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  1. and to think i missed all thhis shit cause some dumb motherfucking admin decided to ban me for half a year cause i ninja jacked once
  2. you know maybe i could get a card you know just for old times sake
  3. What concerns me is the certain people that just log on to run around and troll literally everywhere. People like bum if you catch my drift.
  4. MTA Roleplay did indeed die with Owl, me personally? I moved to LSRP for a while, and I have to say from all the negative things said on the forums I actually enjoy my time on there very much. The server Isn't a DM server, there's actually some fantastic RP if you look close enough. I'm currently trying my hand at GTA:W right now and I'm also enjoying my time on there too.
  5. Why would I be angry dude? I used to like Owl too you know. I just personally think that Owl is history at this point. But you fellas go ahead, shit I might even join in if people are actually down to do this and activity gets better. But currently, 15 players? It's not gonna do it for me.
  6. Yet again, as we've seen on MTA. Moving to LS with a little to few active players will just end up with people not finding any RP and just drive around for a couple of minutes before logging. But you do your thing bro.
  7. im just saying bro 15 players is a shit player count compared to other roleplay servers. I just cant help but find it funny that all of you are in denial that the community is pretty much dead by this point.
  8. wow 15 players dude what a record
  9. shut the fuck up you stupid whore this is fire af
  10. ??? lol ofcourse bro jeez! 3 months break from thread? thats some child shit bro this thread active af
  11. fluX

    Happy Eid

    fuck all pakis
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