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  1. fluX

    rip steven woods

  2. fluX

    Talking about the Staff

    yeah maybe
  3. fluX

    [SAAN] Explosive Pier party!

    name: someone comment: guess that party was a blow-out
  4. fluX

    Let's talk about Red Dead Redemption 2.

    I also suggest you to watch this video, he breaks down the recent news perfectly.
  5. fluX

    Let's talk about Red Dead Redemption 2.

    I cant wait for this game to come out, I've always been a fan of Red Dead Redemption and i cant wait to see what the new one offers. I've seen the IGN video and they talk about a lot of exciting things, for example, you can choose what you want. Like if you go out hunting and sell the skin instead of feeding your camp. They also talked about how you can get different endings. Im pretty excited for it.
  6. fluX

    Milk before Cereal or Cereal before Milk?

    so a girl walks into a deli and sees a man in his 40's buying a pack of cigarettes and asks him "excuse me how many packs do you buy a week" and he says "five." the girl then does the math and says "well if you saved all that money instead of buying cigarettes for approximately 8 years, you could have a FERRARI by now... and not be driving that crappy toyota." the man then looks at her and says "well where the fuck is your ferrari top kek kill yourself" mfw no ferrari
  7. fluX

    90% of Owl be like

    Yeah owls pretty okay
  8. fluX

    Easter Hunt 2018

    there was never a god, therefore i consider this un-needed
  9. name: dom comment: better than every street nigga out here much respect wolfcum
  10. fluX

    The Grajales Familia

    Love the screens, keep it up fellas.
  11. my life is an epic fail

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