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  1. https://i.imgur.com/CzJMB70.png Best I can do for now.
  2. Sure, I'll try and make is as simple as possible.
  3. Sure, just a sec. Any specific part you want to wrap/change?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/U89JkfA The Indian logo ends up on the gas tank as well as fenders. https://imgur.com/a/KPrCdjH How it looks, only the engine and exhaust. https://imgur.com/a/TpWNO8z This is the exhaust and the cover and the whole engine as well.
  5. This is basically how it looks https://imgur.com/a/AZc9q10 You can't really make big modifications to it. As far as I know you can do some light stuff to the gas tank, clutch cover, exhaust, and front and back fenders, the rest really badly overlaps. I made this rather quickly if you want a detailed template I'll give it some work. @BackPack
  6. This is how the template looks https://imgur.com/a/aVlHy7r template names are under the pictures, so check it out. Ofc, you'll need to cut it out with PS or gimp @greenops011
  7. you can make one with txtworkshop and zmodeler. @greenops011
  8. Hello, yesterday my 1993 BMW 850CSi got stolen, it's a black metallic color. A big reward for anyone who has any information on the car. E-mail(( @SkylerFox))
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