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  1. Music

    Paleto Blvd Crew

    Can relate live in italy I just now realised ahahahahahha
  2. Music

    Paleto Blvd Crew

    Looking forward to see how this goes.
  3. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Character appearance on the UCP What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- UCP What is the suggestion?- To add a little detail on how your character looks on the UCP ( Face one, face two, nose, eyebrows, etc. ) for the users that want to import their character through Menyoo for more screenshot variability. What are the advantages?- Adds a whole new experience for social media and for the players to showcase their character(s). What are the disadvantages?- Can't think of any. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Unfortunately, I don't. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Simply set a ucp section for characters where you can see all of your characters attributes.
  4. It wasn’t like that but this one is good for the moment also.
  5. I think you can ask an admin ig to make a barrier so you can’t leave, but either way the outside door does nothing wrong because you are the only one in that world anyways.
  6. To be honest it feels great being back on this amazing community of people. I stopped playing seriously when all the trolls came around and then the server declined and I didn't play on it because I really didn't have who to roleplay with at that point. This was the first server that I learned to roleplay properly on and this is the server that developed that rp skill for me, from here I left and moved on to a lot of new rp servers and without owlgaming I wouldn't of passed those applications and all, it really feels like a long journey and I hope Owl V just gets better and better with time.

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    2. Music


      Ok campione.

    3. Chaos


      Thanks for coming back mate

    4. Mogs


      all gamers welcome

  7. Good luck to all the peeps that want to apply, I've been thinking about it for the past couple of topics like this but yeah I don't really think I'm good for such role.
  8. Amazing, looking forward to more rp with y’all
  9. Can this be in any other language too? Or just english for the moment?
  10. +1, I don’t see why not. Also, a mobile wiring money from your bank account would be a fine addition.
  11. I automatically agree with this since it's used on many servers, yes it blocks a lot of roleplay opportunites for sure but it ensures that there is no problem with vehicles, that's how I see it. We should get the concept that this is not MTA anymore, this kind of script isn't used in any roleplay server anymore and it's just there to protect Owl's pride as an 'unique' project that does not go after any other model and I get it, but if that means ruining the vehicle experience entirely that's a no for me, so until there is a solution to vehicle streaming this is a good suggestion to keep in mind in my opinion.
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