPing being injured and you want your character walk around like he is What are the disadvantages?- idk u tell me Do yo
  11. Gather up // Always late Funeral // Long Live Markese Jamestown function // Rock Out Gang
  12. Grandma's little helper // Late night aggression
  13. Gangs past catches up to them and during a high speed chase Lanholm decides without a doubt that opening fire is the best way to escape, eventually giving him what he deserves.
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