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  1. and to think i missed all thhis shit cause some dumb motherfucking admin decided to ban me for half a year cause i ninja jacked once
  2. you know maybe i could get a card you know just for old times sake
  3. i personally think this is still active
  4. 8c2d1f66260bc6077dd28fa36ca780c5.png


    free da homie yall


  5. maybe you should take a look at factions threads sometime.. just my two cents
  6. taking on such a big name in MC scene brings very high expectations. good luck
  7. free my man eoozy on neekeri

  8. love this concept, keep up family proud of u
  9. Word, i've always wanted to wear the bandana as a physical item, i get wayyy more immersion doing so.
  10. fluX

    Happy birthday mate.

  11. happy birthday


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