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  1. ??? lol ofcourse bro jeez! 3 months break from thread? thats some child shit bro this thread active af
  2. please close it faggot
  3. fluX

    Happy Eid

    fuck all pakis
  4. wow, another black street-gang faction! sure cant get enough of this haha, its not like i wanna see literally anything else than this. Good luck!
  5. i personally think this is still active
  6. woah what an awesome character story haha! i cannot wait to see more of the return of chm ahah! keep it up residental!
  7. whats really de-motivating about the server is the amount of trolling happening. nothing is being done to avoid trolling even admins are doing it nowadays in populated areas and lets not forget how illegal rp has just died out, its practically being beaten while down. everyone now just runs around with a ccwp license and millions in their pockets in dangerous areas like idlewood without a single concern crossing their mind
  8. 8c2d1f66260bc6077dd28fa36ca780c5.png


    free da homie yall


  9. an earthquake would be pretty darn cool so please vote it and yes
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