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    Roleplaying on owlgaming, that literally is it.
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    skype is gay
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  1. Organs chopping and VMing

    If you are planning on searching the deep web please consider using a VPN, hackers can get your location without one.
  2. Law

    name jef
  3. I can do it when im home from school, you want him in a suit or anything else?
  4. [REQ] Vehicle sounds

    Hey @Jord, im trying to get the sound mod installed aswell i just had one question. What is SAAT short for?
  5. [REQ] Custom Ryder skin

    Im looking for someone who can customize the default ryder skin. I was looking for a skin where ryder has a black jacket instead of a green one, some modern light white jeans and some nike sneakers. and a beige colored hat with the San andreas logo on it. I appreciate anyone who could do this for me.
  6. [SOLD] 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat

    lol the fires shot in this comment
  7. PC keeps crashing on games :(

    Do you possibly have an asus computer? I had the same issue on my computer i uninstalled something called "GAME FIRST III" If you do have an asus, try this it fixed it for me.
  8. (( How can you contact me through forums if you dont have a section where you put your forum name on it? ))
  9. (( Alright )) (( also @JameZ do you give me the price of everything in the total before ordering it? Or do you order it first to import and then give me the price? ))
  10. (( @JameZ If i send an application, where would i be answered? IRL emails? or a PM on the forums? ))
  11. The Well Stacked Pizza Co - Job Application Form Thank you for showing your interest in joining The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Once you have completed the form, please post it here: Completed Application Forms IC Applicant information Full Name: Daniel Connors Date of Birth: 14/07/91 Gender (Optional): Male. Your Home Address: Washington St. #11 Contact Number: 825990 Desired Job Role: Crew member. (A List of jobs can be found here: ) Reveal hidden contents Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more): I have not been able to find me a job after i quit RS haul. And the stacks looks like a great job! Currently im living out of my savings so it would be great if i got a proper job again. And im a huge fan of it aswell and i have always had a desire to make food. It also seems like the guys at the place are really cool so yeah. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): I have been, quite dumb actually. So when i was younger and first got my motorbike license. I kinda did some speeding and got caught. I also had one of my buddies's apparently illegal firearms in my household as he was staying there at the time. But he said that he had a license so i find it very unfair. OOC information Forum Username: fluX In-game Username: Gay Screenshot of /history: http://imgur.com/a/xeG9G Signature to confirm that all information provided within this form is legitimate and truthful: D.C
  12. How do i check client logs?

    Thank you so much!
  13. How do i check client logs?

    I know that, i just dont know where the logs are located. Im trying to find the log page where the logs come up in your browser. Not in a Notepad.

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