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  1. 👀 finna be here again see u mong @Script
  2. Hey, is this thing still alive?


    1. wutanged
    2. Thomasmith


      Somehow yes

    3. Ambidextrous


      Just barely, it's breathing through tubes and kept alive via life support.

  3. Name: King Comment: Warned you before, stars, dis nigga finna whip at ya down there when he ded.
  4. Name: yungdaggerdick Comment: Nice to see the only news agency around reporting bullshit like that, what the fuck is tihs? SAAN is a fucking joke at this point
  5. Name: yungdaggerdick Comment: We don't give a fuck.
  6. Name: Music Age: 15 Country: Originally from Romania, living in Italy. Time Playing OwlGaming: About 1 year and something Favorite Player(s): Well, @silviubazy, @mariuszxcv, @Script, @Thomasmith, @Mint Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: I dunno. Favorite Faction: Bureau of Traffic Services because of @silviubazy and @Thomasmith Favorite Faction Leader: @Thomasmith Favorite GAT Member: @Script, best guy ever Favorite UAT Member: @Mogs, @Unitts Favorite LEO Roleplayer: I dunno who's there anymore Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: @Serx, the one and only Best Legal Faction: no Best Illegal Faction: just don't ask me about that Favorite Weapon: well, any if I get 'em somehow, i'm sad, i don't have friends that gib weapons What makes me play OwlGaming: @silviubazy, and boredom What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: ricers, jk, uhm dunno, retarded stack rats What do you aim for in Owlgaming: get rid of utter mongs If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: nothing, I'll let the dykes spread.
  7. Music

    Ella Tyson

    Added new stuff, "A long night" and "Wannabe mechanic?" - 9th of October
  8. Music

    ERP - ESEX

    The plot is like this, i was whore rp’ing as usual when I didn’t have money back in the day, guy calls for some like quick fuck and waiting for him i gets another call for a ‘massage’ for a girl, guy comes, bla bla, i go back at the place I was, she comes, we go to her place and he just ask for some random like perms and I was like “excuse me what the fuck?” And he then /b’s back on like “yeah i wanted to cut your vagina” EXCUSE ME WHAT THE FUCK
  9. Music

    ERP - ESEX

    exactly, that was my reaction too
  10. Music

    Ella Tyson

    Want me to write about all the cuntish shit we done?
  11. Music

    Ella Tyson

    Also, I'll be adding stuff to this topic if I remember some nice roleplay I did with people.
  12. Name: ETyson Comment: Fuck SAAN!
  13. This topic fully presents the life of Ella Tyson, a character I've been developing on owlgaming for the last couple of months till I got tired of it and decided to try something new. This topic is fully OOC and doesn't give away any IC information. This topic will not contain any roleplay screenshots because I'm done developing my character and I don't have any screenshots that I could use in order to portrait Ella's life in LS and the surroundings. All of this being said, enjoy! Ella Tyson (( I know that's Sage Tullis, don't ruin it, I was dumb when I chose the faceclaim, okay? )) Born: 1 of January 1991 Age: 27 Past employment: Red Rose Funeral Home | San Andreas Action News | Bureau of Traffic Services | Smith Corporation Now: Journalist inside of Washington DC. Educational background: Bachelors in Journalism. Place of Birth: Los Santos, Idlewood. Parents: Jennifer and Tyrone Early Life Porn industry A long night Red Rose Funeral Home San Andreas Action News Bureau of Traffic Services Smith Corporation Wannabe mechanic? Downfall Los Santos 2.0 The end. Now, I know this is not the best topic ever, but I wanted to write down something and I decided to write this. If you read all of this, you're the real MVP, cheers!
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