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  1. Name: Classic Comment: Diss boutta be written down in history niggas daymn.

    I use alot of mods aswell, still never used any on bikes. My textures dont tend to fuck up like this. Even if the car is wrapped, maybe try reinstalling it? And if you maybe are installing it from a modloader, try it manually.
  3. name : classic comment: oh shit we on some rap type shit, keep it up niggas this straigh fire
  4. Need some opinions on my photos<3

    pretty good
  5. [Items] - Modeled Items

    Alrighty, thank you.
  6. [Items] - Modeled Items

    ah ok in the last update video i saw some kind of menu that makes generic items, is that restricted to admins only?
  7. [Items] - Modeled Items

    Alright also, what about making a generic food item? like a coca cola can instead of a "Softdrink"
  8. [Items] - Modeled Items

    Thanks also how do i spawn them in the game? Assuming i need an admin?
  9. [Items] - Modeled Items

    Where can i find these object ID's?
  10. Yeah i joined in july this year, who are you?


    Anyways happy birthday heres your present: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le3ZpZktkpc


  11. Nice dude, will be using many of them.
  12. ERP - ESEX

    "open bob pls" /me open bob, show it to him. "veri nice"
  13. 1985 BMW E28 M5

    name: pls dont outbid thanks bid: 5,500
  14. @Law if you pick me i promise i will never say that you fuck cats again

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